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Some would say our heads are in the clouds, and today this proves true. Jolene and I are in Dallas for the ACPE prophetic roundtable, convened each year by Cindy Jacobs. In the Spirit this year seems weightier than others. I suppose if there was ever a time to be encompassed by prophets, now is a pretty good time!

We started yesterday, and last night the storms came. Wind, rain, lightning. Even tornadoes up on the Texas panhandle. By all standards the perfect weather for a prophetic meeting. Ironic that our prophetic word and theme for 2015 was “Mantle in the Whirlwind!” Maybe there’s a corporate mantle to be received today. Pray for us, ok?

I haven’t shared much about the ACPE gatherings publicly, but they have greatly impacted our hearts and lives over the years. When we were first invited to join, my personal esteem of those in the room overpowered any contribution I dared to make. But the genuineness of hearts and friendship soon brought down own our walls. It’s great to see generations joining together, resonating in the corporate expression of God’s voice.

ISIS Threat is Real
By now most all of you are aware of the threat made by ISIS against Washington DC. The threat was announced publicly as the radical Islamist group’s next target after Paris.

“ISIS is NOT contained!” expound Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, yesterday. She made clear that the ISIS threat should no longer be taken lightly, even in America. “I have never been more concerned.”

Intelligence warnings, especially from those of Sen. Feinstein’s stature, are generally understated rather than overstated. So it’s important to consider her use of the word never. Never more concerned.

Further the prophetic revelation the Lord has recently given Jolene and me seems to resonate with this observation. We are first responsible as watchmen for Washington DC. And the warnings have been clear. The dream of the wave crashing in on our nation’s Capitol this July. The wave of terror that began on the Temple Mount on 9-11. The dream just Saturday where Jolene continually warned, “The waters are now here!”

The Waters Can Still Part!
The good news is that in her dream, Jolene began to prophesy to these very waters to part—and they did. From Saturday’s posting: “I put a Bloodline around my property and my friends. And you will not come here!” With this declaration, the waters begin to shift. And then I wake up. 

Friends, I am asking you—compelling you—to pray. Get in the Spirit, and allow His declarations for Washington DC to resound through you! Declare a Bloodline—in other words apply the Blood of Jesus—over the Capitol as the Spirit of God leads. Pray for our government, our military, our intelligence community, etc. Pray for accurate intelligence, completely severed from the ungodly agendas and deliberate misinformation that have so often skewed true clarity. Pray for our watchmen in the natural who are watching, protecting and defending, our land.

So get into the Spirit and lets declare the waters part! Now would be a good time.

Because as Jolene’s dream made clear, we can still see breakthrough. Remember this came from the dream language of the Lord completely free from soulish paradigms. By God’s grace we can see terrorism thwarted. We can see sabotage restrained. And we can still see God’s dream for our covenant land preserved.