REVOLUTION 2019-2020 December 29-31 thru New Years Eve, Trump International Hotel. Speakers include Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, more. Hosts Jon & Jolene Hamill, Lamplighter Ministries. Registration only $150. To register on Eventbrite or for more information on hotels etc CLICK HERE. 

Special service with Jon and Jolene, hosted by Chris Mitchell Jr, Kingdom World Outreach Center, Virginia Beach Virginia. Please join us!

CALL WEDNESDAY—11:30pm ET MIDNIGHT SHINING! JAMES GOLL JOINING. Joining forces with Sara Ballinger and Capitol Hill Prayer Partners for a special “Midnight Shining Prayer Call.” Full moon reaching its peak at 12:12am on 12-12. Key time for a midnight cry! Be prepared with a candle or lamp to light. Conference call number: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

JUST A QUICK NOTE to let you know some exciting news. Prophetic statesman James Goll will be joining our Midnight Shining prayer call Wednesday.

James Goll—Releasing the Midnight Riders
Remember James received the dream August 20 about a looming national security breach meant to destabilize our nation. Two principalities—thief and robber—were pushing human agents to steal top secret information and re-present it in an exaggerated way that destabilized our nation. Just a few weeks later, Adam Schiff presented Trump’s call with the Ukraine as evidence for impeachment.

In the dream, James was given the antidote from Heaven to overcome this breach. It wasn’t cybersecurity, counterintelligence or political maneuvering. He instead saw in the dream what he described as “midnight riders” holding out burning lamps, sent to illuminate, awaken and turn the tide. 

That’s you. And me. And so many more.

James is carrying such significant revelation and authority for this moment. You will be deeply impacted on this call!

Impacting Washington and Jerusalem
As noted yesterday, the number twelve represents the apostolic ministry and government in general. History shows that Washington DC and Jerusalem were both established as capitals of their respective nations, America and Israel, on December 12! 12-12. Note that in both Washington DC and Jerusalem, the thrones of government are shaking. With all my heart I believe we are being summoned to engage in securing these respective capitals for the Lord at this time. 

How? Midnight riders. Gideon contended at midnight, and overcame the multinational army seeking to take over Israel. His weapons? Burning lamps and a shofar. 

Later in Jerusalem, the Maccabees contended against the strongest army in the Mideast to restore their desolate heritage. They relit the menorah to reconsecrate their Temple in Jerusalem to the Lord. Their fire burned supernaturally for eight days, giving us the holiday called Hanukkah or the Feast of Dedication. Note that we host our Revolution gathering over Hanukkah each year to honor this legacy and access God’s turnaround anointing for our time. 

More recently in history, Paul Revere saw two burning lamps in the upper room of a church and rode to birth a freedom nation. Awakening an army to contend against the strongest military in the world. 

What’s my point? Beloved you are being summoned in this hour as a “midnight rider,” a spiritual revolutionary according to the legacy of Gideon, of the Maccabees, of Paul Revere. It is your time to hold out the torch and confront the darkness of this hour. It’s your time for a midnight turnaround that forges our future in freedom.

All that said, in addition to the call this week, I hope you are planning on joining us for Revolution 2019-2020. This will be a vital time to shine and turn the tide right here in our nation’s capitol. 

And it is your time to shine! 

Midnight Call—Get Your Lamps Ready!
Remember the call is from 11:30pm to 12:30am ET. At the midnight hour, more specifically 12:12am on 12-12, as we’re praying we’re going to light our lamps, candles, or menorahs all across the nation. So please be prepared. Trim your lamps and lets see the Lord release His covenant purposes!

A midnight crisis. A midnight watch. A midnight cry. A midnight turnaround. Midnight riders released to bring a midnight awakening. 

And a midnight shining. No King but Jesus!