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“World Elite Gather to Plot Future.” The Drudge Report headline seemed ripped from the recent, unusual postings of Lamplighter Ministries. Yes, just in time for our discourse on American Pharaoh, global governance, warrantless surveillance and the antichrist spirit, the Bilderberg Group is now hosting its annual summer retreat.

Here’s a stunning discovery. The Bilderberg meeting is actually back to back with the recent G-7 meeting in Germany, which President Obama attended. And it’s only 16 miles away!

The elites followed by, well, more of the elites. If that doesn’t stir your conspiracy theory soul, I don’t know what will!

ObamaTrade & Global Governance
I bet a hot discussion at Bilderberg is the ObamaTrade deal. It’s now being debated by House leaders who just last week gave it a clean bill of health. Apparently very few actually read all 800 pages of its secrets. Otherwise they would have discovered it allegedly seeks to invalidate Congressional authority and yields America’s sovereignty to global governance.

According to Sen. Jeff Sessions, to adopt the bill’s tenets is “to agree to remove the constitutional protections against the creation of global governance structures before those structures are even made public.”


In his open letter to President Obama, Sessions further wrote, “I would therefore ask that you provide to me the legal and constitutional basis for keeping this information from the public and explain why I cannot share the details of what I have read with the American people. Congress should not even consider fast-tracking the transfer of sovereign power to a transnational structure before the details of that new structure are made fully available for public review.”

Transfer of sovereign power to a transnational structure…say what? This should actually make your hair stand on end. Just in case you’re wondering why Jolene and I are continually seeking your prayer coverage here in Washington DC… just sayin’.

Anne Tate—Antichrist Apostolic Infrastructure
When Anne Tate was with us on last week’s call, she shared something startling. The Lord drew her to Daniel 11:36-7, which prophesies about a coming antichrist ruler. According to the passage, this antichrist abandons the God of his fathers to worship a “god of fortresses.” Anne saw by the Spirit how “fortresses” represent apostolic structures. And how an antichrist governance is going to be built on false apostolic structures.

Further, these infrastructures are designed to influence every sphere of society—religion, family, culture, law, government, military, education, health care, economics, etc.

Anne felt that the emerging “conflict of thrones” represented false apostolic governance versus the apostolic governance of the genuine five-fold ministry. And this basically sums up the Pharaoh and Moses movements in the end-times.

Here’s a quick reminder. Idolatry and sin empowers subjugation and slavery. The true God of Israel empowers freedom. And true apostolic structures are forming now that empower freedom and will carry us in victory through times to come. Part of our assignment in this hour is to pray for these “freedom outposts” to be birthed.

More on this in a moment. But first lets look at a primary strategy of the enemy to bring us down the path to embracing this false apostolic structure.

Global Governance & Economic Gain
Global governance has to be appealing to the entire world for it to be embraced. I personally believe the appeal will not be overtly tied to rulership, but instead it will be primarily tied to economic gain. Who doesn’t want that?

Economic gain and the promise of security from war or destruction essentially form a “good cop, bad cop” strategy of persuasion to embrace global governance. The benefits of the emerging false apostolic infrastructure will motivate individuals and nations to gloss over Biblical warnings and yield their sovereignty to it. And this structure is evolving now.

If you don’t believe it, just ask the folks at Bilderberg this week. A hot item on the table is reportedly shifting nations into a cashless society. Emphasizing, of course, the benefits both to individuals and to governments as technology matures to make this possible.

The ultimate expression of a cashless society will be what the Bible prophesies as the “mark of the beast.” According to Revelation 13:16, receiving this mark is apparently directly tied to permission to engage in commerce as well as preserving your life. A false apostolic infrastructure is already being established with a few rulers and developers in a tight-knit circle across the world. Bow your knee to Baal, and all this can be yours…

And a future generation—small and great, slave and free—will receive the melding of man, spirit and machine as an act of worship to the Beast.

Jezebel’s Table—Supply Lines Tied to Compromise
In earlier postings we shared a longstanding prophetic sense that Jezebel’s Table would be a major issue in 2015. Through an ungodly alliance with Ahab, Jezebel had essentially taken over the throne of Israel.

Jezebel served Baal. And she made sure that, even in a time of drought, the prophets of Baal ate at her table. Empowered through the taxpayers’ provision to retain their influence over society.

So it is today. Jezebel’s table is more than sexual immorality or eating food sacrificed to idols. It’s supply lines tied to compromise, where believers especially feel they need to compromise to receive their daily bread.

Bow your knee to Baal, and all this can be yours. This ever-present threat is again taken to the extreme with the “mark of the beast.” But make no mistake, its tremors are already here.

The Emergence of Elijah Thrones
What’s needed? Spiritual revolution. With an apostolic infrastructure that hold’s God’s presence and establishes His governmental authority, bringing His turnaround.

I believe this is why Chuck Pierce, Anne Tate and Glory of Zion have been so focused on praying for the emergence of “Freedom Outposts” across the country. As Lamplighter readers know, we believe 2015 not only marks the acceleration of Jezebel’s table but also the emergence of “Elijah Thrones.” These Elijah Thrones will counter the Jezebel thrones of the nation, thrones of governance in every sphere of society that have become corrupted through idolatry and immorality.

Whether you use the language of “Freedom Outposts” or “Elijah Thrones,” the principle is the same. When Jezebel had taken over the throne of governance, the doom of God’s covenant land seemed inevitable. But God had a plan. And Elijah gained a throne of rulership in God’s covenant land that directly countered Jezebel’s intentions and prevailed over her throne. A covenant nation was restored back to their God!

Covenant alignment is the key foundation to these Freedom Outposts, these Elijah Thrones. Lets together watch over God’s promise for their emergence. Some are just beginning, but most of these structures are actually now transitioning into a more effective expression of God’s call. The full promise of the five-fold will be engaged. They will become hubs for the spiritual revolutionaries who will stand against the darkness, shine their lamps, and redefine our world.

Gathering the Revolutionaries
Final point. Just as the “global elite gather to plot the future,” so God’s spiritual revolutionaries must be summoned to connect together, strategize and stand. YOU ARE GOD’S ELITE, CALLED TO FRAME OUR FUTURE!

As Lamplighter Ministries, we’ve been pressing towards this since our beginning in June 2007. Back in 2006, Jill Austin gave Jolene and me a foundational prophetic word. It was her last prophetic message to us before she went home to be with the Lord. “You are generals of a new revolution,” Jill declared, “and God is calling you to convene a second ‘Continental Congress’ for the 13 colonies and the nation!”

Our weekly phone calls are very much geared towards this end. Also, after five years of prayer and dialogue, we felt in 2013 to move forward with our Revolution conferences, focusing on this Continental Congress. We are in process now of planning for Revolution 2015.

During the Continental Congress, revolutionaries from the 13 Colonies gathered together to form a new Union. This new union was founded upon liberty—and they bore the responsibility to steward this liberty generationally. And in way we only barely grasp now, that is our sacred call today—to stand against the darkness and preserve the liberties entrusted to us by the Lord.

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty…” Friends, it’s a midnight hour for sure. Lets ride, blaze, and make history together!