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First, a DISCLAIMER. In my opinion, yesterday’s posting on the Midnight Wave and the Third Intifada was one of the most important we have recently released. The warnings are real. Please review, pray and ponder.

This morning, the Lord gave Jolene a dream that fits hand in glove with yesterday’s posting. Especially the warning of potential explosions. We were vert busy yesterday, and Jolene had no idea of the posting’s contents.

Below is Jolene’s dream. We are entering an extraordinary hour, and the Lord is beckoning us into extraordinary preparations!

Hollidaysburg Storm—Late for School
The Lord is calling Jon and I to begin embracing a more disciplined life in Jesus. I began the year in the book of Daniel and I knew we were being called, as one friend put it, to “up our game.” We’ve been in a Shemitah year, a year of rest, but all that’s changing now. And God is calling us to a disciplined life now so we will be prepared to face the coming storms.

In this morning’s dream, the setting is in Hollidaysburg PA, in the house where I grew up. When storms came, our backyard would flood because the drainage was not correct.

In the first scene, I am with my brother Jeff and sister Jodi, discussing our plans for school that day. All three of us attended the same high school but in different grades. Jeff and Jodi were able to drive but I still walked.

So I’m trying to figure out what time I need to leave because I recognize there’s a storm outside. When I look out the window, it is dark damp and dreary, almost like it was midnight even though it was actually early morning. I look into the back yard and it is totally flooded and gray.

And there is a massive storm. It is not  just “brewing,” it has begun.

So I’m discussing with my brother and sister about whether we would have school today our not have school because of the hurricane-force weather. But my brother informs me that we do have school… and we are all already late!

In my mind I am figuring out how to get to school since I am running so late. I just didn’t think we would be required to attend because of the weather outside!  I know that I am not dressed and certainly not ready to leave with my brother who will be driving, and I know I cannot walk.

Skipping Class, Dressed in Army Fatigues
When I look down at what I have on, I am dressed in Army fatigues, including the boots. But I realize I’m not fully dressed because I have on desert military fatigues but with a dark brown shirt instead of the sand-colored shirt I should be wearing. I also know that I do not know where my cap is and do not have time to find it. I decide that because I’m late I can skip my first class and not figure out how to get dressed quickly. My first class is ROTC, or the Reserve Officers Training Corps. My thought is that by skipping the first class, I can easily make the second class.

Explosion Levels Neighborhood
The scene of the dream changes, and I am in a room with my brother and sister and I know that there is danger around and I can sense an explosion. But my sense is that it’s just going to be like a toy explosion, just a little pop. So we are casually walking around the room, lingering because we seem to now have more time.  Suddenly I have an increased sense of the danger and I start to rush towards the door.  The minute I shut the glass-enclosed door, the explosion happened and it was massive. The impact blew me back and propelled me into the air.  I soon saw that it actually blew up the entire neighborhood.

The end of the dream is me knowing that my brother and sister are safe, but I’m frantic about another brother. And I keep saying, did my little brother Jerrol make it out? (Jerrol in the dream represents unbelievers and those who haven’t even started on the path yet). And I am frantic to see if my little brother has made it out.

Thoughts on the Dream
The essence of the dream is that we are all late, and we are all treating situations too casually. My first class was giving me training and discipline for the very emergencies I would later face. And yet I chose to “blow off” the equipping I would need that very day!

Most of us have heard God’s call to the discipline of early morning prayer and Bible reading. Yet with life’s circumstances we’ve all blown off our “class.” Because we are late we are picking and choosing the classes in the Holy Spirit we want to take, and we are skipping the foundational class of being in the army.

It’s like we pick and choose what parts of Jesus we listen to, and because we feel we’re so laden to the hour we skip the fundamental steps and move on to the other ones. As with the prophet Daniel, God is calling us to again embrace this discipline with military-like devotion to our watch.

Changing of the Garb
We also recognize many of us are dressed incorrectly, in the wrong kind of clothes. We need to have on the Desert Storm fatigues! This speaks of embracing the armor of God and the identity of a soldier. It may also speak of engaging in prayer over the battles of the Mideast.

On Friday we hosted a prophetic roundtable. Our friend and prophetic leader Brian Francis Hume had an incredible word about the “Changing of the Garb.” Basically he had a prophetic experience where one of the guards on watch at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier approached him. He told Brian, “Time for the changing of the Garb!”

I just talked to a friend in the military and she told me they are actually issuing new desert fatigues. With a chocolate brown color! I find it interesting that the shirt or the part of the uniform that was closest to my heart was new, which signifies my desire to fight with new battle strategies but my other parts of the outfit are still part of last season’s uniform.

Some of you are actually seeing God’s new mantle form around you. It almost feels like you are halfway between the old and the new. Know that He will complete this work. Keep moving forward, and do not let this distract you from your present duties, especially keeping your watch!

Storms, Explosions, Prophetic Warnings
Finally, I believe we are all underestimating the impact of things many of us have been hearing prophetically for years. Number one—a storm is not only coming. I believe if we look out the window we will see it is already here. Number two—some kind of explosive crisis may be coming.

In our flesh we want to minimize the impact of it and think it is all a game. All the while we have wasted precious time that makes us late and not dressed correctly. We are picking and choosing what classes we will take and which one’s we find too offensive and cumbersome. Such as those that require army like discipline, acute situational awareness and a focused preparation that make us uncomfortable in our current “recreational” mentality.

Finally, the Lord is concerned about all our brothers and sisters! He is especially concerned about those that are lost.  Many times I wonder about those who don’t know Jesus yet.  I am acutely aware of how ill-prepared we as prophetic believers are.  How much more those who do not even know to prepare in this season. We as the prophetic community need to be dressed and ready, prepared and working on strategies that bring freedom to all of us for the next season.  Our brothers and sisters are counting on it.  Whether it be our families in the natural or those who don’t even know how lost they are.  Our weapons of warfare are needed in this hour.  This is especially clear in the Mideast, where our brothers and sisters are facing realities most of us can never imagine.