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Blood moon. The Shemitah. Jewish New Year. September 11. Many are questioning to the point of panic, will this new season hold?

Today I want to convey a few perspectives. Because recently the Lord quickened to me that a “Second 9-11” is indeed coming, perhaps even this year. We’ll get to that in just a moment.

For context I want to share with you the initial warning I received from the Lord concerning this fall. We all see in part and prophesy in part, so I in no way desire to imply either a completeness to this perception or a finality of result. That said, on July 13, the day before the Iranian nuclear accord was announced, the Lord gave me a warning dream on this issue. I’ve shared it before, but here’s a brief summary.

911—Washington Wave
I saw Washington DC as if it most of the city had been laid out on a large hill. This large hill led to a gigantic cliff which overlooked the Atlantic Ocean.

In the dream, I visited with friends who facilitate the yearly “Davids Tent” each fall. Again for context, it’s important to note that “Davids Tent” begins this year on 9-11. Worshipers were coming in from all over the nation for the launch.

Around midnight I left the group and headed to the cliff to admire the view of the sea. Most of the time the ocean was 200 feet below, but I was stunned to discover it was now cresting over the top of the hill! Not sure whether a tsunami had occurred or what, but it was clear that Washington DC was about to be flooded!

In the dream I ran back down to alert my friends, and then find shelter. The wave poured over the hill and began to rush through the streets. The only shelter I could find was an open garage with a double-sided brick wall.

When I awoke from this dream, it was immediately clear the Lord was dealing with the Iran nuclear deal—even though the deal had not been announced yet.

Last Line of Defense
The Lord spoke to me that the hill in my dream represents Capitol Hill. And it is a last line of defense.

The cliff overlooking the ocean seemed to be at least twice the height to prevent any disaster. But I felt the Lord was warning that our highest defenses would not be enough to combat the flood that is being stirred in conjunction with this deal, made during the closing days of Dire Straits, as well as other decisions contrary to God’s heart and word.

It was though the Holy Spirit was warning, “America’s leaders are acting in open defiance of God. And because you have decided to openly defy the Lord and dishonor the covenant boundaries I erected for your protection and well-being, I am now allowing your boundaries of defense to be penetrated through.”

I am so grateful for a remnant prayer movement that immediately responded to this warning! Cindy Jacobs called for immediate prayer. State leaders across the nation prayed onsite in response, repenting for our presumption and petitioning the Court of Heaven according to Isaiah 28. We together asked the Lord for the covenant with death and sheol to be annulled!

I’m so grateful for Sen. Chuck Schumer and others who made an extraordinarily difficult decision to stand against this deal. Lets continue to pray for them as they face their own onslaught due to their convictions!

Here’s a fact that STUNNED ME. When the Iranian nuclear deal was announced, Congress was given 60 days to review it and vote. Which puts the vote right around SEPTEMBER 11.

Remember I saw this wave hitting right around the time Davids Tent begins. Davids Tent this year starts on September 11—the same time period where Congress is actually voting on the Iranian nuclear deal! Also the same time period as the Shemitah, Jewish New Year, blood moon, etc.

Can’t make this stuff up. Seriously.

Call 911—Kim Driver & Ceci Sheets
Here’s something else you cannot make up. The Lord recently warned Kim Driver, a humble and powerful prayer leader from Tennessee, to keep watch against enemy attacks. You read and heard her story last week about how the warning to pray was immediately followed by a terrorist strike in Chattanooga where 5 soldiers died. Another potential strike last week was thwarted.

What stopped me in my tracks was the language the Lord used with Kim. “Call 911” is what He told her. In other words, call for immediate crisis intercession!

Call 911. What she did not know is that was the very same language the Lord used in 2001 to warn the prayer movement about September 11!

It was July 2001. I had joined Lou Engle, Will Ford, Dutch Sheets and others on the Kettle Tour when Dutch’s wife Ceci called to report a dream. She looked down in the dream and discovered a “baby bump.” She looked down again and discovered in an instant she had come to full term. Nobody was around to help birth this baby. So Ceci began to cry out, “Call 911! Call 911! The experts are needed at this time!”

Call 911. We were actually crossing the Hudson River on the Tappan Zee Bridge discussing this very dream. Some on the bus felt that God was referencing Psalm 91:1. I felt the Lord was emphasizing Amos 9:11, the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. And the joining of the 24/7 prayer movement with the Call movement.

But nobody saw the fullness of what was coming on 9-11. From my window on that bus, I saw the Twin Towers for the very last time.

7-22: The Lord Spoke “A Second 9-11 is Coming!”
On 7-22, Jolene and I gathered with friends in Berne NY to seek God for His verdict for this season. Please, Lord—mercy! Judgement in favor of the saints!

It was then that the Lord spoke to my heart, “A second 911 is coming!” God forbid tragedy or terrorism again touch our shores. And I want to emphasize I have neither seen nor perceived any disaster beyond the symbolic dream of the wave cresting over Washington DC.

But on 7-22, the Lord reminded me how He emphasized Amos 9:11 in the season surrounding September 11, 2001. Amos 9:11 prophesies the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. In fact, that’s why Jason Hershey chose to begin Davids Tent this year on this date!

And as of September 11, 2015, the Lord is now releasing a “second 9:11” to America. Just as the “Tabernacle of David” message was redemptive, so this prophetic release is redemptive as well. Holy Spirit clearly emphasized to me Zechariah 9:11.

As for you also, because of the blood of My covenant with you, I have set your prisoners free from the waterless pit. Return to the stronghold, O prisoners who have the hope; this very day I am declaring that I will restore double to you!

For I will bend Judah as My bow, I will fill the bow with Ephraim. And I will stir up your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece; and I will make you like a warrior’s sword. 

Then the Lord will appear over them, and His arrow will go forth like lightning; and the Lord God will blow the trumpet, AND WILL MARCH IN THE STORM WINDS OF THE SOUTH. The Lord of hosts will defend them! (Zechariah 9:11 to 9:15, exclamation points mine).

Listen, it is taking a move of God to push back the level of darkness that has immersed this land. Call 9-11! God is responding with some really good news. Because of the blood of Christ’s covenant with us, the covenant with death and sheol has been annulled. Those trapped in prisons, in waterless pits from which there seems to be no escape, are going to be freed!

Watch how the Lord begins this move in September 2015. There may be peril, there may be challenges. But we are also going to see extensive, sweeping revival! EVEN A DOUBLE PORTION, as God promised us in this whirlwind year!

God is marching in the storm winds of the south. In other words, as we have shared, much of this revival expression will be emerging in the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and other states. Watch out, because as these winds hit the battlefields and graveyards and spiritless churches, a move of  awakening is breaking forth. Realms of hell itself can no longer hold its prisoners! The dead are coming to life. A mighty army is arising.

I want to leave you today with a vision of this. You might remember how God conveyed to me what this emerging awakening looks like. On 08-08-08 in Lowville New York, I saw a geyser shoot in the air, followed by an earthquake. This earthquake broke forth from a little obelisk in upstate New York all the way down to the giant obelisk in Washington DC, the Washington Monument. And wherever the ground broke forth, babies shot into the sky and were caught by angels!

You know the story. God is shifting us from the covenant with death and the culture of death to His covenant of life and culture of life. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that, three years after, the Washington Monument cracked in a mighty earthquake!

And maybe it’s not a coincidence that Davids Tent is not beginning on the Ellipse this year. Instead, Davids Tent begins on 9-11 by the Washington Monument!

I guess God is making a point here. With all my heart, I believe that the next phase of this 9:11 restoration movement, where newborn babes are released from the prisons of their waterless pits, has a date of demarcation. 9-11, 2015. Because of the blood of My covenant with you…