Covenant blessing to each of you from San Antonio. As we rolled through the heart of Texas yesterday by train, news broke of a horrific terror strike in Israel. Hamas is threatening more attacks after a deadly shooting in Tel Aviv that killed four and wounded 18. Jolene and I are sounding the alarm for you to watch and pray with renewed vigor for Israel, America and western Europe.

The Islamic fast of Ramadan began Monday. Jolene awoke with a warning from the Lord Tuesday—a prophetic “knowing” that terror strikes were being planned against the US during this time, and that they were potentially imminent. Her warning was both specific to the metro Dallas area and broader to the nation.

Jolene discussed her warning with leaders in the area, and then we all moved on to other things. Only to discover yesterday the tragic shootings in Tel Aviv.

Break the Cycle
Sadly, some of the unseen collateral damage from terror strikes is suffered by Muslims themselves. Terror brings an inevitable infusion of prejudice, hatred and vengeance that tears apart bridges of friendship. Because of this, many sincere people with deep appreciation for the freedoms afforded them in the west become more isolated and angry. It’s a vicious cycle.

And our prayers can help break this cycle. Lets keep watch over our communities against terror strikes. Pray that all planned attacks in your areas become exposed and stopped before they can be carried out.

And pray for Muslims in your area. Reach out and make new friends. Knowing that God’s eyes are on the sons and daughters of Ishmael, intending for His blessing through you to impact their lives with Christ’s love. We are all on a journey from subjugation to freedom—and that’s at the core of what this Glory Train is all about!

From Austin—Angelic Hosts Released!
Pray for our team today—for grace, clarity and synergy from God’s Throne as we move forward in San Antonio. I shared Tuesday in Austin how God is releasing supernatural “Homeland Security” by His Spirit and with the release of angelic hosts to secure our borders and our land once again. I had a clear sense then that from Austin, entire companies of angelic hosts have been recommissioned and released for our land at this time. Just as in the days of Gideon, they are being sent to work with you and secure our borders and our communities. Please welcome the activity of these angelic warriors!

And this Pentecost, lets welcome the fullness of the restoration of God’s glory in our land. Remembering that every nation and ethnic group in the entire Mideast was impacted the day the Holy Spirit flooded the upper room with glory. Multitudes from every nation came to Jesus Christ as a result of this visitation. It can happen again… right here in America!