Sept. 19 Succat Hallel with Rick and Patti Ridings, Jerusalem.
Sept. 28, Hope Harbor, Murray KY
Sept. 30-Oct. 1 Glory Train Nashville! With James Goll
Oct. 16 Life in Christ Fellowship, Newport VT (morn & eve)
Oct. 17-18 Rutland VT, details TBA
Oct. 19 Rock Road Chapel, Berne NY
More to be announced!

Special Prayer Calls!
Sept. 14 Prayer Call from Israel
Sept. 21 Prayer Call from Israel, joined by James W. Goll—Global Prayer Storm!

9-11: A Gateway to our Future
Prophetically, September 11 once again become a gateway through which our future has been defined.

I had originally intended not to post today, because I wanted to give you sufficient space to absorb the message we shared yesterday on the Conflict of Thrones. But a word from the Lord is burning in me, and I feel it’s important to convey it.

Here’s a closely-guarded secret. I am actually writing you right now from Jerusalem. After hearing clearly only Wednesday last week we were to go. More on this later in the posting.

9:11—Our Journey
Sunday morning I was privileged to bring a prophetic message for the body of Christ and the nation at Whole Word Fellowship. You can watch it at Jolene and I then flew from Washington DC to Newark. Praying while ascending right over the Pentagon, where a plane captured by terrorists became a missile of destruction. Praying while landing in Newark, in the shadow of One World Trade Center where our Twin Towers once stood.

Then, in the afternoon of 9-11, launching across the Atlantic for last-minute journey to Israel.

In Newark we learned of Hillary Clinton’s fainting spell during special memorial services at Ground Zero. Of course we need to pray for her. Gazing across the bay at the One World Trade Center and the NYC skyline, it became clear to me a significant shaking had begun. A redemptive shaking which transitions us into a new season of history which I had just been privileged to prophesy earlier in the morning.

We are moving from a turnaround season to a season of victory defined by a greater measure of Kingdom rulership. It’s important again to add a disclaimer. There will be conflict. But remember Yorktown! As we persevere, this spiritual revolution for America’s freedom is coming to a point of victory.

9:11, 2016—Deception Exposed
It was stunning that Hillary’s health challenges were made so clear on the fourth anniversary of the Benghazi travesty. Now even the Washington Post believes the former Secretary of State’s health challenges are more than conspiracy theory. This could obviously affect the entire US elections.

Jolene prophesied beforehand that September 11, 2012 would become very important to America’s history. We were in Newport VT in May 2012 when the Spirit of God highlighted the date to her. She awoke declaring a word from Holy Spirit. “World war watch… and I mean it!” She then said simply, “Something is coming around September 11 that will affect every household in America.”

Every household in America. Then came the terror strike on our US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador Christopher Stevens died as well as three security agents. An astounding cover-up began immediately, dictating to the American people that a YouTube video had actually sparked the uprising. A storyline based on overt, intentional deception, promoted by Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration, was that as of September 11, 2012 American prejudice against Islam was to blame for the attack.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The follow-up investigations to 9-11, 2012 uncovered this blatant lie. Just as importantly, the House investigations uncovered Hillary’s use of a private server for her emails. Provoking another storyline by Hillary, now proven to be based largely on intentional deception.

And as of September 11, 2016, we have now come full circle. The Secretary of State is now a presidential candidate. And her fainting spell at the 9-11 Memorial in New York City actually exposed the candidate’s intentional deception regarding her health.

9-11, 2016—Redemptive Exposure of Deception
Beloved, receive these words with care. I believe yesterday’s incident actually marks a governmental release of a verdict of justice from the very Throne of God. You simply cannot make this up. And I say this grieving.

Unexpectedly, my heart has been filled with compassion for Hillary. Lets remember that the verdicts of the Lord are always ultimately redemptive. Pray for Hillary Clinton, who was born again at a youth camp in upstate NY during her teenage years. Pray for the Lord to redeem her, and His sacred work through her.

And lets all take to heart that the Lord is issuing a solemn warning to America. It’s not ok to intentionally deceive.

Last year, 9-11 came on the weekend of Rosh Hashanah. At this time I received a word from the Lord that He is circling the Washington DC beltway with the fire of His truth. And as part of this, He is exposing the loins of Washington DC.

Beloved, I believe we have seen this at a greater level in our midst. A redemptive exposure which will ultimately get us back on track.

Remember the vision Patti Ridings, director with her husband Rick of Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, received back in 1996. Jesus was laying prostrate over the East Coast. He was praying for our nation.

Patti saw Christ’s head in New England. His feet, shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace, were in Florida. His knees of prayer touched the Carolinas.

And of all things, Patti saw His belt of truth superimposed on the beltway of Washington DC. We are now in a season of holy conviction and redemptive justice regarding this issue.

9-11: Season of Shaking and the Almond Harvest
Let me close with this. We firmed up our plans to journey to Jerusalem Wednesday. Then Jolene went to a private prayer gathering led by our friend Bonnie Frey. During the gathering, the Lord encountered Bonnie in an unusual way. She began to shake under the power of the Holy Spirit and declare, “The shaking has begun! The shaking has begun! This will be like the shaking of the almond trees to harvest the almonds. It will mean destruction for some, life and blessing for others. But the shaking has begun!”

When Bonnie prophesied this word, it struck a note of remembrance within Jolene. Keep in mind it was Jolene whom the Lord spoke to about 9-11, 2012. Her word has surely come to pass.

Anyway, Jolene searched her texts and emails for a prophetic word on the almond harvest. What she found almost made her hair stand on end.

Because in July, Linda Wyatt had shared with us a similar word about the significance of the almond harvest this fall. We were fully absorbed in the Glory Train journey at the time, and we honestly didn’t give the word the full attention it deserved.

As she conveyed the word about the almond harvest this fall, she prophesied to us personally about Israel. “I see you two coming to Jerusalem on September 11” for this very harvest…

We had completely forgotten this aspect of Linda Wyatt’s word to us. Yet last Wednesday, we had just purchased our tickets to Israel from DC and Newark, NJ on 9-11.

In all sobriety… you can’t make this stuff up. Covenant blessings from Jerusalem.