TURNAROUND OFFERING! Passover! Lets honor Jesus Christ our Redeemer, and sow into the “Glory Revolution” He is birthing across our land. To make a contribution online please click here

CHARLESTON SC—Glory Train! 7pm Weds, April 27, North Community Church with Judy Jackson and more. 1738 Cross County Road, N. Charleston SC. Join us! 

BRUNSWICK GA Friday thru Sunday. Glory Train weekend at Remnant Church! Please make plans to join us. 

NEW VIDEO! Today is 409th Anniversary of Covenant at First Landing, VA Beach. Short video here! 

The Underground Turnaround—Audio with Dutch Sheets, Jon & Jolene

Big Day! Historic Covenant and Conflict of Thrones
Well the “Acela Primaries” are in full swing today in states between Washington DC and Boston. Please pray for God’s wisdom for voters across Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The Conflict of Thrones is only intensifying!

Speaking of this, we heard that Chuck Pierce gave a very sobering prophetic word during a ministry time Saturday. He warned that the US is entering one of the most contentious times in 160 years, since the prelude to the Civil War. He further warned that Israel was entering into one of the most contentious times since the 1967 Six Day War.

Conflict of Thrones. Lets make sure we’re on the wall!

Here’s some good news. Today, April 26, also marks the 409th anniversary of the founding of our nation by Robert Hunt and the Virginia Company as they established the land in covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ! On Sunday, Jolene and I visited the “First Landing” site in Virginia Beach along with Williamsburg pastor Ryan McAdams. Such an honor to pray and align with the vision of our founders for this land!

Remember it was in Virginia Beach that the Lord showed me the “Glory Train” vision. Tracks were laid from coast to coast from Virginia Beach to San Diego. I made a short video for you, chronicling this vision while we were at the First Landing. To watch, click here.

Glory Train Schedule
April 27 North Palm Community Church, N. Charleston SC, with Judy Jackson
April 28-31 Glory Train Weekend, Remnant Church, Brunswick GA with Jamie Jackson
May 5 (National Day of Prayer), 7pm at Father’s House, Conyers GA with Lynn Alderson, Jamie Fitt, more.
May 6-7 Revolution Georgia, Cartersville House of Prayer with Lynn Alderson, Jamie Fitt, Rocky & Mary Abernathy, more. For info click here.
May 8 City Gate Atlanta, 5pm with Jacquie Tyre.
May 11 Rivers Edge Church, Montgomery AL, Pastor Eddie Mitchell