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IT’S TIME—MINNESOTA REVIVAL! Strong move of the Spirit at the Josiah Center brought powerful services Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. Jon and Jolene both ministering. Please watch and enjoy!

Friday night: Understand the Times, Redeem Your Time CLICK HERE

Saturday night: New Wine Outpouring CLICK HERE

Sunday morning: Releasing the Title Deeds to Your Inheritance CLICK HERE

Our time in Minnesota was so impacting. Arctic chill on the outside… but revival fire on the inside! To me it’s beyond words how the Lord met us and so clearly defined the new season we have entered into. Jolene and I both received real-time revelation from the Lord that impacted us at a heart level. Especially on the “bridal awakening.” This was a conference that truly lived up to it’s name. IT’S TIME!

We first visited the Josiah Center in 2016 while journeying on the Glory Train. It astonished us how vibrant the spiritual atmosphere was. We prophesied then that this center would become a hub for revival and the restoration of God’s glory. Since that time they are now pushing towards their 400 day of continuous revival!

That said, power encounters bringing breakthrough revelation and understanding simply flowed. You can watch the services by accessing the links above. I thought you’d enjoy a summary as well, so I asked one of the most profound prophetic scribes we know, our friend Lori Perz, to write you an overview. 

Can’t wait to see what’s ahead. THIS TRAIN IS BOUND FOR GLORY!

“It’s Time” Meetings in St. Paul, MN—Lori Perz
LIFE! Reversing the Curse and Releasing a New Wine Anointing and Outpouring

Braving the Arctic temps this past weekend, Jon and Jolene led the charge for a bold band of spiritual revolutionaries to assemble.  We gathered together at the fiery altar of Josiah Center, an apostolic center led by Dave and Julie Carlson that has been in revival for over a year. Jon and Jolene shared they feel the revival is even a “first fruits” of a promise given to them two decades ago, when Cindy Jacobs prophesied that they are spiritual Paul Reveres to the nation, and everywhere they go, revival will break forth!

We apostolically and prophetically aligned together “as one” in the apostolic city of St. Paul in Minnesota, the Threshing Floor of the Nation. Back in 2016, Jon and Jolene prophesied St. Paul had shifted from the threshing floor to becoming an Altar of the Nation. We witnessed God do truly foundational historic shifts this weekend, particularly regarding justice, setting the stage for the HARVEST that is here.  

In March of 2016, Jon and Jolene brought the Glory Train to St. Paul and gave a powerful word regarding the Daniel 7:22 Turnaround Verdict for Minnesota:  You have this revolution anointing, it’s already in the ground.  It’s an anointing to save the nation, for turn around…I hear the gavel coming down.  God is rendering judgment in favor of the saints…The Turnaround Verdict is now being released to MN, and from MN to then nations!”

In April 2017, Jolene prophesied from St. Paul a new prophetic women’s movement with a view toward JUSTICE!

It’s Time for LET MY PEOPLE GO!
The theme of the gathering this past weekend was “It’s Time”.  On the first night, the Lord realigned us to His throne, redeemed our time, released scrolls from heaven–and brought us fully through the “12:12 time gate” (connected to Exodus 12:12) of the new move of freedom that God marked in the celestial sky with a blood moon at 12:12 a.m. on January 21 of this year!  Which also prophetically marked the beginning of the third year of our Cyrus-anointed President Trump (Daniel 10) and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  As we each came under the prayer tallit/bridal canopy, we stepped through the gate into this new era, this Third Great Awakening—prophesied by Bob Jones to be a marriage of the miracles of Exodus and the miracles of Acts.  LET MY PEOPLE GO!!

Prophetic keys from Isaiah 28 and Psalm 130
Jolene brought a foundational word from Isaiah 28 about the saints receiving a spirit of justice to turn back the battle at the gates and to also keenly discern whether God is calling for mercy in a situation–or to bring the gavel down.  

Also, a key part of the revival message is REST.  She took us to Isaiah 28:12 and prophesied that the Lord is taking us into a place of rest in this hour: “The wooing is just as an important part of the battle…days of ‘R & R’ are just as important as days on the battlefield.”  God also emphasized Psalm 130:3 “If you, O LORD, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand?” and that none of us can stand on our own righteousness.  The blood covenant we are in with Jesus Christ is foundational!

Bridal Awakening: Two Dreams
Covenant was a continual thread of the weekend. Jolene shared several key words over the weekend about the Bride and what the Bridegroom is doing in this hour to prepare His Bride and awaken His Bride.  IT’S TIME for the BRIDAL AWAKENING.  

Jolene shared two profound dreams she had, one of them years ago when she was single in which she saw the date of her own wedding on a wedding invitation—giving her great anticipation.  She recently had a dream in which she saw a wedding invitation from the Lord!  And she also heard that the Father is paying for everything for this wedding.

Through Jolene, the Lord helped us to return anew to our First Love during the weekend.  We took His hand in marriage anew, even as a state, saying YES to Him.  Jolene prophesied: “This is a time of “wooing winds and wooing words”.  Instead of wanting to rush to the end game, linger with Him.  Like a bride anticipating her wedding day during her engagement, savor Yeshua and your set apart time with Him.  Don’t speed up the wooing time leading to the wedding.

Reversing the Curse and Releasing LIFE
St. Paul and the state of Minnesota not only have a justice anointing but a birthing anointing. This is precisely why in 1973 the enemy targeted a man from St. Paul, Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, to write the majority opinion for Roe v. Wade.  He wrote this into law, opening the gates of death for nationally-legalized abortion in America.  Literally legalizing a covenant with death in the nation.  

Abortion is the key ISSUE of the Third Great Awakening, just as “No King but Jesus” was the issue for the First Great Awakening and slavery was the key issue for the Second Great Awakening during the Civil War.  

This weekend, the saints of MN came together to seek forgiveness for Justice Blackmun’s decision and chose LIFE instead.  The Ancient of Days heard from the Court of Heaven and once again thundered His judgment in favor of the saints and reversed this curse according to the Daniel 7:22 Turnaround Verdict!  

God not only reversed the curse, He released LIFE and awakened seeds from St. Paul and Minnesota to the nation, to break us free from the valley of the shadow of death!  

Turnaround Mantle/Double Portion of Elijah Mantle
In connection to all of this, God also released a mantle for TURNAROUND—a double portion Elijah mantle. An anointing to turn the battle at the gates! To boldly confront the “false prophets of Baal” in this hour.  God is releasing Elijah mantles and bringing forth Elijah thrones in this hour.  These are governmental thrones that no man has established and no man can take away—for turnaround!  An anointing to disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the table of the Lord.  

The Elijah anointing is a forerunning anointing to prepare the way of the Lord! A mantle to “turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers” (Malachi 4:6).  

New Wine Anointing—Tribal Blend!
God has saved the best wine for last!  Jon brought forth revelation that in these days, God is releasing a new “tribal blend” of wine.  It’s a blend of Judah (governmental, apostolic, warring, kingly and praising tribe) and Issachar (the sons who “knew the times and seasons and what Israel ought to do” I Chronicles 12:32).  

This blend creates the John the Baptist (Elijah) forerunning anointing, the friend of the Bridegroom anointing.  Once again, it’s the new wine anointing to PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD! 

Title Deeds Released—New Wine Outpouring!
Jon prophesied from Jeremiah 32 regarding the title deed that became a seed—and the seed that became a deed.  This is a new hour of receiving our title deeds, our inheritance, from the Lord so that our vineyard of prophetic destiny will bear much fruit for His glory.  

Additionally, the title deed of Israel and Jerusalem belongs to the Lord alone and God brought powerful revelation from Amos 9:11-15 in which God showed clearly the restoration of the Tabernacle of David tied to the Jewish people no longer being rooted out of their land.  This is so key to pray for in this hour, especially with recent news about the Trump Administration Middle East Peace Plan being finalized.  

God also revealed that this is connected to the “possessing the remnant of Edom,” who are the Arab people. God has a powerful end times plan to redeem these sons of Abraham! And all of this manifests in the “plowman overtaking the reaper” for PERPETUAL HARVEST and the mountains dripping with sweet wine—new wine!

The Hour has Come—IT’S TIME
Like a grand finale of glory to the weekend, Jolene brought forth a powerful word from John 2 and the miracle of water turning into wine, Jesus’ first miracle.  

Jesus’ mother was pressing and He said to her “My time has not yet come”.  But, her faith pulled the eternal into the NOW and the miracle manifested. The Lord said on Saturday night that we have changed into a new season. The purification of the water in the pots of my people has taken place. He declared, “Tonight, I’m tuning water into wine because the hour has come. This is the time.”  

A demarcation moment!  IT’S TIME for the NEW WINE OUTPOURING!  Let the new wine flow for the NEW WAY FORWARD!