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Last night the White House became awash in rainbow lights as LGBT revelers partied and made out by its gates. Marking a historic day that will greatly impact the future of the nation, as a deeply divided Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution protects gay marriage.

But if yesterday was the party, today is the hangover. No rainbow, just rain and a lingering fog hover over Washington DC. And now America is awakening to the consequences of this decision.

Some of the most sobering words came from Chief Justice John Roberts, who passionately opposed the constitutional basis of his colleagues’ decision. “The majority’s decision is an act of will, not legal judgment,” he wrote. “The right it announces has no basis in the Constitution or this Court’s precedent.”

Further, Roberts warned that the same legal argument used for gay marriage could easily be applied to cover polyamorous marriages—polygamy. “It is striking how much of the majority’s reasoning would apply with equal force to the claim of a fundamental right to plural marriage,” the Chief Justice warned in his dissent.

Following his logic to its end, did the Court just rule that all sexual expressions should be constitutionally protected? Who ultimately determines what is moral and what is immoral? Does the President or the Court retain this authority—does culture—or does God?

“Just who do we think we are?” Roberts asked, hauntingly. And beloved, this is a question we all should be asking right now. Because Pandora’s box has now been opened. And America will never be the same.