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The Crown & Throne tour just visited Mount Carmel. There’s an incredible Messianic Jewish congregation there, pastored for 25 years by David and Karen Davis. They are legends in the land. Twelve stones mark the altar of the sanctuary, and a huge window in the roof welcomes the fire of God.

During worship Jolene saw a prophetic vision. It is beyond profound. In her own words…

I saw the Bride’s head in a box with a lock on the side. And my sense is that the enemy had her head in lockdown. I was reminded of Chuck Pierce’s vision where the head of the Bride was captured in a stronghold and needed to be rescued. Chuck saw then the right codes needed to unlock the head of the Bride. I felt Mount Carmel was one of the places where it’s important to unlock the head of the Bride.

Then the vision shifted. I saw the back of the Bride with a long veil, very beautiful, all you saw is the veil. I saw the Lord put His hand out, kind of like what happens at formal dances, she put her hand in His and He turned her around. It was as if He was presenting the Bride to the people.

You’ve probably been to a wedding ceremony where the bride and groom perform their rituals at the altar—lighting the unity candle, etc—with the backs to the crowd, and the guests only see their backs. But in this vision, the Lord came as the Bridegroom, and He turned her around. And I heard the scripture, Kiss the Son!

My sense is it represented the Jewish church first. Almost all of us have only seen the Bride from the back—in other words, it’s like we relate to the Lord with Him behind us instead of in front of us. And the turning winds and the hand of the Lord are turning the Bride around to kiss the Son and see Him face to face.