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JOLENE SAW SOMETHING AMAZING as she awoke this morning. I’ve been praying into it ever since. In the vision she was handing my iPhone back to me, compelling me to focus on a message she had pulled up from my Notes app. The note she pointed to in the vision of was the Lion of Judah roaring over America. 

In the early hours of October 20 the Lord visited me with this extraordinary experience. I wrote the following description on my phone before fully recording the experience on my laptop. 

Crown of crystal

“I AM coming to you! To this nation in this season”


He is with us the entire conference.

Seen dimly, then vibrantly. Saw how the dimness was an imposition of the year. “I AM moving the restrictions imposed upon this year!”

Asked the Lord to uphold and enforce His covenant with nation and with us. Prayed for Jolene (lingering cough). “Jolene is healed!”

One amazing detail that completely eluded me until re-reading this note. The Lion appeared wearing a crystal crown! Last week we convened a prayer team in Washington DC to welcome His crown of rulership into Washington DC. All dominion belongs to Him! I cannot explain how encouraging it is to discover this detail of the vision again. No matter what transpires in the days and weeks ahead, He reigns! And He is making Himself accessible to us all.

With that, here are excerpts from two separate posts—on October 20 and October 28—with revelation of the vision. I will say that through this the Lord is also pointing to the Revelation Road project, just down the path. It’s almost time to fill in some gaps in the understanding He has given us of our present times, and times ahead.  

Oct. 20—The Lion of Judah Roaring!
Yesterday morning (October 19) the Lord again awakened me very early. As I began to pray, with my eyes wide open, I saw the form of a LION materialize in the hotel room. I knew immediately this was the Lion of Judah! At first His appearance was translucent. As I continued to watch, His appearance increased in vibrancy and glory. The manifest Presence of God accompanied this visitation.

Suddenly the times and seasons became clear… In this visionary experience the Lord showed me turmoil beyond the elections, even the prospect of a contested election. And I saw how this travail of prayer and fasting must continue through til November 11, the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact. THIS ELECTION IS ALL ABOUT COVENANT REALIGNMENT WITH GOD. 

I cannot emphasize strongly enough the imperative to fast and pray through this season. Key scriptures given to me were Joel 2, Hosea 2, and Isaiah 22. Please check them out!

In this experience the word of the Lord came to me, “THIS WEEK I AM REMOVING THE RESTRICTIONS imposed upon this year!” 

The restrictions were conveyed through Jesus’ appearance in the vision—from translucent to overflowing glory. I saw again how 2020 was similar to the midnight hour when Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. Eventually at dawn he prevailed. Until that time darkness obscured both the form of the Lord and the surroundings of his environment. They were barely able to be perceived. 

And here’s the word of the Lord for you. From the beginning of 2020, it is as though a veil of darkness has restricted our capacity to perceive and understand. This week as you engage with the Lord, the dawn awakens. Your wrestling leads to breakthrough. This veil of darkness that has obscured both your perception of Jesus and your understanding of the times IS BEING REMOVED. 

Remember names convey identity. As Jacob became Israel, many of you are even going to be given a new name from the Lord prophetically this week. In your commissioning you are legitimized, authorized, and anointed to possess the inheritance of this nation! 

Third, the Lord showed me how He is with you and me to ROAR OVER THE NATION. A new sound is being released! Further your stance will now change. A new sense of security has been given. It is now time to ARISE AND ROAR! 

October 28—The Lion, the Scrolls, and the Unsealing
As we shared yesterday, the Lord continues to give revelation and breakthrough in conjunction with the visitation He gave me last Monday while in Oklahoma City. The Lion of Judah appeared—and roared. While praying over this experience I saw how this Lion was referenced only one time in the entirety of the New Testament. And the implications are so significant for today.

In Revelation 5, the Apostle John is recorded entering into weeping in the midst of a vision of Heaven’s Throne. He saw a scroll in the hand of the Father, representing His desire for humanity. It was locked up with seven seals, and could not be unsealed until someone prevailed and gained the earned authority to open the book. 

An angel comforted John by showing him the champion who prevailed. The Apostle John saw Jesus—first as the Lamb that was slain for all humanity, secondly as the resurrected Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Jesus’ prevailing for our redemption qualified Him to unseal the scroll and release the Father’s desire for all humanity!

I just want you to see the interplay here. The conquest of Jesus’ redemption qualified Him alone to open the seals. And He is perceived both as the slain Lamb and the Lion of Judah, roaring over the enforcement of His redemption!

Which brings me to my visitation. By the Spirit of revelation I saw how, in conjunction with Jesus’ redemption and our combined intercession, the scroll of the Father’s intended destiny for our nation had been redeemed—and the Lion of Judah was roaring His enforcement for our land. Turnaround time!

We’ll share more on this. For now, just remember that the appearing of the Lion of Judah has everything do do with the unsealing of His scrolls of redemption for mankind. Come on! Further, in my visitation He promised to be with us through this extraordinary time for our nation…