Yom Kippur begins tomorrow at sundown! You are God’s royalty, His priests, His army. Please bring the sacrificial Lamb before His Throne for family and region, for your nation, for Israel and the nations.

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In a historic prayer call two nights before Yom Kippur, James W. Goll mapped out the prophetic season we are entering into with great clarity and resolve. Much of what was shared was originally seen by James prophetically back in 1987—more than two decades ago. He essentially was shown three Mideast wars America would be involved in, and was commanded to spend a month in prayer during the outset of each one.

The final war the Lord highlighted to him in this visitation was conveyed as a boiling cauldron. And if I’ve got my facts right, in 2007 the Lord further showed him that Yom Kippur 2014 would mark the time this cauldron really boils over.

Based on this revelatory understanding, he and I both agreed to blow the trumpet and sound the alarm for what we are now immediately facing. Lets review a few key points from the call last night.

October is more critical than we understand. In the prophetic experience seven years ago involving the fall of 2014, the Lord also showed James, “When all eyes are on a nuclear Iran—as they should be—that will mark the time of greatest threat from Syria.” Please understand this was seven years before most of us heard of ISIS, and four years before the civil war began in Syria.

Burning Lamp Watch Extended. For this reason, we are continuing the Burning Lamp Watch through the Feast of Tabernacles, until at least October 24. James and I will be collaborating together to resource you towards effective prayer both for the Mideast and our homeland. Our weekly prayer calls will be vital in this effort. We will also be mobilizing onsite prayer assignments with many of you in key areas locally and nationally at the Lord’s direction. Revelation and collaboration!

Warning—chemical and biological warfare. In James’ experience in 2007, the Lord highlighted that a primary danger would be chemical and biological weapons—possibly even those smuggled from Iraq to Syria during the Second Gulf War. James emphasized we need to pray that these weapons not get in the hands of ISIS.

Both the threat and the connection with Iraq have proven accurate. Remember President Obama’s famous line that “The Islamic State is neither Islamic nor a State?” This is at least partially true. Because the primary architects behind ISIS’ successful invasion of Iraq were not radical Islamists but exiled Baathist generals from Saddam Hussein’s army. These generals were known as ‘enforcers’ of Saddam’s regime of subjugation and terror against his own people. And more than likely they know how to access the weapons James has warned of for almost a decade.

We also have to perceive Ebola as a potential weapon of terror, against Israel, the Mideast and against our Homeland.

President Obama—wisdom and protection—urgent. I brought up last night the extreme need for immediate intercession for the First Family’s protection, as well as Holy-Spirit wisdom for direction nationally and internationally. In short, when we publicized challenges with border security in the Southwest, more than 100 nationalities responded and tried to enter illicitly. Now that we are publicizing challenges with the President’s security—well you can imagine the potential response. We must be in prayer for their protection! More on this soon.

PM Netanyahu and Israel. James was shown that the “Zechariah 12 Countdown” has actually begun. In 2007 he saw this “Mideast cauldron” of terrorism and violence spill over into Israel’s Golan Heights. Obviously as ISIS marched west into Iraq from Syria, they and other radical Islamists see Israel as their true prize. We are truly being summoned as “watchmen on the wall” for Jerusalem and Israel!

Egypt—singled out by God—region of refuge. James reiterated again and again last night the importance of praying for Egypt—for awakening, for God’s blessing in the country’s government and economy. I couldn’t agree more. Fuel their revival, going on now, with prayer!

We actually wrote about the immediate call to unlock God’s dream for Egypt in our book Crown & Throne. This is at least as important as praying about the issues above—and probably more. Because God is birthing His Isaiah 19 movement in the midst of these very challenges.

Pray for Believers in Mideast. James noted that they are now being subjected to a level of evil that has not been seen in the earth since Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. This evil must be stopped—for their sake and ours. We must pray for our brothers and sisters!

Need a reality check? I strongly suggest reading “The Auschwitz Escape” by Joel Rosenberg. No way you’ll miss the parallels to today.

Praying for Port Cities—Shut the Gates of Sabotage! James mentioned the significance of this summer’s Glory Procession as he shared a visitation from 2007 where the Lord spoke to him about the importance of praying over America’s places of origin and places of birth. We specifically need to pray and close the gates to the enemy in ports across the nation. Lets shut the gates of sabotage!

Recommended Books
Praying for Israel’s Destiny, James Goll, http://encountersnetwork.com

Rees Howells, Intercessor, Norman Grubb

The Auschwitz Escape, Joel Rosenberg

Crown & Throne, Jon & Jolene Hamill, http://lamplighterministries.net, http://jonandjolene.com