Then the Lord will create over the whole area of Mount Zion and over her assemblies a cloud by day, even smoke, and the brightness of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory will be a canopy. Isaiah 4:5

Tonight we come full circle—literally. At a castle no less!

Twenty years ago this year, Cindy Jacobs convened a retreat with key leaders from across the nation to launch the US Spiritual Warfare Network. I got to come and be part of the prayer team. They actually met at Glen Eyrie, a beautiful European-style castle owned by the Navigators.

By a miracle, the very castle we are gathering in tonight.

Colorado leader Terri Brown and her great team tried to work with a few churches, but they already had events planned. When they called the castle, they found it was miraculously available. I say miraculously because it’s usually booked at this time—three years in advance.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Vision—Nation X’ed Out—Cindy Jacobs
A foundational vision motivating Cindy was a vision she had seen of an X over our nation.The X represented the enemy’s attempt to literally X out our nation. The ends of the X staked in at the four corners of our land. Note that this was before 911 or Al Queda or ISIS or snipers taking out police or rogue leaders pushing us out from under the Constitution and from our covenantal foundations.

And it was before all the challenges that beset Colorado Springs in the last decade. Whoa. The enemy tried to X out the covenantal purposes of both Colorado Springs and the nation, just as the prophet saw.

Dutch Sheets Vision—X Transformed into Bridal Canopy
Dutch Sheets prayed into Cindy’s vision, and had a vision. He actually saw that X transform into a bridal canopy. This is really important. Covenant with Christ restored, and God’s glory restored as a bridal canopy covering our nation. Recovering our covering. Reconstituting the covenant purposes for the nation—and for Colorado Springs!

It was with this promise the prayer network was launched.

Prophetic Action—Circling the Great Hall
I ended up taking part in a prophetic action where we circled the great hall of the castle, representing the Lord circling the nation and reversing the curse of freemasonry and the occult and their claims upon the land. It was so powerful. John and Paula Sandford actually led the procession. And we literally walked out a turnaround—just like the project we are now on.

I then joined these leaders in praying under a makeshift bridal canopy, asking the Lord to restore His glory as a bridal canopy over the United States (Isaiah 4:5).

A New Glory is Forming!
Twenty years later, we are gathering again at Glen Eyrie. We have seen how the enemy has tried to literally X out the United States of America. And the covenantal destiny of Colorado Springs.

Yet right in the midst of this most trying time, we’ve been on a project to divorce Baal and see covenant with Jesus Christ restored nationally! Slowly but surely the claims of the enemy to sabotage our land—the X—is being erased. And now a new glory is forming!

Glory Train—Circling the Nation
And in 2016, just in time, the Lord spoke to us to access the limited window of opportunity He is opening for national turnaround. He gave a vision of a “Glory Train” circling the nation by rail, declaring God’s turnaround.  Presenting the Lord Jesus Christ with a wedding ring for America. America, married to Jesus Christ!

Who knows what will happen tonight. I just know you cannot make this stuff up. The Lord remembers our journey, and its significance, even when we do not. I do know that after all the hell Colorado Springs has been through, it’s time for turnaround. It’s time for God’s glory to be restored and His covenant purposes reconstituted.

Like a bridal canopy. Time for a double portion kiss!

And it’s time for judgement to be rendered in favor of the saints. With the scepter of the wicked being rescinded from the land. And with the saints who have endured this decade of challenges equipped and released to possess the Kingdom. Turnaround!

Below is the “Turnaround Verdict,” given at Faneuil Hall on 7-22. It is for our nation and for your area. Please pray through it. And pray for the meeting tonight! Covenant blessings to each of you.

The Re-establishment of The United States According to Original Intent | Glory Procession | July 22, 2014 | Faneuil Hall Boston

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, etc., do receive the following verdict of the RE-CONSTITUTION of our Nation according to the original intents of our forefathers in Jesus Christ.

“Until the Ancient of Days came, and judgment was passed in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the time arrived for the saints to possess the Kingdom.” This verdict, as recorded in Daniel 7:22, issues from the Highest Court in the Kingdom of God re: the People of God, Plaintiff, to meet with justice their accumulated pleas and petitions for the Nation, and to further establish the verdicts previously granted by this Court, cited below.

1. In God We Trust. Based upon this Court’s review of the Nation’s foundational covenants with Jesus Christ, the original intent of the founding principals who made these covenants “in the Presence of God and one another,” and the repairing of these covenants as validated by this Court, it has been decided that the land and government were consecrated to Jesus Christ from inception, and remain in this standing today.

2. No King but Jesus. Covenants establish thrones of governance. The Court therefore rules that the thrones of National governance belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore at the Plaintiff’s request, all previous claims to these thrones through covenants with Death and Sheol are hereby annulled. Further, the Court affirms the separation of power in the three branches of National government as defined by the United States Constitution, and invokes the authority to enforce and defend this covenant at the Court’s discretion against all Usurpers.

3. The King’s Inheritance. The Court now rules according to Psalm 125:3 that the scepter of the wicked must no longer remain on the land allotted to the righteous. The scepter, or enforcement of unjust governance, must now be rescinded. Further, the Court grants the wealth of heaven and earth to establish this Covenant sworn to your forefathers by the King. The issuance of the King’s land grants and inheritances is now authorized for distribution and stewardship towards this end.

4. Dawn’s Early Light. The Court notes the promise given by the Plaintiff’s Father that societal awakening and revival shall be granted this nation as the roots of the Nation are dealt with by the Plaintiff, unto the completion of the Divorcement of Baal and Restoration of Covenant with Jesus Christ. As covenant has been repaired, covenant shall now be established, Including the restoration of His Majesty’s Glory, Presence and Power in what the Plaintiffs have termed a Third Great Awakening.

The Court notes this verdict, granted at Faneuil Hall Boston July 22, has been twice affirmed by His Majesty during the Glory Procession: by the lightning strike sent upon the Colonial Revival Garden evergreen in New Jersey on July 23, alighting its root even as this verdict was being declared, and by the ‘three eagle flyover’ July 26 during the ceremony reaffirming covenant with Jesus Christ in Jamestown Virginia.

5. A More Perfect Union. The original intent that Native and Pilgrim—and every tongue, tribe and nation—shall walk as One in Christ in this Covenant Land—is hereby restored. As per request of the Plaintiff, the Hand of the Lord now comes to the far northeastern part of the United States to rend the dark cloud of grief, occult oppression, and free the Native American people of North America to be restored according to their Creator’s original intent.

6. Don’t Tread On Me. The Court notes that Humanism is the cultural expression of Baal worship. Whereas this principality has been pictured as a serpent along roots of the land in the East Coast of the United States, devouring generations, the Court now rules that its claims upon the land, the educational system, the governance of this Nation including its military and intelligence communities, and the generations are hereby rescinded.

7. Heaven-Rescued Land. This Court now renders judgment according to Daniel 7:22 in favor of the Saints of the Highest One, and against the Usurper of God’s covenant purposes. By order of the Court, the Usurper must hereby be restrained in every realm, dimension, sphere and office in which the saints have been opposed. The saints are granted a Turning Point for National breakthrough—to possess and establish the Kingdom of Jesus Christ according to the original intents of the Nation’s founders, and their God (Acts 3:19-21).

Further, the Court grants the Plaintiff’s request that Israel, the land and people, be resourced through an enduring covenantal alliance with the repairers of our National Covenant with the Lord. Heaven and earth bear witness to this granting of the Plaintiff’s plea that America and Israel remain His Heaven-Rescued Land.

The Gavel has now come down. This being the order of the Court, on and after this date, SO SHALL IT BE.


Verdicts cited in this hearing include: The Divorce Decree from Baal, Writ of Assistance, Declaration of Covenant, Life Decree, and the Liberty Charter, and others known but to God.