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No King but Jesus!

I am writing you this evening from a rocking chair outside a Cracker Barrel in Lincoln, Nebraska. It just seems so right to eat here while in the “Cornhusker State.” Kind of like having Thanksgiving turkey in Plymouth Massachusetts.

My apologies for not writing til now. We had an extraordinary weekend, and I hope to share more tomorrow on what the Lord showed us. Ed and Lynn Alderson are true heroes! They were such a help to us as they joined from Salt Lake City to Colorado Springs and Cheyenne Wyoming. They came home to a special gift in process—their newest grandchild was in process of being born!

Chuck—You Will Shine if You Keep Going!
I was astounded at Chuck Pierce’s word yesterday. He told us all to “Set your face like flint! Abide! You will shine if you keep going!” With all the heavy lifting in Colorado Springs and Cheyenne, Jolene and I  were very exhausted as we boarded the train in Denver, riding through the night to Lincoln NE. Then the conductor announced we’re going to be 3 hours late. A 6am arrival rather than 3am.

Thundering along the tracks right around midnight, a sudden thought came to both of us. What the heck are we doing?!!! Can we really make it to the end of this journey?

Then came Chuck’s email. Set your face like flint. You will shine if you keep on going. I think I woke up the whole cabin laughing uproariously at this midnight signal for our midnight ride. Thanks Chuck we definitely needed that timely word. Can’t make this stuff up.

Fortunately, we stepped into our hotel just in time for a fresh breakfast. Five hours of sleep later we awoke refreshed, and we even made it by our designated late checkout time.Set your face like flint…

All that said, please pray for tonight!

Heartland Awakening!
Because tonight we begin our Heartland Awakening tour. From Lincoln NE to Sioux Falls SD to Des Moines IA to Olathe KS to St. Louis MO. The Reveres are riding, holding out the burning lamp!

And then the following weekend we hold out God’s lamp at the epicenter of the Second Great Awakening, first in Rochester NY then in a breakthrough gathering with Dutch Sheets. Revolution Syracuse! Let’s roll…

If you’re in the area, like within the continental United States, you don’t want to miss.

Again I will share very key revelation from Colorado Springs with you when I can get some time to properly present it. Hopefully tomorrow.

Spearheading Major Breakthrough! Lana Vawser
In the meantime, let me leave you with a tremendous word of encouragement from our new friend Lana Vawser. Most of you know that Lana is a prophet from Australia who has given timely messages for both America and, without even knowing it, the Glory Train. Over and over again. Absolutely amazing prophetic gifting, and we were so delighted to meet Lana and her husband Keven in Denver. We were so touched by their genuineness and sincerity of their hearts. Honored to become friends with them!

Below is a word for the Glory Train etc. Lana really helped define for me the last segment of our initial tour. Most of all it is a word to each of you as the Lamplighter family. From Sacramento to Syracuse then DC, we together are thrusting a spear of breakthrough into the heart of the nation. What a word as we begin the Heartland Awakening Tour. Lets roll!

“I see great explosions of favour, increase, provision and birthing taking place for you guys in your ministry in this season. You guys are spearheading a MAJOR breakthrough straight into the heart of this nation.  

I see the Lord using you guys and your ministry to awaken the Bride but also I kept seeing pulses of life and His Glory being released from your meetings and your secret place times with the Lord into the heart of the nation and bringing life to it again. 

The Lord is using you both tremendously to awaken the heart of this nation first in the spirit and then in then in the natural. Blessings and love, Lana.