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We hope you had an amazing Resurrection Day. Christ is risen… and therefore so are you!

And your sins are forgiven. 

There is so much to share for coming Passover week. If you are a leader or intercessor in the area, please join us Friday evening and Saturday morning with Watchman’s Sword as we close out Passover with a special “Midnight Cry!” As you will see as we move forward this week, it is very strategic. 

“He Who is Without Sin…”
Last Tuesday evening, our home group began to flow in a prophetic expression of God’s heart as we prayed for President Trump. Jolene gave a warning centered on the time Jesus protected a woman caught in adultery. The hypocrisy of her accusers was about to be exposed by Him. “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone!” 

We felt something similar was transpiring as God moved regarding President Trump.  We wrote about this as part of last Wednesday’s posting “The Prevailing Frequency of Forgiveness.” Click HERE to read. 

During our prophetic flow, Lynnie Harlow received a powerful, and frankly direct word on this. I wanted to share this word below, as well as a dream she received on March 22, as fuel for your intercession. NO KING BUT JESUS!

WORD: Make no mistake for I will write in the sand the names of ALL those that cast their stones. For the shadow that covered those names is now being illuminated by the light of my presence. And though many are concerned about what they see and hear I tell you this…I KNEW WHO HE WAS BEFORE I PLACED HIM IN OFFICE. The stakes are high, but I have driven MY stake into the heart of the White House and it’s buried in the foundation of my grace. 

What I’ve started I will complete, man can roar, but MY ROAR is on my frequency and the vibration of my Kingdom will shake every lie loose of the hold it has tried to take…mercy WILL triumph over justice.! Watch Hollywood, because there is going to be a HUGE shift, and the ripple effect from that will cause places that have been a blocking point for this President to start to turn around. 

“A Day of Reckoning in this Nation”—Dream
I had a weird dream in the early morning hours of March 22 about rats all over Washington DC. I saw them on the Supreme Court Building, Congressional buildings, and many more places. I remember thinking they looked almost panicked as they were moving very fast and even jumping off the walls and out of the buildings to there deaths. 

I keep hearing the word “RECKONING”…and when I woke this morning God reminded me of the word he gave me about a month or so back about reckoning. I believe this word is allllll about the Deep State being crippled and “exposed” and their NOT SO WELL LAID PLANS being annihilated. The rats are panicking!!!!! Pray about posting this…I feel God’s rhythm on it for what is happening right now.

WORD: “This is a day of reckoning in this Nation. Those things that have been hidden in the dark places will now start to crumble under the light of my Glory. There have been people and agenda’s hiding under their rocks as covers but I’m crumbling the shelters they have built and I will now expose. You’ll hear their cry of “injustice”…but I will trumpet it with my cry of “justice!” Their cup of iniquity is full and now the house of cards will start to crumble. NO more grace over hidden things! I have gone through the dark places and see the tunnels of deceit they have dug but now I will bring to light their devious agenda and annihilate their not so well laid plans. Watch the leaves of the trees start to violently shake for the shaking has already begun.”