JAMES GOLL JOINS PRAYER CALL! Wednesday 9PM EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

WARM GREETINGS to all you Jesus People out there! Jolene and I are in California, catching our breath after a wild 222 Conference with Lou Engle, Che Ahn, Dutch Sheets, and James Goll. It was life-changing. Such an honor to synergies with a movement pressing for the fresh fire of Pentecost as we move towards the 110th anniversary of Azusa Street.

Restoring Glory
And what a time to go  coast to coast with the Glory Train! God is indeed restoring His glory to the land.

On Sunday we got to join James Goll for a powerful time at a church in Hollywood, just before the Oscars. The lead actor in my favorite new movie happened to be there. Humble, great family, authentic worshiper, and received a great word from James. Their whole family loves the Lord!

Speaking of which, did you see how the Oscars prophesied last night! I love how the soundtrack from the movie “Selma” won the Oscar. BECAUSE THE SONG PROPHESIES GLORY!

And it touched my heart deeply to see David Oyelowo, who played Dr. Martin Luther King in the movie, celebrating through tears. Remember how the Lord prophesied to us that He is releasing His Turnaround Mantle this year. How He showed us that the justice mantle of THE KING was being restored. Friends, this mantle does not only release the power for His justice, but also the sound of His justice!

Remember how the power of God was released in front of the White House as we joined mantles representing America and Israel. Cornell and Ereina Etheredge had been struck by holy thunder as they discovered a prophetic message by Martin Luther King while praying at the National Archives. What began with prayer culminated with God’s power being tangibly released. HIS TURNAROUND MANTLE WAS RELEASED!

Purim Prayer with James Goll
All of which leads us to Purim 2015—the feast that celebrates God’s extraordinary turnaround for His covenant people. We are excited that James Goll is joining us for Wednesday’s call! James’ very life embodies the message of God’s turnaround and preservation from enemies seeking to destroy. You will receive much more than a message or prayer. You will receive an impartation that strengthens you for these weeks of travail for breakthrough!

Covenant blessings to each of you, Jon & Jolene