Shields up, friends! Red alert. On this day marking the first anniversary of the ISIS “caliphate,” the Spirit of God is clearly conveying we need to contend in prayer for the security of our nation. Especially now through the Fourth of July.

Saturday night I saw a recurring open vision. A single red light was flashing, like on an emergency vehicle. I heard and saw the words, “Red Alert! Red Alert!” Three times I saw this same picture. And as I continued to watch, the final time the red light turned blue. I thought to myself, “Blue Alert!”

This vision occurred at the Gate DC. Most of you know that for us, when God shares a vision at the Gate DC, He is conveying something for DC and perhaps the nation. Like the tornado warning just last Saturday! I didn’t share this vision publicly because it seemed contrary to the flow. But Jim White, a prophet from Spokane WA, shared prophetic warnings similar to what I had received. He ended by calling everyone into the “storm shelter” of Psalm 91!

Red Alert, Blue Alert
In my vision I saw red lights three times, and heard “Red Alert.” Then the red light transformed into a flashing blue light. A “red alert” obviously conveys an immediate threat. We’ll cover that in a moment.

But the blue light was puzzling, and I’m still not sure I have the full interpretation. Because “blue” often refers to police, my sense is that the Lord was warning about attacks against police. It floored me to discover that President Obama just signed into law a “Blue Alert” warning system conveying credible threats against law enforcement officers!

Pray! July 4 Alert—Police Targeted!
Significantly, a recent FBI/ Homeland Security bulletin warning of potential July 4 attacks cited ISIS-inspired plots against police.

“Federal authorities have warned local law enforcement officials across the country about a heightened concern involving possible terror attacks targeting the July 4th holiday, a U.S. law enforcement official said… The bulletins are frequently issued in advance of major U.S. holidays out of an abundance of caution and concern that operatives may exploit the timing to generate greater attention… The warning comes as federal investigators have worked to disrupt a number of Islamic State-inspired plots, including a planned assault earlier this month on police officers in Boston” (USA Today).

Not every alert bears witness in my spirit. But when Holy Spirit initiates an alert, I definitely pay closer attention to warnings issued by the FBI, Homeland Security, etc.

Lamplighter family, by now this is a longstanding tradition. But lets intensify our intercession for the law enforcement, military and intelligence communities as we approach July 4. Please cover them, beginning NOW! Declare God’s covering from Psalm 91. Take time to press into the Spirit, praying through mysteries known but to God!

Today—First Anniversary of ISIS Caliphate
Today marks the first anniversary of ISIS’ declaration of an Islamic caliphate, which they declared immediately after pushing through the gates of Iraq. The Islamic State is calling for attacks over Ramadan, and ISIS-inspired attacks in France and Tunisia have already occurred. Which makes alerts by the Spirit and the Homeland Security bulletin all the more significant.

This July 4—The Season of “Dire Straits” Begins
Islamist terrorists often seek dates that carry historic significance to launch their strikes. And July 4 this year carries unprecedented significance both for America and Israel.

July 4 this year marks the beginning of a three week period known to Jews as “Dire Straits.” Through the ages, the Jews have suffered extraordinary loss during this period, including the destruction of the first and second temples, exile and expulsions, pogroms, and even holocaust. From 17 Tammuz to 9 Av, or Tisha b’Av, is traditionally a season of fasting, repentance and heightened alert to avert further tragedies.

Significantly July 4 this year—17 Tammuz—marks the anniversary of the date when God’s people embraced the Golden Calf. Forcing Moses to break the two tablets of the Ten Commandments, representing God’s covenant with the land.

God Has a Way Through!
We really need to watch how forces are aligning in this hour in an attempt to compromise or even negate the covenantal foundations of both America and Israel. We are halting between two opinions. The golden calf, representing lawlessness under the throne of Baal, or the Ten Commandments, representing covenant loyalty to the Throne of God, personally and as a nation.

We also need to watch our own responses to circumstances. Note that Moses cracked the Commandments in utter disbelief and discouragement when he saw God’s own people engaging in overt sexual immorality while worshiping the golden calf. But God still had a way through!

And He truly has a way through these Dire Straits for our nation as well. Refuse the enemy’s bait of discouragement—COME UP HIGHER. Declare the reality that God’s covenant still prevails!

All this said, the alert resounding in my spirit remains. Friends, on every front the threat is real. But God!

This said, I am doing my best as a watchman—a spiritual Paul Revere—to share what the Lord is conveying. We are beyond grateful for your diligence in this Freedom Watch.