Tomorrow—Awaken the New Year with REVOLUTION! Lets hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking for the new year, and frame our future for breakthrough. With Jon & Jolene, Pastors Jamie & Redonnia Jackson. Remnant Church, Brunswick GA. More info click here.

Year in Pictures click here! Photos from Glory Procession, Faneuil hall, Davids Tent, Revolution, ministry friends, so much more. 

Please note that our regular Wednesday night prayer calls will begin again on January 7. 

Friends and fellow revolutionaries, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Jolene and I bless each of you in the Lord. Thank you for your generosity and strength of heart as we journeyed through 2014 together. As we enter 2015, may you be prosperous in every way and filled with fresh fire for Jesus. May His covenant blessing come upon you and overtake you, propelling you beyond constraints and into the adventure of a lifetime. May you remain loyal to Jesus, refusing to be bought or sold. May you advance this year by His blessing and your integrity!

Coming Full Circle… A Revolution!
It just occurred to me that we have come full circle, launching into the new year by ministering in the very states the 13 colony Glory Procession launched from this summer. Truly a revolution!

We just arrived from Florida after a New Years Eve gathering with Gary Beaton, Randy Demain and our friends at Glory Fire Church. Tomorrow evening we begin three days of Revolution meetings in Brunswick, GA. The Burning Wick in the Re-Constitution State!

Please note we didn’t try to do this. But somehow we have literally come full circle, right at the threshold of the new year. Back to the beginning. Bringing completion and launching into the new.

I know for sure the Lord is making a point.

During the Glory Procession Dutch Sheets actually taught on the cyclical nature of biblical timing—where God brings one cycle to completion and then enters you into a new cycle at a higher level. Kind of like ascending a whirlwind.

During the last cycle, our nation turned. Can you imagine what 2015 will bring?

Friends, I believe a new cycle of acceleration is being released to establish everything He called us to stand for this year, especially through the Glory Procession. Awakening, covenant, harvest, judgment in favor of the saints. The restoration of His glory!

The Turnaround Project
This is a great time to invite your participation in the Turnaround Project. From January 4-24, we are again hosting a special prayer project to help you launch into the new year. During this 21 day project we will align again with God’s throne and receive fresh prophetic directives to frame the year 2015.

Please consider setting apart an extra hour or so each day for prolonged communion with the Lord. Also consider fasting for all or part. Ask the Lord to show you what you should fast, with a focus on receiving the fullness of His desire for your life.

Friends, it’s time for your turnaround. Time to enter the whirlwind, come full circle, and ascend to the next level. We again look forward to taking this journey with you!

Covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene