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FIRST—my sincere apologies for not posting before now. As prophesied, this Glory Train journey is moving at such an accelerated pace. We are running 24-7 just to keep up! In the next few days I will share with you a compilation of insights from Faneuil Hall. Today I want to share a few key highlights of our journey so far. 

July 19-20, Old Saybrook CT. Launched the Glory Train with a strength of worship and clarity of revelation that was stunning. What an honor to frame out our entire journey from the Awakening State of Connecticut! 

Jamie and Redonnia Jackson led the baptism revival service, which was scheduled for three hours on Saturday. Eight hours later we had to finally bring it to an end! 

July 21, Plymouth to Provincetown, Cape Cod MA. Our team journeyed from Plymouth to Provincetown, the harbor where the Pilgrims wrote and signed the Mayflower Compact. At First Landing Park, the Lord showed us to “circumcise the covenant,” sanctifying it to the Lord Jesus Christ and His stewardship through the Bride of Christ. The reproach of Egypt was rolled away. Winds of awakening released—the Bride was called forth to life! Powerful time sealing God’s work with communion at Plymouth Rock. 

July 22, Faneuil Hall Boston. Once again the heavens were open from the moment we stepped in to this sacred hall. Worship propelled us in a way I have personally never before experienced. Thank you Jamie Fitt and team. OUR GOD IS MARCHING ON!

Profound afternoon as the Lord of hosts rendered judgement in favor of the saints, releasing the vindication of His Bride and the redemption of His sons and daughters. We prophesied the restoration of God’s governmental glory through the 13 colonies, the geographic East Gate of the nation. Just as the glory was shown to Ezekiel in the form of a whirlwind, His glory is being restored as a mighty, rushing wind! Amazing that the next day, a literal tornado moved through Cape Cod. A genuine sign!

Chuck Pierce gave a solemn warning for Massachusetts to return to God’s heart and covenant before declaring “the awakening has begun!” Dutch Sheets shared how the Lord had assembled us at Faneuil Hall—in Hebrew, “Face of God Hall”—just as He brought Jacob to Phanuel or Peniel. Before His face. It was in this moment of wrestling with God that Jacob became Israel! In the same manner, we were summoned here to complete the shift before His face and become a covenant people. Profound!

July 23, Plymouth MA. Speaking of the restoration of God’s glory… we arrived in Plymouth to the stunning discovery that a whirlwind had literally moved through Cape Cod, blowing the roof off of buildings. Witnesses said its approach sounded like a FREIGHT TRAIN!

This train is bound for glory… Remember how Chuck Pierce prophesied into this year. That one meaning of Revolution is a whirlwind. We must go back to go forward. And that whirlwinds this year would become signs from the Lord of His work! Can’t make this stuff up. And the service that night with Paul Jehle certainly reflected what had transpired. God “blew the roof off” during worship! And we ministered to the Lord again under an open heaven. 

We also had an exceptional time of prayer at Plymouth Rock, with Dutch Sheets fulfilling the assignment prophesied by Chuck Pierce, joined by key leaders from across New England and the nation. To watch click here:

July 24, Lexington MA. Our team prayed at the town green where Paul Revere’s ride culminated and the “shot heard round the world” was fired as the first battle of the American Revolution began. Amazing to sojourn from Plymouth, where this ragtag bunch of Pilgrims established community in covenant with God to birth this freedom nation, to Lexington where the first battle to secure our independence began. Covenants with death and hell were annulled by Heaven’s Court. A new watch over the covenant of God for America, and the freedom movement for this hour, was established! 

And the custard ice cream just off the town green was exceptional. Just sayin’…

July 24, Northampton MA. This colorful city is the ancient epicenter of the First Great Awakening. In a historic church pastored by Thank God Meduka we again saw the Lord “blow the roof off” and release breakthrough to the region. Ed Watts and Chris Mitchell both prophesied into the uncapping of the historic well of awakening there. I shared on the ultimate turnaround—the redemption of Hosea’s bride! We culminated with “threshold covenant” communion at the literal threshold stone of the church Jonathan Edwards pastored. You could literally feel the wellspring of God’s awakening springing forth. We were met there by a homeless man named Alexander who had found shelter in the archway of the church, just up the steps. Amazingly the name Alexander means “Defender of the Faith.” 

Yes, Defender of the Faith met us at the threshold of awakening, where a well of awakening was being uncapped. Can’t make this stuff up. 

July 25, New York State House, Albany NY. Great tour hosted by Pastor Sharon Carlson culminated with powerful prayer in the War Room of the historic State House. Remember that on 1-22 of this year, the Governor signed into law a bill ratified by the NY legislature legalizing not only abortion but infanticide. We pled God’s mercy over New York, even as the word of the Lord came forth that a measured shaking would serve as a shot across the bow. LET MY PEOPLE GO! 

July 26-27, Berne NY. Powerful prophetic roundtable set the course for the weekend. We saw how the Lord was breaking up the pyramid structure of Pharaoh’s reign and establishing the circle of His covenant in our land. The services were electric. I shared in Berne the vision the Lord gave me on 08-08-08 of babies shooting out of the ground and into the sky in an earthquake that stretched from Lowville NY down to the Washington Monument. All creation is travailing for the birthing of God’s sons and daughters into salvation! All creation is groaning for this move of awakening which shifts America from a covenant of death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of life empowering a culture of life. The Pharaoh structure of New York must yield to the Lord, even through shaking. THE AWAKENING HAS BEGUN!

July 28, Rome NY. Our Glory Train journey brought us from the epicenter of the First Great Awakening in Northampton MA to the epicenter of the Second Great Awakening in Rome New York. The whole area was known as the “burnt over district” during the awakening because the entire region had come to Christ!

The services were unforgettable. I shared for the first time on the journey the word Bob Jones had given about the Glory Train. He prophesied that from the moment the Glory Train rolled into a city, that city would no longer belong to the enemy but would belong to the Father. Get ready for entire cities to be saved! What an honor to become infused with this hope in the Burnt Over District, where this very miracle occurred over and over again! From Rome on my faith has expanded to encompass this prophecy. THE AWAKENING HAS BEGUN!

The night before our meeting our team was met by the shining faces of Bill and Rita Gamela and an incredible barbecue. Note that their farm was regularly visited by awakeners Charles Finney and Daniel Nash, who would lodge and pray there while ministering in the area. The anointing is still so tangible. We are grateful to the Gamelas and Pastors Ned and Sue Paquette for their hospitality and generous hearts. 

July 29, Lowville NY. Our team sojourned to Lowville NY, to the historic well of forerunning prayer for awakening pioneered by legendary intercessor Daniel Nash. We sensed the well there was capped by sorrow. Powerful time breaking the lid off of the land and people to accelerate Jesus’ movement into the future. Once again you could feel the flow of this sacred well!

July 30, Philadelphia PA. Last night was phenomenal with Jamie Fitt and the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David. From the birthplace of American government we saw the Lord bring a reconstitution of His covenant purposes for our nation and for the Bride of Christ. Some moments in God are simply beyond description. It’s best just to watch the video from Facebook Live, posted on our Lamplighter page To watch the video CLICK HERE.