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Sirens Sound in Jerusalem
Do you know what time it is? Are you perceiving the hour?

As many have noted, Jerusalem is God’s time clock. In other words, what happens in Jerusalem sets the pace for both the body of Christ and the nations. And in this covenant city, the “awakening alarm” is literally now sounding.

For the first time in history, Hamas has struck both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with rockets. Many of our friends spent last night in bomb shelters, with red alert sirens this morning sending them scrambling again for cover.

From what we’ve heard, our friends Rick and Patti Ridings were among them. You may recall that the Ridings made the original 13 Colonies Prayer Journey 17 years ago, and commissioned us for this Glory Procession. They were hosting the Elav youth conference, with Jewish and Palestinian young adults, as the violence began to erupt.

God’s Awakening Alarm
Ann Graham Lotz’s recent prayer summons, which ended a day before rockets began to bombard Israel, compelled us all to pray for awakening. Matthew 25 tells of an hour when God’s awakening alarm would be released. Midnight riders run with a message, “Behold the Bridegroom. He is coming—rise up to meet Him!” And His chosen Bride awakens from slumber, trims her lamp, and runs to meet her God.

A “burning lamp awakening” is now at hand. Jesus’ parable actually portrays 7 wise virgins, and 7 foolish virgins who do not prepare ahead of time by storing oil for their lamps. Seven represents covenant. I actually shared this prophetic message on 7-7-14 in Charleston, prophesying the release of God’s awakening alarm and the restoration of covenant love with His bride.

God’s covenant with Israel began with a smoking fire pot and a burning lamp appearing in a midnight hour. And it will be completed with the lamps of the Bride blazing at midnight for the Bridegroom. Pray for Jerusalem and Israel! Pray for Jew and Gentile! Ask God to protect and defend His covenant land, establishing her borders. Ask the Lord for His burning lamps to now be released. Ask Him to awaken multitudes to Jesus’ affection and protection as the awakening alarm is sounded!

Vision of East Coast Fighter Jets
Last night I shared a vision many Lamplighter readers are very familiar with. In 2000, the Lord showed me how a prayer movement birthed in the East Coast would help fight for Israel—for God’s dream for Israel—in her most desperate hour.

I saw three fighter jets, representing prayer movements, take off. One was from Colorado Springs, symbolizing the spiritual warfare movement. One was from Kansas City, symbolizing 24-7 “harp and bowl” worship. One was from the mid-atlantic region of the east coast, representing a prayer movement that, at that time, had yet to be launched.

These three jets joined together and entered into military formation over New England. They then shot across to fight for Israel’s destiny.

Friends, I knew by the Spirit that if this east coast movement did not take flight, America’s capacity in prayer to both defend Israel and our own land would be incomplete.


Taking Flight—The Glory Procession
After 14 years (7-7), can I say with all gratitude this east coast prayer movement is now taking flight! Honestly that’s what this Glory Procession is all about. We knew God’s “Crown & Throne” movement had been birthed last year. And we felt strongly the Lord was launching it to “take flight” this summer.

All that said, lets take flight! Lets soar before God’s Throne and contend for God’s dream for His covenant land—and ours. Take 15 minutes or an hour out of your day and seek the Lord earnestly for Israel. Pray in the Spirit. Take flight!

Throughout the Glory Procession, we will have a special focus on covenant prayer for Israel—both God’s land and people. Please make plans now to join us. Many nights we have seen capacity crowds, so come early and pray with us. Covenant blessings to each of you.