Above: The Jesus Revolution has been ignited! James Goll lifts up our wedding menorah after James, Jon and Jolene, Abby and Jim Abildness and Jamie Fitt lit the menorah as a governmental expression that the Jesus Revolution has been fully ignited. 

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In the spring of 2007 I had a vivid dream. I would call it a ‘commissioning dream’ because in the dream I heard an audible voice utter these words. “I commission you to restore and release the global Moravian lampstand!” With that imperative sentence ringing in my ears, I woke up. There in my bedroom, in amber colored letters, I saw two words written out in front of my eyes—Prayer Storm! (James Goll, Prayer Storm, pg. 19).

The date 12-12 had arrived, marking the culmination of Revolution 2015. We had just lit our wedding menorah as a team, decreeing the igniting of another Jesus Revolution and the opening of God’s turnaround window for the nation. And now James Goll was bringing us the final word to close out our final session.

James shared extraordinary prophetic perceptions, told amazing Bob Jones stories, and pushed us all through this turnaround window with a song and a message from his new book “Finding Hope.” It was nothing less than extraordinary, and Jolene and I were kept on the edge of our seats until the very end.

That’s when our world was turned upside down.

James Goll Imparts His Mantle!
“Jon and Jolene, come up here.” I thought he was summoning us to pray and dismiss everyone. But instead the prophet stood above us, took off his sport coat and draped it over Jolene and me.

James began to speak about Prayer Storm, the global prayer movement he was called to catalyze back in 2007. Through tears, James told how it was now time to pass this mantle, which he received by the Holy Spirit through a divine commission, on to us.

I looked back at James with a combination of holy awe and sheer terror. It was a total and complete surprise.

Mantle in the Whirlwind
But it shouldn’t have been, I guess. After all, we as the Lamplighter family have been contending all year for God’s “Mantle in the Whirlwind” to be released.

Our theme and mandate for 2015 carried us through the passing of John Paul Jackson and Jay Swallow, sacred to the Lord. It took us to the very ground where Elijah released his mantle to Elisha during our trip to Israel this March, where we also contended together for Benjamin Netanyahu’s election. And it took us into Apostle John Benefiel’s commissioning of Jolene and me as prophets.

Resetting the Lampstand, Relighting the Flame
Back in 2007, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that “from region to region I am resetting my lampstand and relighting the flame.” Jolene and I had just stepped into full-time ministry, saying goodbye to the best job of my life as a graphic designer with the Department of Homeland Security.

Through I knew this was a commissioning word for us, it was hard to imagine basing an entire ministry on relighting a lamp. Even though this was the very legacy God had forged on our wedding, I had barely begun to grasp the full message.

Two confirmations came immediately. The night after the Lord spoke this, Chuck Pierce emailed me. Though we had been friends for a decade by then, a personal email was very rare. And this one was amazingly brief. “Jon: Chuck. Zechariah 4. Pray for me we are going to Kazakstan.”

Really? So awesome that Chuck was prompted by the Spirit to write us just when we entered our season of transition. My first thought was that he could have been a little more verbal in his word. But in truth he could not have said more if he had prophesied for an entire page. I knew this scripture like the back of my hand.

“Then the angel who was speaking with me returned and roused me as a man who is awakened from his slumber. And behold a lampstand, all of gold…” (Zech. 4:1).

The second confirmation came soon after, from a conversation with James Goll. James had just had a commissioning dream to reset the global Moravian lampstand in its place, and relight its flame! This prophetic experience became the focus of his book Prayer Storm. A book Peter Wagner called “one of the most significant messages to the body of Christ in this season.”

Herrnhut! Relighting the Lampstand
Most of you know that James actually re-introduced the Protestant world to the legacy of the 24-7 Watch of the Lord catalyzed by the Moravians. His book “The Lost Art of Intercession,” released in the early 1990s, literally framed much of the 24-7 prayer movement we know today.

Out of this conversation with James, my friend Jason Hubbard and later I decided to host a Lampstand Conference in Herrnhut Germany, where the Moravians first launched this their prayer movement. With special guest James Goll. So that on Pentecost 2010, there would be a tangible demarcation that this global Moravian lampstand had been reset and relit.

Turns out James had not returned to Herrnhut for more than a decade. As with any James Goll service, we laughed and cried simultaneously. And we encountered God profoundly.

During the closing service, we together lit the menorah. James spoke, and then called Jason, Jolene and myself to the front—much as he just did at Revolution. We were commissioned to pick up this sacred torch.

And right then and there, James then ordained Jolene and me and set us into service for the Lord. At Herrnhut, on Pentecost. You cannot make this stuff up.

Passing the Torch… to You
James had talked with us over the years about carrying on his work with Prayer Storm. After Michal Ann went home to be with Jesus, he passed the torch of “Compassion Acts” to Mark Roye. He passed “Women on the Frontlines” to Patricia King, who has since gone global with this message and mandate. Jolene and I had the honor of speaking at Women on the Frontlines this spring.

And now the prophet’s mantle and mandate for Prayer Storm has been imparted to Jolene and me. It is such an honor. We are excited to walk this out progressively by the Spirit together with James over the next few years.

And Lamplighter family, that’s where you come in. Because there is no way we can carry this by ourselves. We are in this together!

And as of Hanukkah, your journey has been expanded to encompass nations of the earth. It’s getting darker. Now more than ever, this global Moravian lampstand truly needs to shine.

Covenant blessings!