“How unexpected that My presence would come riding in to town on this Sunday!”

Jolene awoke to the following word from the Lord this morning for Washington DC. I can attest that God’s tangible presence had filled our bedroom. Her words at first were jumbled, but she described to me how she was reminded of Jesus entering Jerusalem. The Lord also spoke to her to remember 216, a number He had conveyed to her through a dream a week ago in Rome.

Jolene then asked me to look up Palm Sunday. When does it occur? I reached for my iPhone and searched for the answer.

TODAY, I replied. It only figures…

DC—Whirlwinds, Rainbows on Day of Decision
The past few days in our nation’s Capitol have been quite amazing. On Thursday, the 77th day of Trump’s presidency, two key decisions redefined our nation and world. In the early afternoon, the US Senate employed the “nuclear option” to break a partisan filibuster and pave the way for the Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, a man who interprets law according to the original intent of the Constitution and who believes the Constitution protects life even in the womb. Fifty four votes secured Gorsuch’s confirmation Friday. He starts tomorrow.

Later Thursday evening, President Trump decided to strike a Syrian airbase that had been used by the Assad administration to launch the unimaginable, horrific sarin gas attacks against his own people. Like you, I have watched in horror over these past years as atrocity after atrocity traumatized the Syrian people and devastated this ancient land. Our Crown & Throne team resounded your tear-streaked prayers while on the border with Syria two weeks ago. Enough of the bloodshed. Enough is enough.

In both decisions—the Gorsuch confirmation and the decimation of the Syrian airbase—our stakes went into the ground. The scourge of unjust bloodshed must be met with redemptive justice.

I don’t believe it was coincidence these pivotal decisions came on the 77th day of Trump’s presidency in the year 5777. Or that God spoke about this being the year of the “crowned vav” or the “crowned sword.” Where the Lord crowns the covenant commitment of His people with His glory and His government, establishing thrones of glory (Isaiah 22:23).

Further, I don’t believe it was coincidence that on the 77th day of Trump’s presidency in the year 5777, Washington DC was visited by three small tornadoes. I watched from our window as one tornado breathed in water from the Potomac between the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial. This whirlwind apparently touched down near the Pentagon then crossed over to the tidal basin in downtown Washington.

Showers later brought another amazing weather phenomenon. A double rainbow arced from the railroad tracks just across the Potomac to Reagan National Airport. From our vantage point, The US Capitol was right between the rainbows.

Rainbows, of course, represent the restoration of God’s covenant favor. Whirlwinds can represent the restoration of God’s glory.

And that’s how the Lord set the stage for the visitation of His presence this Palm Sunday. Ichabod erased, glory replacing. Once again I believe we are bearing witness to history. I do not say this lightly. But I believe that as of Palm Sunday, the governmental glory of God is now here.

Remember 216
Let me close with this. When the Lord spoke to Jolene that His Presence was riding in, He then spoke to her to “remember 216.” A week ago today, in Rome, He had spoken to her about “216.” This was again in a dream. Like a treasure hunt, He was inviting her to discover scriptures with a reference of 216. Here’s just a few—beginning with, if you can believe it, Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. On what came to be known as Palm Sunday.

You can’t make this up. Would you believe the subhead of this passage is “Jesus comes to Jerusalem as King!”

Matthew 21:6-10— And the disciples went and did as Jesus commanded them. And they brought the ass and the colt and put on them their clothes, and they set Him thereon.

And a very great multitude spread their garments in the way; and others cut down branches from the trees and strewed them in the way. And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried out, saying, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” And when He had come into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying, “Who is this?”

No King but Jesus…

(note: photo and video by Jon Hamill from window this Thursday. Posting above exactly 777 words).