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I’ll get right to the point. From about 4am on this morning, I could not sleep. My spirit was stirred. As I lay in bed and prayed, I sensed in my spirit the phrase “Deficit Of Justice.” I knew this referred to the report issued by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice yesterday afternoon. Rolling around in bed trying still to sleep, my initial thought was, “Deficit of Justice. DOJ. That’s clever, Lord!”

Couldn’t sleep. Just before dawn I stepped on to our perch overlooking a spectacular blood-red sky over Washington DC. Note that it is highly atypical for me to watch a sunrise. But the Spirit of God was emphasizing something. He is awakening the dawn of a new day of justice in America. 

Then I heard the Holy Spirit clearly speak to me, “I will overcome the Deficit of Justice!” 

Here are a few brief points. First, a deficit of justice is not a complete denial of justice. But it is an incomplete expression. It seems there are enough salacious details within the information contained in the pages of this document to captivate the majority of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, without really upsetting the the status quo. Peace is preserved. But the true power brokers remain virtually untouched. 

Towards this end, I believe Heaven’s Court finds the scope of this document unsatisfactory. A Deficit Of Justice. 

And the Lord has just promised to overcome it. 

No King but Jesus…