CALL REPLAY—JUSTICE IS SERVED! With Jamie Jackson. Telling the incredible breakthrough of justice from Brunswick GA, birthed out of revival that is accelerating us into the HANUKKAH HEARINGS this week at the Supreme Court and Revolution the following week. Playback Number: (605) 313-5155 access code 552-690. 

REVOLUTION 2021! Dec. 9-12, Brunswick GA. With Becca Greenwood, Chris Mitchell, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Lynn Alderson, Lynnie Harlow, more. Hosted by Jon & Jolene. Hanukkah is a season of visitation. It’s time for a midnight turnaround! 

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FIRST—HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SWEETHEART! Jolene and I were married on the first day of Hanukkah. A special menorah from Jerusalem called a “Hanukkiah” held our unity candle. Amazingly, as we were worshiping the Lord at the beginning of our wedding that unity candle supernaturally lit—in front of everyone! 

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that, when God showed up with His fire, the chorus we were all singing was “Send Your Glory!” Because beloved, I believe Hanukkah through Revolution 2021 is a “time gate” for us to move into greater glory, personally and as the Lamplighter family. A true midnight turnaround! 

I also believe the song “My Glorious” is an anthem for today. You remember it, right? “God will save the day… and all will say… my Glorious… my Glorious… Glory, glory send your glory!” To check it out on YouTube CLICK HERE.

Hanukkah—Visitation and Conception
FROM THANKSGIVING TO HANUKKAH TO REVOLUTION… Like Jolene and me, you have probably deeply sensed the weight of this window of time in 2021, even from the beginning of the year. It is no coincidence the Supreme Court is hearing the most important abortion case in decades during this Festival of Lights. I believe our nation is at a turning point like few in our lifetime. May we choose the security of God’s genuine midnight turnaround instead of the enemy’s vicious counterfeit! 

And during the very holiday over which Jesus Himself was most likely conceived, the Supreme Court is being convened to determine whether or not life begins at conception…

Lets break this down for a moment. It was over Hanukkah that Holy Spirit visited Miriam, or Mary, fulfilling the prophecy given by the angel Gabriel. The Light of the World was conceived over Hanukkah! 

“The angel answered and said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; for that reason also the holy Child will be called the Son of God…” (Luke 1:35). 

And in this era, Hanukkah again marks a season of visitation in which God’s movement for the future is being conceived. Watch how the Lord invites you into His overshadowing Presence in this season. It will be worth it all! 

Hanukkah 2021—Consecration for Visitation
In prayer this morning I felt we as the Lamplighter Family are being asked to embrace a fresh consecration for this visitation. Through these next 15 days specifically. But in a way that carries us through all of 2022. 

I further believe that our consecration qualifies us to consecrate 2022—day by day, month by month—for the release of His turnaround. This brings great meaning to the vision Lynnie Harlow shared as she saw each date of Revolution sanctified and sealed by the blood of Christ.

Again, we are entering a time-gate defined by the Lord as a “Midnight Turnaround.” In Matthew 25, it’s at midnight when the bridal party awakens, relights their lamps, and moves out of isolation to meet the Bridegroom. To encounter His glory!

Ponder a few questions with me. Who, or what, are you married to? In other words, who and what has your devotion, your fellowship, your time, your unguarded heart? Is it truly Jesus? 

What is the condition of your “first-love lampstand?” How can you move with Him now into a greater dimension of connection and synergy?  

How is the Lord requiring you to awaken each morning to put Him first in this season? I know many who are on a midnight watch. Many others, including myself, are beginning to awaken very early in the morning to spend quality time with Him. 

Hanukkah also marks a season of victory in war. As Chuck Pierce recently asked, how are you moving to pursue, overtake and recover all?

Final question. At a time when the economies of earth are shaking, how are you bearing witness before the Throne to God’s unshakeable provision? Now especially through 2022, it is so important for your consecration to be expressed through your giving.  

Towards this end we covenantally declare a perpetual flow of provision for you, in the spirit and in the natural, that defines 2022. May your lamps continually blaze against the darkness. And may you receive the fullness of the breakthroughs the Lord has summoned us to gain together, including provision.