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Heaven is at your gates! Jolene and I bless each of you with joy and Presence this Feast of Tabernacles. May Christ’s generosity and abundance cover you this year. May you find awe in the shadow of His wings!

It seems that two primary themes are emerging by the Spirit of God for this new season and year we entered into September 11-13, 2015. First is a Conflict of Thrones. Thanks for your encouragement on Sunday’s posting, which shares a prophetic overview of this focus related to the blood moons, the Temple Mount, and the “midnight wave” dream. For those who haven’t yet read Conflict of Thrones, you can click here to review.

The other clear theme is that Heaven is at our gates! The extraordinary posting below makes this clear. The Lord literally showed our friend Jamie Jackson a vision of Heaven—in real time!

A new move of Holy Spirit is growing in intensity and scope. The Lord is literally just on the other side of our threshold, waiting for us to open for Him. Open up the gates!

And I saw Heaven Opened…
At first these themes seem contradictory. But actually, the conflict of thrones is arising because Heaven is at your gates. Revelation 19:11 provides a picture of this. Please note that the passage is not a “selfie.” It is much more like a Rembrandt masterpiece, with every detail sacred and resonant with life, texture and meaning. A major passage for this year.

“And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a white horse. He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war” (Revelation 19:11).

When Heaven opens in this season, God wants us to understand exactly Who is on the other side. Jesus is unveiled as Heaven’s Commander in Chief—faithful to His Bride, and true to His word. He has already rendered judgement. He is now poised to make war to establish and enforce this expression of His justice in the earth realm. The armies of Heaven join Him as He begins a “glory procession” from Heaven to earth.

And in Revelation 19:11, He is actually poised to wage war against an antichrist spirit, rescue a captive humanity under his subjugation, and establish His earthly Throne on the Temple Mount. The ultimate Conflict of Thrones!

Further, before He comes this way in fullness, He is coming this way in tremors, even this year. Signs in the sky, the move of the Spirit, the powers of the heavens shaken.

All of which brings us to Pastor Jamie Jackson of Brunswick Georgia. We were planning on visiting again this January, but the Spirit of God stirred Jolene that He desired us to return in October. She awoke singing, “Open up the gates of Heaven.”

When I talked to Jamie, he immediately invited us to come. As you’ll find out tonight, their services the past two months have been marked by God’s Presence. And then Jamie shared the following vision about the gates of Heaven. I believe it is actually a word to our nation for this season.

Please join us Wednesday for a very special call with our friend Jamie Jackson. And join us if you can October 16-18, Brunswick GA, for “Heaven at Your Gates.” You’ll see why we named the gathering when you read this extraordinary vision.

I received a phone call from Pat Hopper, a faithful prayer warrior in our church. Her husband Jack passed away after a two and a half year illness. We are so grateful he found Jesus during this time! Pat she asked me if I would speak at his going-home celebration.

As the celebration started, three other ministers and I were led to the stage in the funeral home for the service to begin. I was second on the list to speak. After Pastor Longshore, another song was sung and then I proceeded to the podium.

I shared about journeying with Jesus—an adventure that never ends! But for each of us, the next step of this adventure is often into the unknown. Remember how Thomas questioned Jesus. “Master we have no idea where you are going! How will we know the way?”  The Message translation says it this way. “How will we know the road?”

I spent a few moments talking about the road that Jack had traveled over the past few years and that he had traveled it well. As I concluded, I wanted to convey a little of what he’s experiencing now. “With all the technology that we currently have, watching our big flat screen in high definition showing the most brilliant detailed colors yet… NONE OF THIS CAN COMPARE to what Jack Hopper is seeing today!”

Vision—Gates of Heaven
I closed my part in prayer and made my way back to my seat.  Then suddenly things began to change. Once I set down the Lord took me into a vision, one like I’ve never seen.

The room I’m in changes and I’m now standing at the gates of Heaven. Most would ask about the details of the gates but I don’t remember much except I remember how big they where.  As I stood before them I was thinking the gates are the size of buildings and that there is nothing that was ever created by man that couldn’t fit through these massive gates.

The Lord brought my attention to the opening of the gates where I saw Jack walking through. I never entered the gates but stood at the opening of the gates. Once standing at the gate the Lord allowed me to peer in.

What I saw was unexpected but confirmed the times and season that we are in. My eyes focused on white horses like I had never seen before. The images of these horses were so clear and the colors, the sheer whiteness of the horses was beyond the purest of white known on earth. The details of the muscular build and their manes where like silk, so smooth, with every hair in place.

Heaven is Getting Ready to Ride!
As I marveled I saw people everywhere and their only job was to attend to these horses.  Some were putting on bridles and others where taking take of the saddles. As I continued to gaze I began to try and count the horses yet the more I counted the more I saw making them without number.  At this I was then brought back into the funeral home where the service was coming to a conclusion.

As I sat there overwhelmed by what I had just seen, I heard the Lord speak to me these words. Heaven is getting ready to ride!