REVOLUTION 2015 BEGINS WEDNESDAY! With Chuck Pierce, James Goll, others. Receive fresh fire this Hanukkah! To register click here. 

HANUKKAH BEGINS TONIGHT! What a joy to be here in Zion for this occasion. Celebrating both the beginning of the Festival of Lights and our 12th anniversary. Not to mention the time period where the Light of the World, Jesus Himself, was conceived.

The Lord bless you today from Zion! May God’s holy fire be kindled afresh in the womb of your spirit. And may this turnaround window fully open for Israel and America together.

We totally believe God wants to light the fire of another Jesus Revolution—from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem. It is amazing how the Lord of hosts has orchestrated our steps. Please continue praying for us—for continued strength, health, and intimacy with the Lord. And we look forward to seeing many of you Wednesday for Revolution 2015.

From the moment our menorah lit on Hanukkah, Jolene and I knew our lives had been joined together by God for a special work. I also felt then that our 12th anniversary was going to be significant. And from that time forward I have been praying for the Lord to bring us to Jerusalem for this day.

Hey, we’re here, glory to God!

But our focus in the Covenant Land has been totally unexpected. Selected by Yad Vashem for their first seminar in partnership with America’s Museum of the Bible. Spending much of our anniversary break learning about the Holocaust.

Why? All I can say is that anniversaries are matters of the heart. And perhaps on our 12th anniversary, God wanted to show us His. “Let the bridegroom come out of his room, and the bride out of her bridal chamber. Let the priests, the Lord’s ministers, weep between the porch and the altar, and say, “Spare Your people, Lord…” (Joel 2:16-17).

Through many tears we have been praying for God to spare His people again.

Let me share with you briefly a prophetic perspective on where I believe we are. And the absolute importance of accessing this window of national turnaround at this time.

Chuck Pierce—Two Key Prophecies
In spring 2013 HAPN leaders were summoned to Oklahoma City for a special, private meeting with Chuck Pierce. He shared a very important visitation from the Lord. He was sent on assignment to restore the head of the Bride of Christ. He saw how the Bride’s head had been severed from her body. In the vision he had to overcome the highest levels of security to find her head, and reconnect the head with the body.

I believe it was during this gathering—but maybe it was another—that Chuck mentioned he had asked the Lord for understanding of our times. And the Spirit of God spoke in return that to understand our times, we needed to look back to the late 1930s.

Again I am trying to be accurate, but recalling this from memory. What was going on in the late 1930s? The rise of Hitler. The onslaught of the Holocaust. The unimaginable annihilation of more than six million Jews as part of Hitler’s “New World Order.” And the policy of appeasement by Neville Chamberlain that brought Western Europe into an agreement not to resist the tide of evil immediately before their gates.

Appeasement and Brutality
Was Chuck Pierce’s prophecy correct? Let me direct your attention to two trends today—western appeasement on one hand, and the brutality of radical Islamists on the other.

From the Iranian nuclear accords you can see how a dangerous precedent of appeasement has again been embraced as policy among the nations. Also please consider our collective, delayed response when ISIS first threatened the gates of Iraq. There was no resistance from us. Therefore ISIS’ conquest brought them into power as the strongest and wealthiest terrorist organization in modern history.

And the hallmark of ISIS brutality is beheading. For accuracy’s sake, I do not remember Chuck’s prophetic experience directly referencing ISIS in any way. Christians and other minorities—even Muslims who don’t agree with their doctrine—are being systematically slaughtered across the Levant. As James Goll observed, “We are seeing a level of evil not in the earth since the Second World War.”

Just as with the Nazis, appeasement unfortunately has not stopped the brutality. Now a prophesied wave of radical Islamist terror has hit our shores. From the Temple Mount and Israel around 9-11 to Paris and San Bernardino.

Not by Might nor Power
Sitting at our desks at Yad Vashem, looking from Mount Herzl out over Jerusalem and the Judean hills, we honestly do not know any political or military solutions with the capacity to restrain this encroaching darkness. For America and Israel, it is our steadfast conviction that it will take first a move of God’s Spirit to dislodge the level of evil set against us.

It’s why we are summoning spiritual revolutionaries to stand and blaze for Jesus in this hour. And it is why we are giving our all for this awakening to be fully realized.

Remember how an angel of awakening roused Zechariah from his slumber. When his eyes opened, he saw a lamp stand before him. A menorah. And that’s when the Lord thundered to Him, “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts!”

This is the message of Hanukkah. And tonight may you see His menorah blazing in your midst.