CALL WEDNESDAY! CHASING GLORY. 9PM ET. Conference call: (425) 436-6287 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Remember pre-conference call prayer begins at 8:45pm. 

MAY 11-13 GLORY TRAIN ABILENE TX—with Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell, hosted by Amy and David Black. JAMIE & REDONNIA JACKSON JOINING FOR BAPTISM REVIVAL!

MAY 14-15 (morn) joining Chuck Pierce for Shavuot prayer 

MAY 16 10am CHURCH ON THE ROCK OKC—hosted Apostle John Benefiel & Pastor Rhett Benefiel. With Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell. Covenant meets glory at Pentecost!

MAY 17-18 Kansas and Kansas City! TBA. With Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell

MAY 19 May 19 with Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell, hosted by Kingsley and Glenda Walker. LifeGate St Louis MO,

May 21-23 GLORY TRAIN PENTECOST WEEKEND! With Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell, hosted by Dave Julie Carlson, Josiah Center St Paul MN ,

FIRST—THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR ISRAEL. Lets continue to keep watch through this crazy time. I don’t have as much time today to share, as we are beginning Glory Train meetings in Abilene, but it’s no coincidence that over Pentecost 2020 we saw riots led by BLM burning a building on the White House grounds, as well as cars and even an attempted fire at the “church of the presidents.” In 2021, Pentecost riots and rockets have consumed Israel. Dear Lord I pray that America’s acquiescence—and even approval—of riots seeking regime change has not encouraged and empowered the violence in Israel. I believe we all must take a deep breath and repent where needed. 

SECOND—WHAT A POWERFUL LAUNCH OF THE GLORY TRAIN THIS WEEKEND! Of course we kicked off the tour over Passover in Alaska. Followed now by the launch within the continental United States during this season of Pentecost. From Houston Texas! 

Amazingly, the new name of the church is now “Launch Houston.” Led apostolically by Becky Castle, launching is really their specialty! The meetings were deep in glory, deep in revelation, and powerful beyond measure in worship. We are providing for you the three sessions below. Heads up that in the last session we cover the threshing now transpiring in Jerusalem.