Proximity is fascinating. I’m not so familiar with California, so a journey through regions I’ve heard about all my life brings a geography lesson.

Who knew, for instance, that Orange County was so far from Hollywood? Watching Jack Bauer navigate LA in the legendary show “24,” I always assumed it was right around the corner! From Newport Beach to Hollywood, this journey through metro LA actually encompasses about 49 miles.

Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, took out terrorist threats. So lets go with this theme. Just imagine if an Iranian terror cell actually controlled Newport Beach. Rockets capable of striking LA are being smuggled in by sea and by underground tunnels from Mexico to San Diego.

Then Jack Bauer discovers that his worst fears are realized. A nuclear bomb, maybe a dirty bomb, is now in their possession. And all of metro LA is facing a wipeout.

Jack, what are we going to do? How long are we going to allow this?

Because that is exactly the threat Israel is facing at this very moment. Gaza Strip, where the Iranian terror proxy Hamas waged war against Israel last summer, is only 44 miles from Tel Aviv. And only 48 miles from Jerusalem.

So just imagine if Newport Beach was Gaza, and Hollywood was Tel Aviv. What would your Iranian peace negotiations look like then?

Yesterday my friend Russ and I went “back to the future.” To the Ronald Reagan Library. I was deeply touched with Reagan’s unyielding love for America, and belief in her destiny under God.

And as we journeyed through the halls, Reagan’s legacy of “Peace Through Strength” resonated through each window of history. Beginning with his inauguration day, when Iran released the 50 hostages held for exactly 444 days.

Here comes 444 again. You cannot make this up.

I do believe it’s significant that Obama, our 44th president signed an Iranian nuclear deal just before a blood moon with an eclipse lasting 00:04:44. Which occurred on Passover, 4-4 of this year. Joel 2 conveys how a blood moon will appear before “the great and terrible Day of the Lord.” But I digress.

My point here is that President Carter negotiated unsuccessfully with Iran for 444 days, not only humbling our nation but humiliating our nation.

But when “Peace Through Strength” stepped on to the scene, Iran immediately capitulated. And eventually so did the USSR, Libya and a very stubborn economy.

Reagan also opened the floodgates for Christians in government, military, the intelligence community, and education. We prospered significantly in concert with this decision

Where are we now? Just as Reagan’s influence brought a turnaround from the devastation under Carter’s administration, so we need a strong leader who loves Jesus Christ and loves Christ’s covenantal dream for America.

And just as the saints pressed Heaven in prayer during the Carter Administration, we need to continue a “full court press” right now for God to favor us with a man after His own heart, who can restore the American dream. Democrat or Republican I don’t really care. But this policy of giving away the farm, of betraying our allies in order to win a fragile peace with our enemy, is dangerous beyond our understanding.

We need severe mercy. We need peace through HIS strength.