Consecration, Fasting & Prayer January 1-21

“In Judges, Gideon asks God how to choose his fellow men for battle. The Lord told Gideon to take his men down to the river and drink. The men who flopped down on their belies and drank like dogs were no good to him. Gideon watched as some of his men knelt down and drank with their heads watching the horizon, spears in head. Though they were few, they were the men he needed”
—Novelist Jack Carr, former SEAL team leader, book and movie “The Terminal List.”

WE HAVE SEEN OUR NATION TURN. But like you, Jolene and I have struggled with a sense of peril over the current direction of the nation, and especially the direction of our government. And probably like you, we have also sensed the Lord compelling us to stand with Him to complete God’s turnaround in this hour. 

I believe the window for this turnaround opened on June 24, 2022 when the US Supreme Court overthrew nationally legalized abortion. On a national level, the covenant with death and hell was annulled. And we have been granted a limited window of opportunity to complete the turnaround He has initiated.  

It’s time. So Lamplighter family and Turnaround Tuesday family, we invite you to join with Jolene and me in a special 21 day Gideon Reclamation Project. Beginning today we are engaging in a time of consecration, fasting, and prayer to forge God’s forerunner pathway for our future. As you will see, this call to consecration is a direct result of an encounter with God in Jerusalem.

You will be receiving regular postings throughout these 21 days to inspire you, strengthen you with revelation, as well as to present you with key apostolic directives to turn the tide in 2023. 

“Consecrate Yourselves as Gideon and I Will Give You the Mantle of Elijah”
In early morning prayer a week before the New Year I sensed the Lord calling forth a “Gideon Reclamation Project.”  With fasting and prayer for your sons, your daughters, your nation. I believe the Lord will utilize this 21 day period to set the course for you, your respective spheres, and the nation. There’s no better way to start off the year!

This project is a follow-through with a mandate given during another early-morning prayer time while in Jerusalem earlier in December. Holy Spirit spoke to me “Consecrate yourselves as Gideon and I will give you the mantle of Elijah.” I immediately knew the Lord was highlighting four aspects of Gideon’s calling. The next day at Ein Harod—Gideon’s spring where God called out his army—the Lord highlighted a fifth aspect. 

Reading through Judges 6, you’ll discover these key aspects to this consecration. 

  1. Gideon was invited to partner with the Lord and His angelic hosts to reclaim his nation for His glory. A primary aspect of Gideon’s consecration to the Lord, and that of his army, was to keep watch! As author Jack Carr pointed out, it is the same with us.

    Note that Gideon’s primary weapon of choice was a burning lamp. Start out your consecration by asking God to restore your lampstand where it has any way dimmed. He is ready to make you a burning lamp for Him once again! And restore your resolve now to keep watch with Him. Protect and defend. Remain on alert, even in the midst of ordinary activities. Above all, lift your eyes up to your horizon once again! 
  2. Gideon worked with the Lord to overcome his own disillusionment due to circumstances. This is a key aspect of your consecration this year. In order to again become a burning lamp and shine for the Lord in this season, it is now time to step beyond the disillusionment of the previous season into God’s new season. 
  3. To qualify for the invited partnership, Gideon was then commissioned to tear down his father’s altar to Baal. This represents overcoming both generational idolatry and, to an extent, national idolatry—specifically Baal worship.

    As I rehearsed this mandate before the Lord, I realized how over time we had become somewhat soft, even tolerant, regarding idolatry. Especially regarding the original mandate of divorcing Baal and restoring covenant with God. This movement was the foundation of the launch of God’s turnaround movement, and it must remain at the core of the movement to complete the turnaround din this hour. Nationally and internationally.

    Therefore, part of our consecration must include encountering God’s heart again over idolatry. He is a jealous Bridegroom. And it is time for us to regain our resolve to overcome this scourge within our spheres. Our united breakthrough—for your sons and daughters, for your spheres, for your nation—likely depends on it!

    The good news is that your consecration to God personally and over your spheres of responsibility, divorced from historic and present idolatry, opens your window of opportunity to partner with the angelic hosts TO DELIVER THE NATION. That was God’s requirement of consecration for Gideon. And He has not changed His mind regarding us. It’s time to consecrate yourself afresh, and then synch up with the Lord, His angelic hosts, and His reclamation movement in our midst!
  4. The Lord encountered Jolene profoundly at Gideon’s spring as YHWH Shalom—the Lord is peace. Especially amidst the volatility of this season, you must consecrate yourself like Gideon to YHWH Shalom. Remembering that the manifestation of God’s anointing envelops that which is consecrated to the Lord!
  5. Note that Gideon prepared a fresh offering for the Lord to seal his consecration. And God answered by fire! Part of your consecration to break free from disillusionment is to give wholeheartedly to the Lord again—of both your heart and your substance.

So join us beginning today, and lets launch into the process of setting a new course for spheres, your state and nation. We look forward to taking this journey together. Covenant blessings to each of you. AND NO KING BUT JESUS!

Jon & Jolene