Entering Rosh Hashanah, lets see His Throne of Glory established! Worship by Jamie and Jonathan Fitt, James Nesbit and others. 

Jerusalem was full of surprises. Like, epoch-defining encounters that have brought vibrancy and vision to our ongoing journey. We are working diligently to convey these ‘decisive moments’ so you will be enriched. That said, below is a sacred treasure we are honored to share.

The encounter came as Jolene and I responded to a gracious invitation by Steve and Taffy Carpenter for a visit to their home. A little worship and prayer with friends, they suggested. We had no idea what we were getting into!

Steve and Taffy lead a ministry focused on Isaiah 19—pioneering the fulfillment of prophecy, a highway of worship to the Lord from Egypt to Israel to Iraq and beyond. Their weekly Isaiah 19 watch at Succat Hallel is incredible. And when we got together for personal worship and prayer, the weight of God’s presence and authority surprised us all.

Steve, Taffy and their kids began to lead us all in prophetic worship. Jolene had a visionary experience almost from the start. For more than half an hour!

Never has this happened before. But it was like she saw in the Spirit the flow of worship and prayer in the room, and how God is moved. Jolene’s vision is redefining how we see the Lord. We pray it will be a gateway for your new discoveries as well.

Jolene’s Vision
I saw dancers, like ballerinas or modern dancers, swirling around the room with banners and flags, freely moving. Then I saw the Lion of the tribe of Judah sitting in the middle of the room. They would wave their banners over Him. And His mane would become the color of the banners they were waving. His mane would become the color of whatever they were dancing.

And then the Lion of the Tribe of Judah would shake His mane according to what we were praying in the room! He was roaring and shaking His head. Colors would then disperse everywhere. Releasing the answers from His Throne in concert with the movement of our prayers.

The first color was a light purple, which I took to be a priesthood color. I had been praying in the room for an unpolluted priesthood to come forward. Carrying over from a deep time of prayer in Shiloh, where the Lord strongly touched my heart with this desire. He raised up the prophet Samuel there. At the same time, a corrupted priesthood resulted in the Ark of the Covenant being sent into captivity.

As I prayed for this uncorrupted priesthood to arise, I saw this royal, light purple color flood the mane of the Lion of Judah. He would then roar, and shake His mane. And rays of purple would fly out from His mane!

The flow of worship and intercession in the room then kind of switched. From Jerusalem, we began to pray together for the east coast of the United States. That’s when the dancers’ banners changed to red. And the mane of the Lion changed to red, painted the color of red. And as the Lion roared and shook His mane I saw drops of His own blood raining down across the entire East Coast. His redemption will be seen!

Then the dancers’ veils turned to a deep purple color. And I knew that this color represented the hills dripping with sweet wine. And then I was praying on the scripture in Amos 9 where the hills were dripping with sweet wine. So the Lion shook His mane again, and that propelled this new wine to the earth, spreading everywhere across the body of Christ!

I inquired of the Lord what the dancers actually meant, and He told me it was the intercession. The dancers symbolized our worship and intercession. And these whirling dancers activated the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, His roar and the shaking of His mane in real-time. The shaking of His mane brought the unstoppable propulsion of His answers to the earth!

So looking back at this vision, there are three themes of prayer that God is intensively responding to right now. The Lion of Judah is roaring!

First—He is commanding an unpolluted priesthood to come forth.

Second—the blood of His covenant is being applied across the east coast and America. There is power in this blood!

Third—the Lord is commanding for the ‘new wine’ to come forward. A sovereign move of Holy Spirit! Yes, Jesus!