Good Friday and Passover converge tonight. And early tomorrow morning, for exactly 4 minutes and 44 seconds, the blood moon becomes a profound sign to the entire world. Perhaps it even becomes a sign to Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.

But what is it a sign of? Many teachers today are referencing Joel 2, which prophesies a “blood moon” as a sign of the end times, what the Bible calls “the day of the Lord.”

He Who Has the Bride is the Bridegroom
Please note that, as a sign, darkness and an earthquake accompanied the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Born of David’s lineage, this Jewish carpenter shed His Blood on the cross to redeem and rebuild mankind. He became our Passover Lamb.

Yeshua’s astounding act of love compelled all of Heaven—and forced all of Hell—to worship Him as King.

Let us never forget the passion behind His gift to us—especially on this day. John the Baptist said it best. “He who has the bride is the Bridegroom.” Jesus called us His bride, and then gave His life to join us to Him—in a covenant of marriage.

Forever redeemed, forever cherished! Welcomed into intimate communion before the Throne. Unleashing in us an unquenchable longing for the justice and beauty of His coming.

Jesus is Coming—in a Glory Procession!
I believe the current emergence of global darkness and global shaking are actually signs of the commencement of our Bridegroom’s “Great Return.”  A Glory Procession is now under way. And the Bible makes clear that even as we witness its outset, the circumstances of earth will be dramatically impacted. Ultimately this Glory Procession will usher in the return of Israel’s Messiah and well as the harvest of mankind.

Lines are now being drawn as Heaven and hell both prepare. And no human being on earth will remain unaffected.

Beloved, this should compel us to worship Him! And it should send fear to the core of the antichrist forces now seeking to claim His bride as their own.

Passover and the Elijah Anointing
John the Baptist was Jesus’ forerunner, mantled  “in the spirit and power of Elijah.” And just as John came to prepare the way for His coming, many are being mantled in this hour to prepare the way for His Great Return.

We’ve shared a good bit about the dramatic turnaround of Israeli elections. Witnessing this shift was a great honor, but not our primary goal. We knew God had summoned us to Israel first to declare onsite the release of His “Mantle in the Whirlwind.” To stand in the Jordan River, as close as possible to where Elijah was taken to Heaven and where John the Baptist was baptizing, and pray governmentally for this release.

It is interesting to note that John was born at Passover. Even his birth was preparing the way, foretelling how believers in Christ would become born again through the gate of this date.

Still to this day, Jewish people set a place at the table for Elijah during their Passover Seder. And they pray the promise of Malachi, asking for the release of this forerunner anointing to prepare the way for Messiah’s return.

What a time for you to watch for His mantle in the whirlwind. What a time to receive what so many are now praying for on your behalf! From the waters of the Jordan to the nations of the earth, an anointing of the Spirit is now being released to prepare the way for Christ’s return, and for the joining of the Bridegroom with His bride.

Warning—Do Not Touch His Bride
“He that hath the bride is the Bridegroom…” So simple, so eternally profound.

Yet the promise comes with a solemn warning. Those who claim this bride for their own, who seek to seduce her, deceive her, to subjugate and marginalize her, who even presume to change times, seasons and the laws of God Himself, should seriously take notice. Because the same passion extended to His bride is equated with jealous wrath against His adversaries.

Marriage is Between a Bridegroom and a Bride
Finally, I also want you to note that the Lord conveyed through John’s simple statement His own definition of marriage. He who has the bride is the bridegroom. I want to be clear that from a Throne Room perspective, marriage is between a bridegroom and a bride.

And to touch this sacrament—to seek to change the biblical definition of marriage—is to provoke the very heart of God.

Covenant blessings to each of you this Passover,

Jon & Jolene