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What a REVOLUTIONARY call last night! Gary Beaton ushered us into a realm of Holy Spirit while sharing his encounter with the Lord in Berne NY this weekend. He shared how he was awakened early to thunder from the Throne Room proclaiming “Acts 4:31.”

Gary emerged from this experience trembling from his innermost being. Not coincidentally, Acts 4:31 is the passage where the place where the saints were assembled was shaken, and all were filled with the Holy Spirit afresh, after they appealed to Heaven for boldness to counter hell’s intimidation.

Gary was shaken by this visitation, and many on the call were too. I am personally still reverberating. And what a great bridge to explore today the personal and governmental aspects of Jezebel’s Table.

Because honestly, some of what is shared here can provoke the enemy’s intimidation. Boldness, Lord!

The Great Return
We shared yesterday how the Lord defined His emerging awakening and its timing. “This Third Great Awakening is a Great Return, where multitudes will disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the Table of the Lord.”

We believe this Great Return is accelerating significantly in the “Turnaround Year” of 2015. Extraordinary how even Strong’s Concordance prophesies that 2015 is a turnaround year! The Hebraic entry 2015 literally means “turnaround.”

But like the days of the apostles, this turnaround can only be catalyzed by saints who take a radical stand against the intentional deceit, lawlessness and captivity of our day. Who, in the Spirit and by the Spirit, wage a revolution.

The following excerpt is from Chapter 15 of our book Crown & Throne, called “The Great Return.”

In 2009, when the Lord spoke to me about “the Great Return” and Jezebel’s table, Messianic Jewish apostle Asher Intrater received a correlated dream from the Lord. The dream expands our understanding of the food being served from Jezebel’s table. It has massive implications for today.

Drinking the Harlot’s Cup—by Asher Intrater
Recently I had a disturbing dream. There was a large building like a church or a conference center. Most of the people there were believers. People were there from all levels of authority within the church.

People started giving out little sealed plastic cups. Each sealed cup contained a clear liquid, which could be swallowed in one large gulp. This liquid was a spirit of immorality. To some it was sexual immorality; to others it was “spiritual adultery”. It was a variety of lust, greed, popularity, influencing people, making connections, gathering honor through manipulation, even being “intoxicated” with one’s own “ministry.”

All this “spiritual adultery” was connected deeply with a spirit of “deception.” When someone drank the liquid, their face would be shiny; they looked good; they were smiling, attractive, positive, energetic, and prosperous. It all seemed so good, almost wonderful, like it was an “anointing” of the Holy Spirit or some kind of charismatic gift. Yet it was demonic. That spirit deceived people, causing them not to see their sin and spiritual adultery. Almost everyone was caught up in the deception; there did not seem any way to correct the situation.

In the dream, sadly, I too was trying to be part of all the spiritual adultery, trying to get hold of one of the cups to drink the anointed liquid myself. Suddenly, in the dream, I saw my Dad, who had gone to be with the Lord about a decade ago. He asked to spend some time with me. I said, “Sure, sure.” But I kept slipping away from him, trying to find someone to give me one of the cups to drink and partake of the spiritual immorality.

My Dad kept looking for me and asked why I was avoiding him. It was at that moment I realized I was avoiding him because I was seeking the cups. I began to see that I was deceived and in sin. Then I realized how virtually everyone there was deceived.

Then I became angry and started to point my finger at people and scream at them to get out of the deception. There was a call to repent, to be delivered. The effect was like an explosion or an earthquake. Most people responded positively when directly confronted and were powerfully delivered.

A few would not listen. Those who had planned and worked on the distribution of the cups, selling for profit, done on purpose, ignored my cries. I shouted and pointed but they refused to repent, some dropped dead on the spot.’’

When I woke up, I realized that my Dad represented the Heavenly Father who was seeking me out to break my deception and sin. The liquid was like the cup that was in the hand of the great Harlot.

“…With whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication” (Revelation 17:2,4).

I also realized that this liquid drink of the Harlot was the same as the spirit of Jezebel and Balaam (Revelation 2:14, 20); that the Harlot and Jezebel were the same spirit, and that I had allowed this demonic spirit to influence me (Revelation 2:20).

“Repent or else I will come to you quickly and will fight against them with the sword of My mouth” (Revelation 2:16).

“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4).

Jezebel’s Table
Asher’s dream shows us just how revolutionary disengaging from Jezebel’s table really is! Nations and end-time alliances are affected. Perhaps even the power base of an antichrist spirit will be affected! That’s what Revelation 17 conveys—an end-time alliance that unites the global political, financial and religious realms under the rulership of an antichrist spirit.

As western believers, we are much more cognizant of sins related to Jezebel’s seductive offering of sexual immorality than to eating food sacrificed to idols. The spiritual among us will probably avoid “Jezebel’s Pizza,” or the local wiccan grocery store. But food sacrificed to idols is more than this. Let’s look at it from a different perspective—again, God wants to deliver us from supply lines tied to compromise. Where we feel we must compromise our integrity to receive our daily bread.

Let’s perceive how this plays out in the end-time alliances mentioned above. Remember that Elijah is a prototype for the end-time Crown and Throne ministry. The challenges of his world can make ours much more clear.

Similar to the way Moses confronted Pharaoh, Elijah was sent by God to confront Ahab, challenge the prophets of Baal, and bring spiritual revolution to his land. You know the back story on this. Jezebel ascended as queen of Israel through marriage to Ahab. She worshiped Baal, and taught all Israel to do the same, baptizing God’s covenant land in a flood of occult alliances, sexual immorality and abortion. First Kings 18 records how Elijah confronted Ahab and the prophets of Baal.

And when he confronted Ahab, Jezebel’s table showed up as a topic of conversation.

Now then, send and gather to me all Israel at Mount Carmel, together with 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of the Asherah, WHO EAT AT JEZEBEL’S TABLE (1 Kings 18:19).

Remember that God had judged the whole land by sending a drought—a harsh economic downturn—due to their idolatry. To this primarily agrarian society, no rain meant no crops, and no economic increase. In the midst of this economic judgment, Jezebel and Ahab had the audacity to prepare a table for the prophets of Baal. In other words, they channeled government funding to sustain and empower them!

Funding the Power Brokers
Jezebel’s table was governmental. Funds were channeled through the government of Israel to resource those who perpetuate an ungodly influence in society. This meant it was actually the taxpayers of Israel who were funding them!

By this government funding, the prophets of Baal were able to sustain and increase their influence—in God’s covenant land! The people of Israel were experiencing famine. The true prophets of God were hidden in caves. Yet the prophets of Baal were growing in wealth and influence at the peoples’ expense.

What was the enemy doing? In every sphere of society, he was launching the prophets of Baal to overtake thrones, thereby removing Israel from covenant alignment with God. That is exactly the goal of power-brokers tied to idolatry today. Beloved, at all levels of government and business, we must perceive where people are being positioned, and funding is being channeled to empower idolatry, sin and injustice. It’s time to take a stand!…

Two Thrones in the Land
This will help you with your discernment. Right now there are two thrones emerging in America. They are present in every aspect of society, but especially in the governmental realm, the financial realm, and the religious realm. On one hand we have Jezebel’s table, and on the other we have the Table of the Lord.

Jezebel’s table and the Table of the Lord both are altars of worship. They represent two opposing thrones of governance, two tables of provision, two seats of judgment, and two covenants sealed in blood. To an extent, they now are even coming to represent two geographic territories, state by state and nationally.

They are at the core two forms of payment for your soul.

I prophesy to you that one throne will ultimately prevail. Those who were purchased into compromise will soon discover they sold their souls to slavery, degradation and subjugation. And there will indeed be a Third Great Awakening, a Great Return where multitudes will disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the Table of the Lord.