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“NEVER AGAIN.” This solemn resolve, invoked at almost every Holocaust remembrance, is never more relevant than right now. Putin is threatening to unleash World War III against Europe and America, springing from his war with Ukraine. Iran is arising with nuclear capacities against Israel. Anti-semitic brutality is shaking Israel as the Temple Mount is again overtaken by radicalism and violence. 

Meanwhile Europe and America are experiencing renewed turmoil from within at a level not seen in decades, with record numbers of antisemitic crimes being reported. 

Today we close out a week of Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance. Lamplighter favorite Lori Perz has some compelling perceptions to share.

Yom HaShoah: Holocaust Remembrance Day (April 27-28)Jolene had a word about “28” several weeks ago and that prompted me to look at the significance of today, April 28. I discovered that it was Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, in Israel.  The final day in a week of remembrance where Israel hears again from the now-fading voices of the horrors of Auschwitz and Dachau, of lives fiercely challenging death and the dictators who incinerated 6 million of their mothers, their fathers, their friends. These lessons from yesterday are meant to bring understanding for today so as to protect our collective tomorrow.

So lets focus on today. Holocaust Remembrance Day began the evening of April 27 at sundown, and runs until sundown today, April 28. Please take time to remember. Together we can reverse the tide!

Dream of Yom HaShoah
I recalled a dream I had on a “28” last year (July 28, 2021) and discovered it was exactly 10 months before this year’s Yom HaShoah.  One of the meanings of “10” is “completion, full circle”.  In the dream, a Messianic Jewish leader gave me a set of special materials that actually had brilliant colors that looked alive.  There was one word on the top of the material:  SHOAH.  This is the Hebrew word for the Holocaust.  This dream also connected to Mordecai.

In light of all this, I believe this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel is a crucial “time gate” to watch and pray—for the protection of the Jewish people and the covenant land of Israel, especially regarding what is taking place with Iran right now as well as for the two-state solution negotiations now stirring. 

It’s also a key time to be praying for the partial blindness of the Jewish people, that has been placed on them for the sake of Gentiles, to be further removed so that they can fully see Yeshua as their long-awaited Messiah (Romans 11:25)!  This absolutely connects to Jon’s recent vision and word about the lid coming off.  The lid is coming off of their spiritual eyes—and our eyes, too!

Lighting the Servant Candle
One of the traditions that some Jewish people have on Yom HaShoah is to light 6 candles, each candle representing one million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.  This brought to my mind the menorah, the 7-branched lampstand that represents the 7-fold Spirit of God (Isaiah 11:1-2).  One of the branches or candles, the servant candle, represents Yeshua, the Branch–the Light of the world.  As Jewish people light their 6 candles tonight in solemn remembrance of HaShoah, it is my prayer that the “7th” candle, the Servant Candle, will be supernaturally lit in their hearts as the LIGHT and LIFE of Yeshua floods in and they behold Him as their Messiah.  

The Night of Broken Glass
Additionally, last November 7-11 was like a prophetic flood for me. On the anniversary of Kristallnacht (“Night of Broken Glass”) which is attributed to being the catalyst of the Holocaust, the glass of our back window of our vehicle suddenly shattered while it was parked.  It could have been a stray rock from lawn mowing but nevertheless God really captured my attention. 

Fast forward to yesterday morning (April 27):  as I was in the kitchen reaching for a pan, a glass fell and shattered.  As I cleaned up all the pieces of shattered glass strewn on my floor, I knew that God was speaking and warning again regarding Israel.

May each of us seek Holy Spirit as to how to partner with Him in watching and praying for Israel and the Jewish people world-wide (Isaiah 62:6-7) in this holy timegate of Yom HaShoah.  May the destruction that “shoah” brought birth new beginnings in Yeshua for the Jewish people now, even as the nation of Israel was birthed out of this devastation.  May the Mordecais of this hour diligently watch at the gates and partner with the Esthers to write new decrees that even overrule genocidal decrees of the enemy (Esther 8:8).  And may this end times harvest for God’s covenant people and covenant land come forth in an unprecedented way!  Catalyzing harvest for the nations!  For the glory of our King!