JIM & LORI BAKKER FEATURE WHITE HOUSE WATCHMEN on their show! Honored to connect and share. More to come! For this week’s broadcast CLICK: https://jimbakkershow.com/vod/

LAMPLIGHTER CALL TOMORROW! 9PM ET. Conference Call: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Remember pre-conference call prayer begins at 8:45pm! 

10 DAYS OF GIVING! Lamplighter family, please consider a generous donation during the 10 Days of Awe. Lets connect corporately through giving! To contribute CLICK HERE.

FIRST—PLEASE PRAY FOR TONIGHT’S DEBATES! It’s time for a sweep for LIFE. It’s time for God’s light to shine in a way that clearly separates light from darkness. Pray for supernatural clarity. Pray for the voice of accusation to be silenced, and for the substance of achievements and vision to triumph over baseless rhetoric. Above all, pray for the the Lord to speak.

SECOND—BE SURE TO CHECK OUT The Jim Bakker show. It is amazing how God is now introducing us to new friends and new audiences with the release of White House Watchmen. If you want to understand the impact of Donald Trump as a catalyst of God’s turnaround—if you want to understand the importance of the November election—if you want to see “Deep State Deliverance” and the restoration of God’s original intention for our land—if you want to grow in Jesus and in your watchman call—this is truly a vital book to engage with in this hour. 

THIRD—Sunday night’s FB Live call was incredibly powerful. Thanks to all who watched. What the Lord  is doing in DC is incredibly powerful! Jolene and  are going to share key revelation tomorrow to prepare you for what’s now at hand, followed by a special commissioning. Please make sure to join us. 

FOURTH—We are extending the special time of giving through tomorrow as well. Lamplighter family, if you haven’t yet contributed an offering, please consider one now! 

Covenant blessings to each of you. No King but Jesus!