TONIGHT! JAMES GOLL PRAYER CALL! 9PM EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

My apologies for not posting yesterday. Our flight from California was postponed due to nasty weather in Dallas, home of our connecting flight.

We are en route today after being STRANDED at Newport Beach! Our sincerest gratitude to delightful friends who opened their hearts and home in Newport Beach for an unexpected second day. The rain cleared, the sky opened, and the temperature rose. Let me just say Jolene and I fully maximized this window of opportunity…

I even bought a Porsche 911. Serious. On Balboa Island. Now granted, it’s a toy Porsche, but the lines are totally the same. My Native American friend Willie Jock promised  me that if we will water it consistently, it will mature and grow. In that case Porsche JR might need a little sunlight too, which is not currently a great prospect for much of the East Coast. Anyway, thank you Jesus for an unexpected window of refreshing before a few weeks of great intensity!

James Goll Tonight! Towards Purim
James Goll joins us tonight as we set our hearts towards Purim, with continued fervent intercession for Israel and the Jewish people. Many of you have passed along warnings regarding the Iranian nuclear threat—both personally from the Lord and through documented reports. This as the Israeli election nears, and President Obama’s top campaign manager continues to direct an Israeli-led campaign to unseat Prime Minister Netanyahu as he continues to earn the world.

Remember that PM Netanyahu addresses a joint session of Congress on Monday, the day before Purim. Please continue to pray.

Dream—Israel, War, and Watchman Call
This morning the Lord gave me a significant dream. I was working as a photojournalist for a newspaper that was shifting into video reporting as well. Night had fallen. On my dinner break I walked across a few streets and then made my way across railroad tracks, nearly stumbling.

A small white bus was before me, and I knew it was filled with Israeli soldiers and civilians. I spoke with them briefly. They were moving towards war, and I began to pour out my heart in prayer for their protection. My voice trembled with sobbing to the point I could barely get words out. I awoke closing this prayer with them in the name of Shamar Israel.

From Psalm 121, Shamar Israel means the Watchman of Israel, who never slumbers or sleeps as He faithfully watches over His land and people.

As a longtime photojournalist, the Lord often uses the imagery of my former occupation to convey our current work in the prophetic ministry. We are called to see, to capture the revelation of His heart in real-time, and to report back what He shows and speaks. I am being faithful to this call in sounding today’s alarm. It is time to wake up and watch! He is watching, and He is calling us to come alongside!

I believe the dream has much to do both with our Purim prayer focus and our upcoming trip to the covenant land of Israel. Please continue to include us in your prayers as we move forward! Below is a timetable of events, both personal and national, for strategic prayer.

March 1—Iranian Nuclear Deal. March 1 is the deadline for Iran and western powers to agree upon a framework for a nuclear deal, with the resolution to be accomplished by June 1. Both Iranian PM Rouhani and President Obama have agreed that the talks will not be extended no matter the outcome. Both have reported favorably on the process in recent days.

March 3—Netanyahu Speech. March 3 is the date Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress on his perceptions of the Iranian nuclear threat. This speech is hotly contested by President Obama, who believes it could jeopardize the deal with Iran.

March 4—Purim begins. God’s scepter of favor was extended in the days of Esther, causing a literal turnaround in Persia that exposed Haman and preserved her people from a holocaust. Pray for the same today! The scepter of the wicked must no longer remain on the land allotted to the righteous!

March 4—Purim this year happens to be my birthday! And our “march forth” to Israel begins with special ministry in Albany (Berne) NY. Remember that New York is home to more Jewish people than any area outside of Israel.

March 6-7—This Winter Fire Gathering in Vermont. I will share more ahead, but it will prove to be one of the most strategic gatherings of the year. Please join us!

March 8—Flying to Israel.

March 9—Ministering at Succat Hallel, Jerusalem. Looking forward to joining again with our dear friends Rick and Patti Ridings.

March 17—Election Day in Israel! Will PM Netanyahu remain in office, or will another sit on the “Throne of David?”

March 18—Returning from Israel. We will then be ministering in Syracuse NY March 20-22.

Friends, please keep watch with us and for us. Looking forward to praying with you and James Goll tonight.