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What a historic call last night! We covered in-depth President Trump’s courageous decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and move our embassy there over time. By this he simply declared reality as it already is, and took responsible action accordingly. Lets keep the administration in prayer over this delicate time—not only for President Trump but also Secretary of State Tillerson and the team involved. 

As President Trump pointed out, Jerusalem was Israel’s capital in ancient times. And as the nation was reborn 70 years ago, so Zion is her capital once again. The primary objective the President accomplished yesterday was to take the status of Jerusalem out diplomatic “limbo” which has paralyzed the peace process over decades. Keep in mind that from the beginning, it was never the United Nation’s intent to cede Jerusalem to Israel. The UN wanted Jerusalem to be an “international city” under their control, potentially providing for them a seat for global governance. 

Validating Israel’s Sovereignty
That said, the resistance of some nations to Trump’s decision goes far deeper than merely the Palestinian cause. And by putting the stake in the ground for our Jerusalem embassy, Trump has made a giant leap forward on behalf of Israel. A globalist agenda has been checked. 

And President Trump has done more to validate the sovereignty of this amazing nation than any president in history with the possible exception of Harry Truman. We are profoundly grateful. 

So President Trump’s decision is a test for the entire globe, and even for the western world. We sincerely hope other nations will follow suit. But the barrier has been broken through, in the spirit and now diplomatically. It was very simply again the right thing to do. 

Litmus Test! Word of the Lord Over Trump Honoring Jerusalem
While praying for Israel and the Palestinians this morning, Holy Spirit spoke to me the phrase, “Litmus Test!” And I sensed the Lord speaking to me, “The announcement by your president over Jerusalem is a litmus test for the Palestinian people. How they respond now must become the determining factor in all pursuits of negotiated deals for peace.” 

What I saw was that President Trump was acting as a very wise father or mentor on behalf of both Israel and the Palestinian people. A good father encourages, but he will also put you through stringent tests, especially if your life or the lives of others is on the line. Want the keys to the car, son? Show me your driving skills. Prove yourself. And if you’re struggling with addiction, no way are you getting the keys!

The declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by President Trump is nothing more—and nothing less—than a litmus test for the Palestinian people. If the “imposition” of a long-accepted reality becomes a flash point for violence against the people with whom the peace accord is being negotiated, then what will happen when a genuine crisis erupts? 

And genuine crises are guaranteed to come. Which makes threats of intifada over an already-established reality very telling for the future. 

So thank you President Trump for your wisdom here. It was so important to test the validity of the pursuit of peace, examining the hearts and actions of both parties, before making any permanent decisions in the Mideast peace process. You have potentially saved both parties from choices which could soon bring deep regret. 

Shields Up! A Midnight Cry for Israel, America, Mideast
That said, we need to keep watch for Israel at this delicate time. And also over for the Mideast peace deal. Shields up! It’s imperative that we pray to counter the vitriol and retaliation which has been threatened against Israel and against us. 

The good news is that as we move forward, we as a nation have aligned covenantally at a whole new level with God’s dream for Israel. Despite the threats of violence, this actually means that our capacities for homeland security and Israel’s capacities for homeland security are both going to be greatly enhanced. Both because of God’s pleasure and because all parties are now dealing from a truth and reality which had remained purposefully undefined, but was still present all the time.  

Lets claim the promise of 2 Kings 17—deliverance from the adversaries of the peace all parties involved so desperately need. “This covenant I have made with you, you shall not forget, nor shall you fear other gods; but the Lord your God you shall fear, and He shall deliver you from the hand of every adversary” (2 Kings 17:38-39). Pray this!

Covenant blessings to you. And no King but Jesus!
Jon & Jolene