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PURIM TO PASSOVER! 3-16 to 4-16 join us as we watch and pray through one of the most strategic seasons of American and global history. The Lord is marching forth as a warrior. Lets follow His lead!

FIRST—JOIN US TONIGHT for a special call with Lynnie Harlow, a key watchman prophet and longtime friend of the Lamplighter family. No comment on what she’s sharing. Simply join the call and you’ll be enlightened! Just come ready to pray…

A few weeks ago Jolene received a very powerful dream instructing God’s people to prepare now for a “hard stop.” We’ve shared it a few times on the Lamplighter call but want to get it on record here as a posting. Please be very intentional in receiving and acting on this, it is from the Lord for your shalom.

Jolene’s Dream—Hard Stop Ahead!
Jon and I are in our SUV going along a curvy road. I am watching the road from the passenger seat and intuitively hitting an imaginary brake on my side, as Jon is moving much quicker than I am comfortable with. 

We enter into a stone underpass and come out the other side. There is a large, sharp curve ahead of us and we are still going way too quick for current conditions. 

Once we manage the curve, traffic head of us is at a FULL STOP, with little room to brake. At this point I wake up screaming, “JESUS.” Because I am terrified I am about to die as we cannot seem to stop in time to avoid a collision. 

In praying through the dream, the Lord told me a HARD STOP is just around the corner. And He needs us to slow down NOW in order to navigate the turn successfully. We need to work in tandem with two sets of eyes on the road. We need to be very aware of the current conditions of the road. I was not aware of why the traffic was stopped. It was either construction or a recent accident. But THERE WERE NO SIGNS WARNING OF COMING DANGER. 

In the dream the key was that I was intuitively aware we were in danger, even without the warning signs. This is a word to many of you. Trust how the Lord is speaking to you now intuitively! You may not have a “thus saith the Lord,” but the divine whisper through your spirit needs to be paid attention to in this time. 

I want to say I have been praying into this dream for a while, and the Lord highlighted something just a few days ago. Most of you know that, after a month-long ministry tour, Jon and I returned home and then Jon quickly went into surgery to see a longtime skin blemish removed. The surgery itself has required us to slow down our pace significantly. While praying during this time, it has seemed as though it’s the first time we have not been carrying a significant assignment from the Lord in many years. We have both found it to be a little challenging. That is when the Lord spoke to me another aspect of the “hard stop” mandate. He used a play on words to say, “It is HARD to STOP!”

The Lord is calling many to draw aside for this season. To put away the busy-ness, be refreshed and simply spend time with Him. To be totally honest, it is HARD! 

But as Jon has shared, God is calling us higher. As forerunners He really wants us ahead of the traffic, not caught up in it. He also wants us as a body to be ahead of the curve, not stuck in traffic that we could be avoiding.

Finally, given current challenges nationally and internationally we really need to be prepared to respond to circumstances beyond our physical understanding or ability to prepare. Your first step is to SLOW DOWN. Listen to Holy Spirit as He whispers to your spirit. Become close enough to the Lord to actually hear His whispers. It’s a key time, and we will not get this time back. It should not be wasted!