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WATCH THE 08-08 VIDEO! Culminating the Ancient of Days Tour with covenant restoration coast to coast. And sharing on the LIGHTNING STRIKE from the Back to the Future movie! (See posting below). To watch click here.

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LIGHTNING STRUCK THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT at precisely 12:50am Sunday morning, just after we landed in Washington DC. The lightning storm was so strong it prevented the airplane from moving to the gate. We remained the tarmac at Reagan National Airport for almost an hour longer, watching the storm pass through. Whispered prayers through my mask became a meek substitute for a planned excursion to the National Mall to fulfill an assignment Anne Tate had suggested, declaring God’s covenant over all other claims of ownership upon the Capitol.

Yet our challenges did not seem to slow the Lord one bit. He came with literal fire from heaven. Astoundingly, the bolt of lightning that struck the Washington Monument was so strong that the monument had to be shut down completely for two days after. 

JOLENE, CHRIS MITCHELL AND I had just finished our Ancient of Days Tour. With the lightning strike the Lord confirmed His work dramatically, with language so direct it is astounding. Judgement has been rendered in favor of the saints. From coast to coast and in Washington DC, our national covenant with God has been secured. And a turnaround window has now been opened. 

The Lightning Strike, 7:22, and Back to the Future
Have you ever seen “Back to the Future?” My third time watching it was on a flight from Anchorage to Seattle, having just launched the Ancient of Days Tour. My second time watching the movie was in March 2015 on a flight from Israel, having just prayed through the election victory of Benjamin Netanyahu. The Lord had called us to stand on the Daniel 7:22 Turnaround Verdict for this election. Against all odds Netanyahu won. And the Turnaround Verdict was in play. 

Note that much of what I’m sharing here is also in the 08-08 video. TO WATCH CLICK HERE.

Towards the end of the movie, Doc the mad scientist was hanging from the town clock as he tried to repair the power line that would transmit a bolt of lightning to the DeLorean so that his young protege Marty could return… back to the future.

As Doc made his repairs, he saw it’s almost time for the lightning strike and and became alarmed. He shouted to Marty: 

“I’ve calculated the distance and wind resistance retroactive from the moment the lightning strikes, AT EXACTLY 7 MINUTES and 22 SECONDS. When this alarm goes off you hit the gas!”

Seven minutes and twenty-two seconds. 7:22…the timing for breakthrough, WHEN THE LIGHTNING STRIKES to take you back to the future!

But wait, there’s more. For Marty to activate the flux capacitor and make it back to the future, the DeLorean had to reach the speed of exactly 88 MILES PER HOUR! 

Two Breakthrough Journeys—7-22 to 08-08
7:22 and 88. Prophetically, the very numbers of this wild movie speak into two major tours the Lord sent us on to secure His breakthrough for the future. The 2021 Ancient of Days tour and the 2019 Abortion to Awakening Tour were both between 7-22 to 08-08. And maybe it’s not a coincidence that our Ancient of Days journey culminated back in DC with a LIGHTNING STRIKE—of the Washington Monument no less—as confirmation. 

The Abortion to Awakening tour followed the pathway of a vision the Lord gave me on 08-08-08 when I saw an earthquake begin from an historic awakening well in Lowville New York. As the vision progressed, the earth broke open RIGHT TO THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT. 

In the vision, everywhere the earth broke open, babies shot out of the ground and into the sky. And I knew then this third great awakening was going to shift New York State and America from a covenant of death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of life empowering a culture of life. 

In 2019, the Lord sent us to see this shift activated. We launched from Faneuil Hall Boston on 7-22. We prayed at the State House in Albany NY, warning legislative assistants of coming judgement from the Lord due to the legalization of infanticide. We then went to Lowville. And right according to the vision, we culminated at the Washington Monument on 08-08-2019.

It was on that date, 08-08-2019, that the Lord spoke to Chuck Pierce about a two year window for a Breakthrough Highway of Glory to be established from Alaska to San Diego. According to Chuck’s prophecy, the release of this highway would shift the West Coast and the nation. 

Two years later, from 7-22 to 08-08, we journeyed from Palmer Alaska to San Diego to access the window Chuck Pierce prophesied for turnaround. A breakthrough highway of glory. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that NY governor Andrew Cuomo was exposed and resigned during this window.

And maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that on 08-08, I felt strongly impressed to reference the lightning strike from Back to the Future while recounting the journey. We are making the video available for the first time today. But again, maybe it’s not a coincidence that the Washington Monument was struck by lightning just after we landed from the second tour, contending for the fullness of the shift from abortion to awakening from the East Coast and a breakthrough highway of glory from the West Coast.

Covenant Secured! Monument Confirmation a Second Time
I should mention that that this is the second time the Lord used the Washington Monument a confirmation of breakthrough and covenant reset. The first time the monument cracked in an earthquake 50 days after we prayed for the Lord to crack the hard shell of demonic resistance over Washington DC. On July 4, 2011 a company of apostolic leaders, including Dr. John Benefiel, Negiel Bigpond, Harry Jackson, and others joined us to pray at the Lincoln Memorial as we committed the largely finished work of divorcing Baal. We asked the Lord to marry our land again, and as a sign He had granted our request, to crack the hard shell of resistance. 

And an earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale cracked the Monument.  

One thing I’ve learned about the Lord, He doesn’t tease us. For a second time, a verdict of justice has been rendered in favor of the saints. The covenant with death and hell is annulled. Covenant with Christ has been affirmed. And the turnaround window has been opened again for our nation. This has now been confirmed with literal fire from Heaven as lightning struck the Washington Monument moments after we landed.