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Video—Kiss of God—Jolene Dream

A whistle is sounding from distant rails as I write to you from the home of Texas leaders Tom and Kay Schlueter. As you’ll read, this weekend proved historic for re-connection of the Bride of Christ. It was even marked by a dream given to Jolene which conveyed God’s kiss to this reconnected bride. What an incredible launch to the Glory Train southwest tour. Pentecost is here!

We embark this afternoon on a train to Austin TX for a prayer meeting tomorrow at the state capital. Then Tuesday evening we will have a Glory Train meeting at their church, Prince of Peace in Arlington TX. You don’t want to miss this if you’re in the area.

Launched with a Kiss! Jolene’s Journey
From Hawaii on, each segment of the Glory Train has been marked by a unique and life-changing launch. For the southwest tour we felt we needed to join with James Nesbit and Tribe Quantum in OKC. Chuck Pierce ministered at the culmination a 3 year season he had prophesied. He had a prophetic experience where the head of the Bride of Christ was rescued from captivity and restored to her body. Leaders were invited to join together for the culmination of this prayer project.

Chuck’s message was one of the most significant we have heard from him. Primarily focused on the birthing of this move of reconnection and glory, and the protection mandated to protect the move in this season.

The breakthrough was immediately followed by Jolene having one of the most important dreams of her life. Literally the kiss of the reconnected Bride! You can see a video of Jolene sharing this dream at Tribe Quantum by clicking here.

I hope Jolene will write about this dream, but for now let me share highlights. For almost a decade Jolene has had a recurring dream of her heavenly Bridegroom Jesus standing at a distance from her. She longed for the intimacy they had shared in an earlier season, but in the dream the Lord was always glancing her way while focusing on other people.

Keep in mind that the Lord has used Jolene’s life prophetically to convey His relationship with His bride. From the time I met her I knew she was Christ’s first, as a representation of the bride of Christ. Not a coincidence that when we were married on Hannukah, the Lord lit the center candle of our menorah supernaturally. Our unity candle, lit by Jesus in front of everybody before we could even get to this part of the ceremony!

Again, these dreams shared a similar recurring theme for almost a decade. In one of her dreams, Jesus moved towards her and she actually held up her hand and said essentially, “Don’t come near, I’m over you!” The voice of a heartbroken bride who was once held close.

So this past summer Chuck’s prayer leader Anne Tate came to visit Washington DC. We were at the table over lunch when she suddenly turned to Jolene and prophesied about the end of a 10 year season in her life. Jolene immediately knew it was all about her struggle to receive again the intimacy of relationship she had so enjoyed with Jesus.

Chuck Pierce ministered into the “Reconnected Bride” message Friday evening. Saturday morning Jolene awoke from a dream. In the dream the Lord Jesus Christ had come to her and kissed her. For the first time in more than a decade. Twice!

Double Kiss—Intimacy and Victory in War
The kiss of the reconnected bride. This is such an incredible sign from the Lord, both personally and for His Bride corporately in the nation. We have entered into a season of a double kiss bringing a double impartation—as Jolene was shown, the kiss of intimacy and the kiss of a warrior.

Remember the prophetic scripture Bonnie Jones was given for the Glory Train Turnaround Tour. At 3:33 on April 27, the Lord gave Bonnie Jeremiah 33:11 as His promise for the nation. “For I will cause to return the captivity of the land, as it was at the first, saith the Lord.”

What does this mean? The Hebrew word for “return” is “shuwb,” meaning “turn back” or “turnaround!” Here’s an accurate paraphrase of the passage. “For I will cause a turnaround for the land from its captivity, so that it will be as it was at the first, says the Lord!”

What’s important to note is this passage begins with a promise of a turnaround of intimacy between the Bridegroom and His bride! “Again there shall be heard in this place… the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the voice of those who will say:“Praise the Lord of hosts, For the Lord is good, For His mercy endures forever…”

The double kiss of the reconnected Bride. A double portion. Turnaround!

June 6—Turnaround! Chuck Pierce Word
What makes this even more amazing is Chuck Pierce’s prophetic word for today. He prophesies TURNAROUND!

Before we share Chuck’s word, know that today is very important anniversary for us personally. June 6 marks the 49th anniversary of Jerusalem’s re-connection and constitution under Israeli sovereignty after the Six Day War. No coincidence that this we just witnessed this re-connection of the Bride of Christ over this time period.

Today also marks the ninth anniversary of Jolene and my launch into full-time ministry. Bob Jones had prophesied to us us that June 6, 2007 marked the beginning of the journey of the Bride out of her spiritual wilderness and into a move of Holy Spirit! It’s amazing how, in this ninth year of Lamplighter Ministries, we are seeing a move of God birthed… a freedom movement into His very glory.

That said, here’s Chuck’s word. “This day I release you in a new way! I am cutting the cords today that have held you bound, and that have held you back. Even as with the donkey’s colt, the Master has need of you! This day I break every assignment of debt and poverty that has been in your family line generation after generation! I am raising up My family of wealth creators. You’re going to be amazed – even in the next two weeks you’re going to be amazed at what I do! 

THIS IS A TURNAROUND DAY for you! I am turning you around, and I am turning you away from the loss of the last season. I am turning you away from the disappointment of the last season. I am turning you toward My purpose. This is your turnaround day! Turn toward Me and watch and see over these next two weeks what I am going to do in your life!”

So lets declare Christ’s dominion and glory over this day. Declare that by the body and blood of Jesus Christ, you are legally and governmentally released from every realm and dimension tied to the second heaven. Full freedom from the void places in the spirit, reconnected and realigned with God’s Throne, saturated by His presence, catalysts of His new move! Receiving Christ’s commanded blessing—His covenant protection and provision in every sphere of your life and world!

Glory. And No King but Jesus!