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GLORY TRAIN LOUISVILLE! 7pm Wednesday Sept. 6 with Bunny Warlen, Awakening Church, Louisville KY

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GLORY TRAIN ST. LOUIS! Sept. 10, Life Gate International, St. Louis, MO

Dear Freedom Riders,
I would like to share my heart with you today. We are experiencing tremendous victory, but we are also so aware of the wrestling. And we are very cognizant of our need for continued prayer coverage. 

Last night around 1am our train collided with a car. Everybody is fine, including the driver and all the Amtrak passengers. Thank God the train was moving slow. The driver tried to beat the train across the tracks, even moving past the flashing signal and gates at the intersection. He was definitely in wrong timing! 

I love how the Lord has orchestrated our Glory Train journey so far. From our launch in Virginia Beach to powerful services in Williamsburg, Fredericksburg, Sterling and metro DC, and in Marietta OH this weekend. More in a moment. 

But by God’s orchestration, even the White House became a stop on the Glory Train late last week. Not a coincidence that President Trump called a much-needed National Day of Prayer. We are going to see turnaround. I am reminded of the promise Bob Jones was given that when the Glory Train stops in the city, that city will no longer belong to the enemy. It will belong to the Father.

And today the Glory Train is on a day trip to Cane Ridge Ky with our dear friend “Mama Bunny” Warlen. Then on to Louisville and a new stop in Evansville, IN later this week. Glory!

All this said, we do realize our need for increased prayer coverage for the Glory Train. The stakes are so high. Lamplighter family I cannot thank you enough for your vigilant intercession for us over this time period. We are so grateful. Your rewards are huge. And we are feeling the weight of your prayers even in the midst of these challenges. 

Intact & On Track! Protection Through the Gates
It is clear even through the incident yesterday that the enemy is trying to abort the forward progress of God’s work. We’ve been aware of this for both ourselves and for the Trump Administration. I do believe we need to ramp up prayer coverage for President Trump’s protection. 

Here’s a lesson from last night’s incident. The good news is that, even through this collision, the train remained intact and on track! That’s quite a testimony. It could have been far worse.  

Intact and on track. I am praying the same for each of you as you face down the enemy’s assignments. Remember Heaven’s verdict. Let the enemy be restrained and every plot to either stop you or get you off track be cancelled. No collisions in Jesus’ Name! May you be realigned with God’s Throne and His Throne Room timing for your life. May His angels go before you to prepare the way. May the Lord Jesus Christ surround you and protect you as you move through the gates this season into your destiny! 

Below is an overview of just how your prayers are again propelling the Glory Train to impact the nation. I wrote this earlier yesterday evening while rolling on the train. Thanks for praying, and let us know what the Lord speaks to you. 

Marietta—East Gate Opens for God’s Glory!
It’s 11:30 pm Sunday evening as I write. Jolene and I are on the train now, journeying to Cincinnati after ministering Saturday night and Sunday in Marietta OH. The Lord really graced our time. Saturday evening we released God’s “turnaround verdict,” Daniel 7:22, for the region. This was at His direct leading. With a confirmation coming when Google Maps took us down Route 22 and Route 77 to get there! 

Here’s a brief history lesson to give context to this assignment. Most of you know how the Lord has emphasized the East Gate. Amazingly, Marietta was established as the first city of Ohio and the northwest territory just after the Revolution. It therefore became the “east gate” not just to Ohio but to the entire rest of the nation. Not coincidentally, the movement westward was plotted by a group of Masons in Boston who, even with the best of intentions, dedicated the city from its inception to the enemy. Their Lodge, in fact, is Union Lodge #1 because it was the first official lodge of the Northwest Territory. And it was built directly on top of land sacred to the Native Americans, who were driven out. 

I knew the Lord had ordained breakthrough for the East Gate of Ohio. Divorcement from Baal granted, reproach of idolatry removed. So much work towards this end had been done over the years. And it is now “high time” for the Glory of God to come through this sacred gate! I actually felt this three years ago at the 7-22 gathering at Faneuil Hall, when the Lord governmentally released this verdict for our land. As Cindy Jacobs prophesied, a Glory Revolution!

We felt the shift on Saturday night—actually the moment the gavel came down. Judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom! I so appreciate Pastors Rodney and Stephanie Lord. Their love and hospitality made the assignment easy and fun. We together had the privilege of beckoning God’s governmental glory through the gates for Marietta, for Ohio, and really for the entire heartland and west. So grateful!

Tomorrow I hope to share with you the word the Lord gave on Sunday, on the National Day of Prayer called by President Trump. I believe it is key not only for the Glory Train journey, but for the nation itself as we face down the sudden, explosive challenges which now define our time. 

So I’ll let you go for now. Please keep interceding for us. As always, No King but Jesus!