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PRAYER FOR ISRAEL, OVERFLOWING TO AMERICA.Rick Ridings has just released an urgent prayer bulletin to pray for Israel. And it’s absolutely right in line with what we are hearing from the Lord. As you read this, keep in mind a key chapter in our new book Turnaround Decrees is “Divorcing Babylon.” And that our book was released on June 21, the date Rick Ridings received this warning.

This is a good time to announce our “Decree Turnaround” prayer project July 1-22, with a focus on divorcing Babylon. We are culminating this project at Faneuil Hall Boston with Dutch Sheets, Jamie Fitt, Chris Mitchell and others. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this. Make plans now!

Remember Israel is our time-clock. And when a seasoned leader from Israel such as Rick Ridings gives this magnitude of a word, which resonates so strongly with our own directive, we must act. THE TRUMPET IS AGAIN SOUNDING!

“This a Tower of Babel Situation!” Word by Rick Ridings

This is what I received at 4:10 AM on Tuesday, June 21st, regarding the Israeli government upheaval, and the Biden visit in July:

“This is a Tower of Babel situation. The globalists are speaking one language world-wide. That is why they have been able to build their kingdom in such a relatively short time.  Their unity has created an evil momentum. 

Their plan is to steal the Crown Jewel of the King – Jerusalem, because that is the footstool of My government upon the Earth. 

Therefore, My Ruler Bride is to decree division upon those serving the spirit of Babel. And she is to carry out the sentence, the judgement written against them with the high praises of GOD in her mouth, and a two edged sword in her hand.

She is to wield My sword to divide and cut in pieces the army serving the spirit of Babel.  

Do not look to a man to be able to scatter these evil builders and to save Jerusalem. 

Look to Me.  High praise is your weapon. Use it in one accord, and I Myself will arise and scatter My enemies. And their plans shall be severely set back in all the nations they rule.   

It is time to exercise Your authority in Me and put Your feet upon the neck of the five kings serving the spirit of Babel 

This praise offensive and “decree of division” must be done before the 17th of Tammuz (sundown July 16 – sundown July 17,2022), or they will breach the walls of Jerusalem before the appointed time.”

Biden is scheduled to be in Israel, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), and Saudi Arabia from 13-16 July, the last leg of his trip taking place on July 16th, on which day the 17th of Tammuz begins at sundown.  

So I am asking intercessors world-wide to fast at least one meal on Tuesday, July 12th, and to take at least 12 minutes at 12 noon to praise the Lord, and to proclaim division upon the Lord’s enemies and a thwarting of their plans during the Biden visit to Israel, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), and Saudi Arabia on  July 13th – 16th. Rick and Patricia. 

Note from Jon: 17 Tammuz, July 12 this year, marks the breach of the walls of Jerusalem leading to the destruction of the Second Temple.  In Jewish understanding, it marks a three week period of repentance and prayer prayer culminating on Tisha b’Av.