Jolene awoke with… a prophetic “knowing” that terror strikes were being planned… Her warning was both specific to the metro Dallas area and broader to the nation—June 10 posting. 

Tonight we roll into Seattle. What day to come full circle on this Glory Train journey. I am savoring every moment. Hope many of you can join us this weekend for the Glory Train Seattle!

Last night we embarked on the culmination of the journey circling the nation with another midnight ride. We boarded literally at midnight. Of course the imagery of the midnight hour and midnight ride has pervaded our entire journey, especially in Boston on the anniversary of Revere’s ride. Riding for a Glory Revolution!

And stepping on the train I felt impressed then that as of 07-07, somehow the midnight ride has actually begun.

Then aboard the train I got caught up on the breaking news. With cops down and shooters on the loose, it looked as though another revolution had actually been sparked. The one we are dedicated to avoiding.

You know the news. Snipers who claimed allegiance to a ‘Black Power’ group took down five police men in Dallas TX and wounded six more. The shootings occurred during a large gathering protesting police killings of blacks.

Snipers. Seemingly patterned after the sniper attack in Dallas that robbed America of President John F. Kennedy. Only a month ago in Dallas, the Lord clearly showed Jolene some kind of terror attack was in the works in Dallas. We posted on it June 10. Her warning proved hauntingly true.

Prophetic Warnings
Since the beginning of the year we have also warned that 2016 will be remembered as the year of the “Conflict of Thrones.” This warning has proven amazingly true.

Last April, Chuck Pierce issued one of his most startling warnings yet. “Starting Monday (April 25) through October 20, 2016 will be the most tumultuous, confusing time this nation has known in over 160 or 170 years. We have now crossed over into a time that will determine our future. I want you to know how you are connected in the Body of Christ. I want you to know the Body of Christ will not be the same. You stand at a crossroad and must know how to turn! This is a time that America determines its future! But understand this: this is a time that those leading the Kingdom of God must move into their next identity.

“I need My intercessors. You have entered into a time of the Tabernacle of David being exemplified and emerging in the earth. All religious culture across the earth must now shift.  Be willing to be the Judah expression that creates MY prototype for the future. In Black America and the African nations, the expression of God will unseat a wrong movement that will vie for authority in days ahead. Only My people, in their culture, can unseat the violence and hate in their bloodline. The Asian church will rise up and create a prototype we’ve never seen.  Israel will come into its greatest conflict since 1967.  You have entered a new season! Let Judah arise!”

Since Chuck’s warning, I believe we have actually already seen the unseating of a principality tied to this word.

Travesties of Justice—What a Week
The protest itself came in response to two apparent travesties of justice against blacks by police in the same week. Amazingly, both were caught on camera. In Baton Rouge, a black robber captured by police was shot while lying facedown on the ground, seemingly in no way a threat. And in Minneapolis, a helpless fiancee pleads to Jesus as her-soon-to-be husband was pummeled with bullets by a policeman. He was reaching for his wallet.

In the same week, Americans witnessed what many believe to be a travesty of justice at the very highest level. FBI director Comey exposed to the nation why Hillary Clinton should be tried for extraordinary and prolonged security breaches during her tenure as Secretary of State. He presented clear evidence of intentional misconduct more alarming than breaches that have ended careers even of high profile diplomats, military officers and intelligence analysts.

He then refused to press any charges. Justice seemingly openly defied.

Amazingly, a week before this announcement, Attorney General Loretta Lynch actually met privately with Bill Clinton, their planes connecting on a private tarmac in Phoenix AZ. This breach of confidentiality was in itself potentially illegal. It certainly brought outrage to FBI agents on the case.

Equal Justice Under Law
Plain and simple, Americans of every race and social strata have become outraged by the denial, even open defiance, of righteousness and justice by our leaders. The most vulnerable seem to be robbed of justice while the most powerful simply walk away—unscathed and unencumbered by the laws that supposedly govern us all.

This is America. Where “Equal Justice Under Law” is mandated by our Constitution. The phrase is even engraved above the pillars of the Supreme Court, holding all Americans accountable to its biblical precedent.

And here’s a warning to us all. The defiance of true justice is never without consequence. It’s actually like gravity. You cannot escape or elude the eyes of God.

How Do We Get Back on Track?
This should lead to much introspection on our part. Covenantally, our only legitimate response is to insist on regime change, in the spirit and in the halls of government.

But it by no means should lead to violence. How do we get back on track?

For believers I believe it begins with repentance.

  1. Repent for tolerating injustice and deception in your own life and world. Friends we are defined by what we tolerate. When we tolerate injustice or subjugation we open the door for injustice and subjugation to become rooted in our own lives. Do you turn a blind eye and support the man or woman who lies to you and intentionally betrays your trust? By essentially saying “it’s ok” you’ve opened a door in your life for deception and abuse to continue. It’s time to break the cycle through repentance and turning back to the Lord! Acts 3:19.
  2. Return to Judeo-Christian ethics. In other words, God’s heart and law, personally and in every facet of local and national government. This preserves our freedom. Every other track leads literally to lawlessness and results in injustice, subjugation and abuse.
  3. You are your brother’s keeper. Black or white or Asian or Hispanic or Native American. Young or old. Gay, lesbian or straight, rich or homeless, Muslim or Christian, presidents or police. You have a responsibility to pray God’s heart for all of His children, and not turn a blind eye to ANY injustice. Know the sphere the Lord holds you accountable for. And remember, sometimes being your brother’s keeper mandates intervention. Love—not hate—conquers all.
  4. Get serious about contending for God’s move! This year the Lord made it so clear to us that without a nationwide move of God’s Spirit, no political party, ideology or governmental structure will stop America from the downward spiral we are now experiencing. Pray for the full release of God’s governmental glory—including His anointing of holy conviction to again sweep across the land. With His glory comes justice and societal change.
  5. It truly is a midnight hour. Time for a Glory Revolution!Like a spiritual Paul Revere, you must understand the times. And you must respond! So get on your horse and ride. Take your stand against injustice, deception and abuse. Lets continue to resound the cry together, NO KING BUT JESUS.