WEDNESDAY—LAMPLIGHTER CALL! 9PM ET. Conference Call: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Remember pre-conference call prayer begins at 8:45pm!

VIDEO—COMPLETE THE TURNAROUND! Saturday night Rally for America in Tahlequah. Amazing experience. Receive God’s impartation!

VIDEO—THE BREAKER BREAKS OPEN! Sunday morning Rally for America in Tahlequah. Receive His breakthrough!

VIDEO—AUTHORIZED TO POSSESS! This video is VITAL to prepare you as we enter into the 14 days until the elections. Gain vital insights and impartation for this new season. Shared Sunday morning at Church on the Rock OKC.

AMY CONEY BARRETT IS NOW SEATED as the next justice of the Supreme Court! As prophesied last year at this time, the window has indeed opened for LIFE. The most significant convenantal alignment required by the Lord has now been set in motion. We are completing the turnaround! 

That said, it is truly time to seat the rulers and set the watch for the governmental transition that God Himself has initiated, including for President Trump’s second term. We cannot allow those who remain in open defiance of God, who carry the intention of reversing Kingdom breakthroughs at the White House and the Supreme Court, to overtake our seats of government. House, Senate, White House—WE NEED A SWEEP FOR LIFE!

Strength and Speed for the Final Stretch!
I returned last night from eight days of turnaround and glory in Oklahoma just in time to see Amy Coney Barrett sworn into office by Justice Clarence Thomas. It was an honor to participate in one of the most profound HAPN conferences in a decade, and a Rally for America this past weekend in Tahlequah. Miracles actually began the moment I landed. Amazingly, the rental car facility had completely run out of mid-range vehicles, and therefore offered me a 2020 Ford Mustang! Silver, if you please…

And traveling across the state of Oklahoma, I actually discovered a prophetic meaning the Lord was conveying through this for us all. He gave me a Mustang—a fierce, strong, fast forerunner horse—because He wants us all to now ACCELERATE THROUGH THE FINAL STRETCH!

That was the word of the Lord to me personally. Saturday night in Tahlequah, many prophetic voices saw how the war horses of the Lord had been released to His people—across the state of Oklahoma and the nation. It’s important to note that Tahlequah is the headquarters of the Cherokee tribe. Accompanying this release was a tremendous release of Holy Spirit. 

So now receive a fresh impartation of Holy Spirit.Recover your vision, your resolve. Gain healing. Be strengthened with might and accelerate through this final stretch! 

This release was accompanied by gifts from precious friends which we will cherish for life. On Saturday night, prophetic leader Joann Swallow touched my heart deeply by presenting me with a beautiful Native American necklace. So honored to receive this! On Sunday morning Apostle Garland Thomas and church members then presented a stunning companion necklace for Jolene, as well as a beautiful hand-knit shawl with an American flag, and even a wall decoration featuring a menorah inside the shape of an arrow. Arrows of fire forming the tip of the spear for covenantal, governmental breakthrough. Together we’re going to LIGHT THIS WEEK in prayer!

The Lion is Roaring over America—Engage!
Let me close by reminding you of the visitation the Lord gave me a week ago which really set the course for this season to come. You might remember that last Monday around 4am, with eyes wide open, I saw the Lion of Judah walking across my hotel room. He was translucent, barely visible against the muted light and shadow. As He continued to walk, His form became full and filled with glory. The presence of God filled the room. Then He began to ROAR over America. 

I received intuitively, immediately, two directives which we shared last week. Lets take a moment to review. 

First, the Lord was calling us to 21 days of engagement through fasting and prayer.

…In this visionary experience the Lord showed me turmoil beyond the elections, even the prospect of a contested election. And I saw how this travail of prayer and fasting must continue through til November 11, the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact. THIS ELECTION IS ALL ABOUT COVENANT REALIGNMENT WITH GOD. 

I cannot emphasize strongly enough the imperative to fast and pray through this season. Key scriptures given to me were Joel 2, Hosea 2, and Isaiah 22. Please check them out!

Lets Continue Removing Restrictions
The second directive was to stand for breakthrough. I wrote:

As we engage, we will see breakthrough and turnaround. In this experience the word of the Lord came to me, “THIS WEEK I AM REMOVING THE RESTRICTIONS imposed upon this year!” 

We absolutely saw this breakthrough, spontaneously, during two prayer sessions at the HAPN conference and then ministering in Tahlequah. Lets continue in this momentum through this week! 

No King but Jesus…