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Please keep vigilance for America and Israel. Pray for continued glory covering Davids Tent! Psalm 91.


Jolene and I just returned from the Family Research Council’s launch of the “iPledge” initiative, summoning the body of Christ to take a stand and vote in the upcoming election. Rarely have I been so impacted by such a presentation. It is prophetic for this hour. I am stirred—not only to make a change but to compel you to do the same.

Please visit http://ipledgesunday2014.com to see the simulcast with hosts Tony Perkins and Lila Rose. Lila, by the way is the young, catalytic activist whose documentaries on the actual practices of Planned Parenthood sparked a national reformation. Jim Garlow, Rick Scarborough, Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of imprisoned Iranian pastor Saeed Abedini, and many others are also featured.

Define Your Future
We are all keenly aware of the challenges we now face as a nation. From the raging threats of ISIS to the relentless summons of our porous borders, from the deadly Ebola virus to the viral strain of government corruption crippling our national trust, these times are literally without precedent.

In the past, God has always been faithful to raise up leaders uniquely equipped to bring us through to a better tomorrow. Leaders who not only defied the tyranny of the hour, but defined our future by uniting us in hope, in virtue, in resolve, in freedom.

I submit to you today that America’s decline is mostly due to a deficit of such leaders. Many are defiant, for sure—against God and against sustainable truth, righteousness and adherence to Constitutional boundaries.

By defining our future, many have potentially positioned us for God’s judgment in the very hour His mercy is most needed in our land.

Pray and Vote
In our prophetic and prayer movements, this call to pray and vote has been thundered for many years. Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, John Benefiel, and others have equipped and activated us in prayer and action because they have experienced first-hand the tangible transformation that is possible through sustained prayer and action.

But have we heeded this prophetic call? Here’s a hard, cold fact. As the body of Christ, our apathy, negligence, divided hearts and unsanctified loyalties have actually been responsible for the decline in our leadership. And we have literally opened the gates of sabotage in our land.

If we acquiesce to apathy again, the America we have known may even cease to exist.

It’s time for a change—a genuine change. Towards this end, Jolene and I wholeheartedly encourage you to continue together in vigilant prayer. And we also wholeheartedly urge you to vote your conscience in the upcoming elections, and compel fellow believers to do the same. That’s what the iPledge initiative is all about.

Take Your Stand
Let me close with an observation that haunts my conscience still. Jason and David Benham, featured on the FRC simulcast, were fired from HGTV because of their biblical beliefs regarding homosexuality. They noted how the enemy is working on a global basis to silence the voice of believers in Christ.

In Syria and Iraq, ISIS is beheading Christians to silence their  voice. And the Benhams’ own story conveys that even in America, dark forces are at work to cut off our headship and marginalize the prophetic voice of the body of Christ.

Remember that American government was founded upon the cornerstone of freedom of religion. Yet in many cases, our same government is actually now leading the way in this marginalization!

How can we not take a stand in our nation now, to preserve the very freedoms God has entrusted to our care? Friends, in other nations, standing for Jesus in the public arena is costing our brothers and sisters their very lives. Our cost is so small in comparison. And the reward at this time is quite literally the preservation of our freedom.

Please continue to pray. And please resolve that your voice and vote will count for Jesus in this hour of decision.