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THANK YOU FOR ‘PRAYING THROUGH’ for Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. More than 800 lives were lost in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew hit, with much of the island simply decimated. Much of southern Florida was spared.

Right now the storm is heading towards Georgia. We were scheduled to be in Brunswick this weekend. Prophetically, a word is beginning to grow in me regarding this Hurricane. But for now lets keep vigilant in prayer to see the damage minimized. Keeping in mind that real lives and real livelihoods are at stake!

Storm Troopers—With an Addendum
Taking your intercession to heart today, I want to share a word by Lynnie Harlow on “Storm Troopers.” I guess it’s only appropriate to now release it publicly. Lynnie sent the word as we were launching Prayer Storm from Jerusalem, Israel. And though the spirit of her word is entirely pure, I was reticent to release it because the phrase “storm troopers” was once used to describe the Nazis. Hitler was bent on establishing a globalist empire tied to idolatry, and dedicated horrifically to the mass extermination of the Jews. We together are being summoned to raise up the antithesis to this blight in this hour!

Obviously, the context of the “Storm Troopers” Lynnie is calling for is entirely different. You will see how God wants Crisis Intercessors who will pray through the coming storms and see them abated. Whether storms in the spirit, crisis symbolized by storms such as the “conflict of thrones,” or storms in the natural.

That said, please keep vigilant regarding Hurricane Matthew! Lynnie’s word is below.

“Jon Needs to Gather the Storm Troopers”—Lynnie Harlow
I was sitting on my couch and just pondering all the crazy stuff from the attacks in NJ and NY this past week and all of this going on. This morning as I was getting dressed I was thinking about you guys (Jon & Jolene) and the picture you put on your FB page about the Prayer Storm. So I started to pray for you and your trip in Israel.

All at once I heard the Lord say very loud and clear, “Jon needs to gather the Storm Troopers.”

I then saw a vision…I could see the atmosphere and it looked so polluted and dirty. Like when the pollen is so heavy you can see it all over your car, thick, heavy, dirty, and it makes people sick. I heard the Lord say the enemy has released a new pollution in the atmosphere and it’s time to gather the STORM TROOPERS to call down the rain. Then I saw it began to rain and each rain drop was another prayer sent out by the Storm Troopers, it was causing the pollution to fall to the ground and be washed away.

I felt in my spirit there was an urgency for STORM PRAYER NOW!!! Something big way beyond what we’ve seen so far is coming and prayer is the key.

I thought then about the bombs that went off in NJ and NY. They were called “pressure cooker bombs.” I sense there is a similar pressure building in the atmosphere and the enemy has this loaded with destruction, and if it goes off it will spread far and wide just like those pressure cooker bombs do. BUT GOD… NO KING BUT JESUS! #prayerstormnow

Just wanted to share that. Maybe you guys should gather a very covert team of intercessor (Storm Troopers) that pin point strategic things. Those who are very discerning and know how and when to act. Praying for you and your trip.

Word Proves Accurate!
Well, Lynnie was more right than any of us knew in calling for “storm prayer now.” I am deeply convicted of not grasping the word earlier. I believe it is an intensive part of what we are all called to engage in throughout this coming year.

Lynnie did not know we are already in process of establishing an apostolic advisory team for Prayer Storm, as well as for Lamplighter. But I believe there’s more. It seems the Lord is calling for “special ops” teams to intensively cover situations highlighted by His Spirit. Sometimes even going into the very storms that most people are fleeing.

It’s kind of what we do already, to be honest. In the months and years ahead, I believe these teams will be a key part of both Lamplighter and Prayer Storm, nationally and internationally. Please seek the Lord with us for guidance.

And for now, lets watch and pray through these storm winds of the south. Covenant blessings to you all!