Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet
… this by no means comes easy for Jolene. But for as long as I have known my bride, the conviction of truth runs through the core of her being. Her dream, below, is unsettling. You will see that not only is the Lord calling for truth, but He is calling many to confront our current culture with His truth, even at great risk.

Friends, I believe this season marks the beginning of a new standard God is raising for the prophetic. Jolene’s experience, recorded below, conveys this.

Prophetic Experience: Call to Declare Truth
Once Jon and I returned from a much needed vacation, I have felt a new intensity about standing on the wall for the nation and also for our nation’s capitol. Mandates in intercession have been clearly revealed to me as I have pondered and prayed into very specific prophecies over our nation.

With this as a context I had one of the most revealing dreams I have had in a long time. For many reasons, I feel led to only release portions of this dream. The Lord has confirmed many details which such pinpoint accuracy, answering questions that I have been pondering for some time. So let me share the portions I have felt led to release.

Intimidation and Eavesdropping
I am in a café-like setting of a school I am attending, having a conversation with one of my fellow classmates. We are discussing a class that I am currently signed up for, but have stopped attending. It was a history course/economics class and it was required course for me to graduate.

I asked the fellow student what he thought of the course and if he liked the professor. He commented that he actually likes him much more than he expected because he had an interesting past that gave him a unique perspective on the class material. This answer surprised me, because my experience with the professor was part of the reason that I began to opt out of the course.

The other student and I began to discuss current events that were happening on the news channels. I related to him some of the stances that I currently held that were in opposition to the professor, which is why I had stopped taking the class. I was discussing those opposing views when I noticed that he and I were very near an air conditioning vent that let our conversation to overheard by the professor himself.

The guy I am talking to also notices our proximity to the vent and begins to get very nervous with the content of our honesty in this discussion. He warns me that  the things we are discussing are likely to be viewed as very unpopular, and we need to be careful that this conversation not be overheard by the professor.

Just as I say this two men appear. With great intimidation they point their finger at me and yell, “You are not allowed to say those things against our school administration!”

Prayer at the Table
Suddenly the scene changes. The classmate and I leave the situation and we are going together to another site. My classmate strikes up the same conversation with a man in a suit that I know works for the school administration! I was thinking in the dream that I better get out of there quickly because I do not trust the man he is talking to, and I am afraid that he secretly works for the school advisors. And he is collecting information against us and can’t be trusted.

At this point I begin weaving my way in and out of back roads trying to find my way home. I am seemingly lost and know that I live somewhere nearby, but I can’t seem to find my way there.

At this point I come to another outdoor restaurant.  It is filled with people seated at picnic table-like settings and they are both men and women present. There are rows of people and I am still unsure if I have arrived to a safe setting, but at that point someone declares WE NEED TO PRAY. I relax a little as everyone in the room bows their heads and begins prayer, but I also out of the corner of my eye notice an entire row of men dressed in military style and police-type uniforms. I am unsure again if they are on our side or not.

Commission! An Angel of the Lord Appears
Just as I am pondering this, an angel of the Lord appears across the street with a large scroll in his hand. And he begins to make very loud, authoritive declarations from the scroll in his hand.

He announces that the room contains seven people who have been appointed by the Lord to declare the truth of what is currently taking place, and they have been having a hard time breaking into their calling. One by one people begin to stand up and confess that they know the Lord is speaking about them. They have been chosen but they have felt intimidated not to step into their calling.

Seats of Authority
I see wooden chairs with the people’s names clearly written across them where they have been supposed to take their place. One of the chairs is across the room, and I speak up that one chair is designated for a nephew of mine. I am sure that I see Daniel’s name written there, although he is currently not walking with the Lord.

I know that I have been called as well to take this position. But I feel I am needing some kind of impartation to overcome, due to the current environment of intimidation that I feel so strongly.

At this time I watch the row of men come towards me, and one other man who is standing before me. I am very apprehensive because I do not know whether these men are going to lay hands to impart or they are about to slit our throats. They stand up and begin to pray for the guy before me, and I begin to relax because I understand they are on our side and not infiltrators.  I woke up before they could impart to me the strength needed to rise up. End of dream.

Take Your Place
This dream is clearly about the angels calling all those that are needed to rise up in this season to overthrow intimidation and take their rightful positions. In this season, intimidation is one of the strongest ploys of the enemy to keep us from speaking up.

When I first was a new believer I was discipled by a woman that I respected greatly. She once received a word that I will always remember from a very respected prophet. The word was that she could not be intimidated by the enemy because she refused to shut up. She continued to expose injustices and declare very loudly when things were not right. And the enemy was intimidated by her because she refused to shut up.

What a word. I will never forget it, because she turned the tables on the enemy and intimidated him instead. Merely by never giving in to his tactics to keep her mouth shut. Somewhere along the way we have given in to his tactics, and his bullying. Lets repent! It’s now time to cry aloud, and spare not…

With this in context I want to release a very powerful crafted prayer that was sent to me by the women of AGLOW.  Another group of women that I highly respect that refuse to sit down and be quiet.

Crafted Prayer (Sent by VA Aglow Leader Alice Holland)
Job 38:22-23…“Have you entered into the treasuries of the snow or seen the treasuries of the hail which I have reserved against the time of trouble, and against the day of battle and war?” 

As You spoke these words to Job, its meaning is a declaration to the hidden strategies of destruction and terror that the enemy is planning. Father, the plans of the enemy cannot surpass, overcome, or cancel the planting of prayer. Our prayers are a weapon of terror against the enemy, for they have been generated by the intercession of Jesus and in the agreement of the Holy Spirit.

No weapon formed against us shall prosper.  The enemy conjures up ways to celebrate past tragedies and destructions in hopes to drum up a fear and intimidation to keep people bound.  It is a tactic that brings accusation against You and Your intentionality.  But You create new landmarks to celebrate in place of past tragedies…the release of Your beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning necessary to rebuild the old ruins and former desolations.  As the anniversary of September 11th approaches, we are not paralyzed by fear but instead preemptive by Your Presence.  We are not a people that cowers from the taunting intimidation of people groups blinded by terror.  You are turning confusion upon the enemy.  You are causing those who are being used to impart terror to be terrorized themselves by the Angel of The Lord who calmly stands guard over the purposes of Your heart.

Instead of looking behind us, we rewrite this anniversary with new beginnings and new intentions by being captured with new knowledge of Your character.  We have no time to be mesmerized in fear because we are apprehended by the knowledge of Your goodness and kindness, and with it, we uncover the hidden darkness with the penetrating light of the knowledge of God over the earth.

This knowledge causes us to run into the battle with declarations and proclamations of Your greatness.  We speak to the lands that have been infiltrated with terror and the schematic plans of destruction.  We speak to the people groups that are exhibiting barbaric behavior no different from the spirit that cried, “Crucify Him,” and we ask for a. Holy Visitation of Your love over them.  We proclaim over the very strategies that have been secretly planned to release destruction in the seven Continents of the earth: The Spirit of The Lord is released to proclaim the acceptable year of The Lord and the day of Your vengeance.  It is not a vengeance of judgment but one of grace. Grace be released over those that are blinded by their own cause, and simultaneously release grace into the secret chambers of those You have appointed as Your Elishas and Your Davids.  Amplify the secret whispers of the enemy’s plans and pipe then into the throne room where You reside with Your children.  Bring the knowledge of how great and majestic You are into the atmosphere surrounding evil intent and accusation.  Bring revelation of Your arrival by signs and wonders into these very lands.  You have positioned Your Prophets and Generals with the foreknowledge of this very moment.

The arsenal of Your snow packs and hail have been reserved for times when the enemy wants trouble (Job 38:22-23).  Freeze the hatred and allegiances bred in the fear of those who know not what they do.  Freeze the flow of resources designated for destruction.  Deep freeze the former painful memories of the tragedy of 9-11, and bring the rain of Your refreshing presence to proclaim liberty for the captives and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.  Rain upon these Continents with the comfort and consolation to heal the painful, tormenting places of yesterday.  Pour down Your precious release of Presence that will take away the ash heaps and mourning pools and replace them with the vibrant, life-giving, life-changing, and life-sustaining waterfalls full of new anointing that flows freely from  the Throne of Grace.

Re-fit us with a new garment of praise that propels us into battle IN Your Name instead of remaining in a holding pattern of just leaning on it.  Our eyes are upon You, Father.  Our hearts are in You.  And our response is a choral response of unity as we release majesty into earth’s atmosphere that seals Your protection over Israel, the United States and North America, Great Britain and all of Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America, Australia, and Antarctica. Uncover the hidden places with the penetrating laser beam of the blinding light that knocked Saul from his horse and brought a brand new change in identity.  Begin a fresh, new beginning of restoration that turns the hearts of terror into hearts that terrorize the enemy through bringing the knowledge of The Lord into the earth.  Bring large hailstones upon hell itself as You release the snowpacks of the effectual prayers of Your righteous people that have been reserved for such a time as this.  New changes in the atmosphere through the release of the new sound of rain is released in Jesus’ Name.