HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Jolene and I are 40,000 feet in the air over the Atlantic, en route back to Washington DC after a life-changing journey that has truly set the course for the future. There is so much to share! But it will have to wait til next week as we will still be in the air during the time we’d be having our call.

So enjoy tonight with those you love and we look forward to sharing prophetically together next week. 

Miraculous—The Lord is our Refuge!
At the historic Bible College of Wales we interceded for WWIII to be averted, following the forerunner pathway of Rees Howells and team, who entered into victorious, breakthrough prayer to shift WWII. Sir Winston Churchill actually acknowledged the unceasing prayer efforts of Rees Howells and others, knowing that he was a primary beneficiary. It was therefore incredible to visit the secret underground bunker next to 10 Downing Street which served as Churchill’s War Room. Advances and setbacks were mapped. Advisors were constantly convened for war councils. Communications were received and sent night and day, necessitating that many actually live onsite in conditions worse than most prisons. 

All the while the Nazis were dropping bombs on London and throughout the United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace was hit many times. Even 10 Downing Street suffered a strike from the blitzkriegs. Astonishingly, Churchill’s underground bunker was never hit. Nor was it ever discovered, even though it was hiding in plain sight. 

The same went for the Bible College of Wales. Psalm 91 seemed to be directly enforced by the Lord over their property, even though areas of Wales were hit. 

Supernatural Sign—WWWIII Delayed!
It struck me that Rees Howells established a war room in the spirit very much like Churchill did in the natural. He prayed until the Lord showed him the enemy’s plans in advance, and the strategy He was releasing to overcome. Often the headlines of the newspapers would precisely confirm the turnarounds that had been secured in prayer just days before. How we need these strategic war rooms now, in our time! 

We were privileged to experience just a small token of this grace. The evening after our final time of breakthrough prayer to avert WWIII, the Drudge Report broadcast the banner headline, “WWIII DELAYED!”

Can’t make this up. Seriously. There’s much more ahead of course. But as of Thanksgiving 2022, we can all celebrate how our combined intercession has been met not only with a literal sign, but with the promise of safety it conveys. 

The Lord is our Refuge
And now, in anticipation of Thanksgiving tomorrow, Jolene and I are following the same path from England to America as our Pilgrim forefathers. I hope your journeys also intersect with friends and loved ones, and above all with the Presence of our wondrous God in your midst. 

We have so much to be thankful for. Just like the Pilgrims, among other things we can celebrate the preservation of our lives, our freedom and our posterity. Covenant with God has been upheld. We like them are finding our refuge in Him! 

Covenant blessings to each of you—
Jon & Jolene

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