Two years ago today, a group of spiritual revolutionaries met at the Lincoln Memorial to seek God to marry our land again. We asked the Lord to seal His verdict of divorce from Baal. On the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, we then presented the Lord with a Declaration of Covenant, asking the Lord to marry our land again (note–to review the Declaration of Covenant, please see

Most of you know the story already of how the Lord met us. Exactly 50 days later, an unprecedented earthquake cracked the Washington Monument, toppled gargoyles at the National Cathedral, and even damaged an altar to Baal at the House of the Temple on 16th Street. God confirmed His covenant, and agreed to marry our land again!

On the anniversary of America’s founding, we celebrate again the incredible work the Lord has done. Prophetically, July 4 this year marks the beginning of the next phase of God’s spiritual revolution, nationally and perhaps globally. Not really sure what that means, except that as prophetic statesman Rick Ridings declared from Isaiah 19, “God is riding on a swift cloud, and the thrones of Egypt will topple!”

God is birthing freedom into His world. On July 3, a “throne of Egypt” was toppled. The Egyptian military joined with millions of protesters to oust dictator Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, who was ruling the nation in the spirit of Pharaoh.

This is huge! And it seems the magnitude of events was prophetically declared earlier this year by the Spirit of God. You can see this in the February posting below, called Confronting the Pharaoh Spirit. “With a loud cry and an outstretched hand, He wants to execute His judgments on Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt, and release a people He claims as His own from bondage to freedom. Only this time, it’s the Egyptians themselves He longs to free…”

That to say, a great way to celebrate July 4 is to pray for God’s freedom for this land so clearly on His heart. Pray that Egypt’s revolution–part two–truly releases a new birth of freedom!


In our “New Birth of Freedom” word, we prophesied that God wanted to birth nations into freedom this year. We have focused on how Pharaoh enslaved God’s people, and increased their subjugation by forcing the abortion of their firstborn. We have seen how, even today, the throne of Pharaoh’s rulership is established through idolatry, subjugation, unjust bloodshed and anti-semitism.

In this season, God wants Egypt to again experience the power of His deliverance. With a loud cry and an outstretched hand, He wants to execute His judgments on Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt, and release a people He claims as His own from bondage to freedom.

Only this time, it’s the Egyptians themselves He longs to free.

Egypt “My People”
Isaiah 19 begins with the vision of the gods of Egypt toppling. Jerusalem prayer director Rick Ridings saw this last year when ministering in Washington DC. The gods and thrones of Egypt, embedded within Washington DC and the US government, were going to topple.

The embrace of Egypt’s gods within America is as old as the founding fathers–primarily through Freemasonry. And this idolatry is so tied to globalism. The good news is that, as Isaiah 19 records, God is indeed cracking this hard shell of demonic resistance in America.

But the primary application of this passage still pertains to Egypt. And when God invades Egypt, the gods of Egypt topple, and Egypt is declared a blessing in the earth. In fact, the Lord declares Egypt to be “My people!” (Isaiah 19:25).

Spirit of Pharaoh
It’s long been noted how the spirit of Pharaoh still lives through the dictators of the Mideast. They demand allegiance as if they were gods, they abuse their own citizens as slaves and then demand the reward of their toil. But the hallmark of the Pharaoh spirit is a vitriolic hatred of the Jews.

“Descendants of apes and pigs.” That’s how Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, current ruler on the throne of Pharaoh, describes Jewish people. And this Muslim Brotherhood leader seems hell-bent on bringing “the wrath of Allah” to bear upon his neighbors.

But God has His eye on the people enduring Morsi’s subjugation. We as a nation better watch how we align, and whom we support. Because when the Lord arises to free Egypt, He will deal with all who are empowering this subjugation of the people He calls His own.

God has put within the Egyptian people a longing to be free. Their courageous stand against dictatorship inspired the “Arab Spring” throughout the region. Unfortunately for them, the Muslim Brotherhood apprehended this very yearning and used it as a ladder for their own rise to Pharaoh’s throne. True freedom fighters were subjugated–women raped, men tortured, true democratic leaders marginalized and even murdered–as their merciless quest continued.

Spirit of Freedom
In the midst, both Egypt and the world discovered the true face of this evil. And they are not going back. Just as Egypt awakened a quest for freedom in the Mideast, so they will point other nations to freedom when they discover the right path. And learning what to avoid is almost as important as learning what to attain.

To friends in Egypt and the Mideast I would suggest taking a directive from America’s own revolution against dictatorship. The cry of the colonial militias was “No King but Jesus.” For too long, your kings and princes, pharaohs and dictators have robbed you of life for their own gain and pleasure. Jesus took a different path. In His kingship, He laid down His life to redeem all who serve Him.

I personally believe the validity of this phrase, No King but Jesus. And no Jesus, no freedom. Only leaders who exemplify this spirit–investing their lives for your freedom in life and governance–deserve your consideration.

Here’s a revelation I encourage you to pursue. Just as Pharaoh sought to kill the firstborn of the Hebrews, so Herod sought to kill Jesus in His infancy. Where did God send His Son? Egypt. This is where Jesus grew up.

Just as Egypt was a refuge for Jesus in His infancy, so God desires Egypt to be a refuge for the “Spirit of freedom” even in its infancy. God is offering His freedom to Egypt–not to be aborted, but to grow and mature. By this, end-time “Goshens” will be established as a beach-head even against dictators to come.

Let My People Go
For now, the very God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob declares Egypt to be His people. I say let the thrones tied to subjugation and dictatorship now topple–in Egypt and everywhere else they may be found! As in the days of Moses, God is again thundering for a new birth of freedom. Let MY PEOPLE go, that they may worship Me!