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FIRST—HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART! Your mischievous smile… sparkling prophet’s eyes that don’t miss a thing… Jolene you have brought so much strength and joy into my heart through these years. I love you. And I’m so proud of you as you bring the very heart of Jesus to your friends and world!

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Jolene—Vision of a Nazi Flag
In late May Jolene and I attended a private prophetic roundtable to deal with issues related to Washington DC and our nation. The night before, we sought the Lord regarding Trump’s cabinet, the Supreme Court, etc. It was so powerful neither Jolene nor I could hardly sleep. 

The second morning of the roundtable, Jolene awoke to a warning vision. She saw a Nazi flag over America, unfurling in a very strong wind. Jolene felt the Lord warning that “there’s new wind stirring in America for a new Nazi movement.” 

At the time, nobody really knew what to make of it. Now we do.

Yet as the tragedy in Charlottesville VA unfolded, it was amazing to see how the Lord orchestrated our weekend in Bethlehem PA, releasing the very grace from His throne to overcome division, hatred and racism. 

Moravian Pentecost—Fiery Love
When news of the nazi white supremacist torch march hit, Jolene and I were in Pennsylvania for a Brotherly Love Conference convened by Jamie Fitt. This weekend happened to be the 290th anniversary of the Moravian Pentecost. Here’s why that’s a big deal. 

Even while facing persecution, the refugees who showed up at Count Zinzendorf’s estate were so deeply divided they were on the precipice of war.  Count Zinzendorf gave them a home in Herrnhut, Germany, and led the refugees in sustained prayer as a means of countering the hatred and divisiveness which paralyzed them. The Lord responded with His power. On August 13, 1727 Holy Spirit fell on what became known as the Moravian Pentecost. The manifest power of God’s love melted the hearts of these divided religious refugees.

The rest is history. This group known as the Moravians became so united in God’s love they launched a 24-7 prayer watch that lasted more than a hundred years. Two great awakenings and the modern missions movement were birthed. Missionaries from this same group would even sell themselves into slavery simply to reach those they could reach no other way. 

And Bethlehem, PA was founded by the Moravians as they pursued reaching the ends of the known world with the Gospel. 

Especially this year, we have been contending together for the restoration of God’s glory in the land. A sweeping move of Holy Spirit which awakens this generation to a God they hardly even believe exists. That’s what the Glory Train journey is all about. 

And as we journeyed through the weekend, it became clear just how deeply this move of Holy Spirit is desperately needed to heal the deep divisions in our own land. Moravian style. Bringing love-saturated union where hatred and division have prevailed.

Charlottesville and Bethlehem
The contrasts between Charlottesville VA and Bethlehem PA this weekend were staggering.

Lighting Lamps. Both camps pursued lighting lamps. The neo-nazis marched with torches through the campus of the University of Viriginia, many wearing KKK garb. Our small group tended the fire of the global Moravian lampstand, and sought God to bring the fire of His love to bear upon our hearts and land once again. 

Taking it to the streets. They met their adversaries with protests and violence in the streets. We took music to the streets, enthroning God’s presence and praying for all who desired. 

Preserving Heritage. Both camps gathered to pursue the preservation of heritage. In Charlottesville, they gathered at the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee. We gathered at “God’s Acre,” where many of the original Moravian settlers were buried, to ask for God’s winds to blow and bring a reconstitution of the covenant purposes they lived for and died for. That the Lamb of God receive the full reward of His suffering!

Here’s a warning for us all. Some may not like me for this. But I was actually confronted by my own prejudice against Robert E. Lee by discovering a godly nobility in a man I grew up despising. General Lee was respected by both Union and Confederate soldiers for his virtue. He was an impassioned Christian whose unsanctified loyalty propelled him to embrace the horrific injustices his culture defined as normative. 

It’s completely understandable why so many despise the man. But it makes me wonder, in all humility, what cultural norms of our day you and I remain loyal to—when they are actually reprehensible to our God and detrimental to humanity! 

Warning! In your humanity you can be just as blind as Robert E. Lee, who in virtue and nobility fought a war to preserve slavery, perpetuate idolatry, and divide our land asunder. Take time now to seek God over your own heart! 

Racism a Primary Theme. Interestingly, in both Charlottesville and Bethlehem racism was a primary theme. The neo-nazis sought to magnify their hate. Jamie and team sought to overcome the scourge of racism by calling down Heaven’s grace to be released today as in the days of the Moravians. DC leader Darrian Summerville sobered us up about the challenges we still face. He then melted our hearts with his glory-saturated worship and unrelenting resolve to perpetuate the Moravian mandate of watching and praying 24-7.

Darrian’s ministry is focused at the core on the Moravian lampstand. He actually facilitates global night watches online using digital video technology. He has also just launched a church in Reston VA, near us, focused on influencing DC through prayer.

And it is prayer that will tip the bowls again in our day, manifesting this judgement in favor of the saints. Watch for the body of Christ to become united in a way that is almost unimaginable in days ahead, even in the face of growing racism across our land. The prayers of a few will again prevail! 

Herrnhut and Bethlehem—a Literal Prayer Storm!
Let me close with this. Jamie Fitt and team connected with a prayer team in Herrnhut as part of the conference.  Beforehand, Jamie noted the storms that had rocked Bethlehem the night before. Violent lightning, strong thunder, pouring rain. Jamie saw the storm as a sign of God’s work now being released. He recounted how an outpouring of Holy Spirit in our time was prophesied 100 years ago by Maria Woodworth-Etter and others. In a similar way, the Moravian Pentecost was prophesied a hundred years earlier by an apostolic reformer named Comenius as he was dying at the stake. 

Soon after, the prayer team joined us from Herrnhut. Amazingly, the first words out of their mouths were descriptions of an overwhelming thunderstorm—the same night as ours. The locals had never heard thunder like that before!

God has His way! To me this phenomenon was truly a sign—and a very personal one. It was a figurative representation of a literal Prayer Storm.

Storm of God’s Glory
In the spring of 2007 the audible voice of the Lord shook the bedroom of prophet James W. Goll. In this prophetic experience he was commissioned to “relight and release the global Moravian lampstand.”  As the prophet opened his eyes, amber light formed words before his eyes. PRAYER STORM. A new prayer movement sourced by ancient fire, sent by God to redefine our world.

Most of you know that Jolene and I are now the recipients of this torch. James passed his mantle to us during Revolution 2015, which was held over Hanukkah that December. It came as a total surprise. 

Jolene and I found ourselves this weekend absolutely riveted by both the challenges of this calling and the magnitude of its potential. Like David, we have been “coronated” but it has taken a while to perceive how the Lord has secured us in this calling. And right up to the explosive thunderstorm here and in Hernnhut, each moment of this Brotherly Love summit was unexpectedly saturated with His confirmations. 

Thank you Jamie Fitt for hearing God so clearly. There were a million obstacles and challenges in your path. Your persverance has impacted our lives deeply—and likely has changed the world. As I shared in Sunday’s message, I believe the Lord has rendered a verdict in favor of His saints. This move of God is being reconstituted in the purity of its original intentions. The storm of God’s glory—a literal prayer storm—is now being released.

And may the Lamb of God now receive the full reward of His sufferings in the nations of the earth!

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